Intezaar (SwaSan) Episode 3


Episode 3:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka akhri Pannah…akhri mor… Mein Karoon Intezaar tera…(Intezaar)

Hi everyone, it’s Halima again with another FF…
Hope you enjoy this boring and 3rd episode of Intezaar.

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The episode starts with Swara opening her eyes, she looks around the bus and sees people sleeping and then looks at Sanskaar, he is also sleeping.

“This Jungly Billa, after ruining my peace… he’s sleeping peacefully?! I need to think of something.” Swara says to herself.

She then sees the conductor approaching her.

“Ma’am, your ticket.” The conductor says.

“Arey… I didn’t buy a ticket then how are you giving it?” Swara says while getting her purse out.

“Bhai brought it for you.” Conductor says.

“Who?” Swara asks confusingly.

“Bhai…” The conductor says.

Swara is still confused, the conductor then points at Sanskaar and Swara looks on.

“Oh, so this Jungly Pagal Billa is your Bhai?!” Swara angrily says.

The conductor and few awaken people look at her.

“Kya? Why are you all looking at me?” Swara asks.

“How can you say something like that to Bhai?” The conductor says.

“Bhai? How can he be your Bhai if you’re older than him? You’re like his Dad and he’s like your son so when did he become your Bhai?” Swara asks confusingly.

“No, not that type of Bhai.” A new voice is heard.

“Then what type?” Swara asks.

The conductor then sits near Swara.

“What’s so special in that Jungly Billa?!” Swara huffs.

“I will tell you…” The conductor says.

Swara then nods okay and the conductor starts telling quietly.

“We call him Bhai because he is our saviour… He never lets anything bad happen to us… He fights evil… He is the most wanted gangster… Who can overtake the Don but doesn’t want to… I agree he’s rude but he doesn’t do injustice… He gives justice but his way… Everyone and this whole Kolkata knows him and is scared of him… I guess you’re new…?” The conductor says.

Swara nods yes shockingly.

“He was only 15 years old…” The conductor says.

The conductor start telling and it goes into a flashback.


Sanskaar was walking home alone after school.

“I can’t believe him! Mr Maheshwari didn’t even send a car for me! He doesn’t care!” Sanskaar complains with crossed arm.

Then a bus arrives and stops seeing Sanskaar, Sanskaar smiles seeing the conductor (the same one who’s narrating)

“Beta? What happened?” The conductor asks.

“Nothing, just walking.” Sanskaar sighs.

“Come, we will drop you.” The conductor says.

“But I’m broke, I don’t have any money.” Sanskaar sadly says.

“So? We would collect it from your Baba.” The conductor says.

“He’s stingy, he won’t give a penny.” Sanskaar huffs.

“Hmm…” The conductor thinks.

Just then a man comes running, he is bleeding and he bumps into Sanskaar. Sanskaar sees him and looks on along with the conductor.

“F…fairy Bhai?” The conductor worryingly says.

“S…save…!” Fairy says.

Sanskaar then makes him sit on the steps of the bus. Some goons and a man comes there with a gun.

Sanskaar looks there.

“Hey! Where is he?!” The man in white suit shouts.

“I don’t know!” Sanskaar says while glaring at them.

The man in white suit sees the legs of Fairy.

“R…Raghu?” The conductor says while getting worried.

The man then moves forward and closer to Sanskaar. Fairy is in the condition of fainting.

The man then reaches there and sees Fairy and then points the gun at Sanskaar. Sanskaar halted at him. Fairy and conductor get worried.

“This will be for lying to me.” Raghu says.

Raghu pulls the trigger but Sanskaar kicks him and due to that, Raghu drops the gun and Sanskaar picks it up. The conductor and Fairy look on.

“Stay away or I’ll shoot!” Sanskaar angrily shouts.

Raghu glares at him while Sanskaar points the gun at him.

“I don’t know who’s wrong and who’s right but… Baba, tell me!” Sanskaar says.

“Ragh…Raghu is wrong, he’s only here to rule on Kolkata and take our freedom away.” The conductor says.

“He… He killed my wife.” Fairy struggles to say.

Sanskaar then shoots Raghu twice, Raghu is shocked and falls on to the floor and dies. Sanskaar then looks at the men and they look on and run away as they only had sticks and chain.

Fairy and the conductor get shocked and Fairy faints.

City Hospital:

The conductor and Sanskaar are in the hospital, Sanskaar is sitting down and is thinking about what he had done.

He sees blood on his hand but it’s Fairy’s blood. Sanskaar then looks at the gun and the scene flashes in his mind.

The conductor is praying for Fairy’s well being.

“Who is he?!” Sanskaar asks.

The conductor looks at Sanskaar and sits besides him.

“Farad Bhai… He has been working as a normal milk man because his father was… He saw some injustice so he decided to sort them out but they didn’t let him because he had no status, no money and no power… He was poor. He could only provide 1 roti and always used to give it to his father. That time he had enough because they wanted to take the land of the poor people where they used to grow food…” The conductor explains with teary eyed.

Sanskaar looks on.

“He made a team to stand against this injustice… So he went and killed the person, who happens to be Raghu’s father. After that everyone were appreciating him and called him their saviour… He was like an angle but fairy so we decided to call him Fairy Bhai who helped us with his magic… He fell in love with a woman, she also liked him and they got married. After few years, they had a daughter… Who is 11 now and Bhai just said his wife died so his daughter must have too.” The conductor finishes.

Sanskaar looks on and thinks.

“We respect him.” The conductor says.

“He became the Dada of Kolkata.” The Conductor says with pride.

Then Fairy Bhai gained conscious, he asked for Sanskaar.

“Where’s that L…Ladka?” Fairy asks.

“He’s outside.” The conductor says.

The conductor then brings Sanskaar and Fairy looks at him.

“T…Thank you.” Fairy says.

“Akka Kolkata’s Dada saying thank you to me?” Sanskaar says surprisingly.

Fairy chuckles.

“I like your b…bravery and courage…your attitude is not bad too… It reminds me of me.” Fairy says.

Sanskaar smiles.

“That courage you have reminds me of me… How old are you?” Fairy says and asks.

“15 years old.” Sanskaar says.

Fairy chuckles.

“I was 16 years old.” Fairy says.

“So I need to wait for 1 more year?” Sanskaar asks.

“Do you want to join me?” Fairy asks.

“There would be a day where this Akka Kolkata would call me Bhai. So this Bhai would not reject the other Bhai’s offer.” Sanskaar says.

Sanskaar nods yes and Fairy smiles.

“But…” Fairy says but gets interrupted.

“But this world needs to have justice but you have to be rude too… You can’t let anyone use you and then backstab you like your men did.” Sanskaar says

Fairy nods and smiles, Sanskaar then turns.

Sanskaar leaves and Fairy and the conductor look on.

“Yeh mujhse aage jayega.” Fairy says.

“But Bhai…?” Conductor says.

“He has that what I had, but he reminds me of a Lion… He would go and win Kolkata’s heart but in both way, Love and Fear. I can see the day when he will become the Akka Kolkata’s Bhagyavidhatta and Shaasak! A Nayak!” Fairy says while looking at the door.

The conductor nods and looks on.

“You will always be the Lion.” Conductor says.

Fairy smiles at him.

Then DP and Sanskaar kept arguing, Sanskaar used to tell him that he would and DP used to insult him.

“Why would he come to you?! And your not working there!” DP shouts.

“I am!” Sanskaar says and goes out.

DP shakes his head, the day and years went by and Sanskaar became Fairy’s favourite. The whole Kolkata respects him and calls him Bhai or Dada, then he created fear and love in all the people and sometimes people call him Nayak. He helps people and gives them Justice. He is known as Sanskaar, the Saviour! Muktidhatta!

End of Flashback.

Swara then looks at Sanskaar.

“Him? And Bhagyavidhatta… Muktidhatta… Shaasak aur Nayak?! This Jungly Billa can never be that, he must have threatened you all… He is not good at heart…” Swara says.

All look at her, so does Sanskaar.

“Anyways from Beta to Bhai?” Swara asks the conductor.

Sanskaar looks away angrily.

“And guess what, he nearly killed a child, so with what angle is he a Dhatta or whatever?!” Swara says.

All get shocked.

“He must have tried Dadagiri and fighting to get called Bhai… Bhai my foot, he should be called psycho! And you all are calling him a saviour?!” Swara says while chuckling.

Sanskaar glares at her, all look at her and gulp.

“Beta, I know he’s rude but he’s not bad at heart…” The conductor says.

“Uncle, you na leave it. I heard the way he was talking to you! He doesn’t respect you all and you still call him Bhai?” Swara says.

Sanskaar gets irritated with her talk.

“Anyways how much does that ticket cost?” Swara asks.

“800 rupees.” The conductor says.

Swara is shocked.

“Where am I going?” Swara asks.

“Hyderabad.” The conductor says.

“800 rupees from Kolkata to Hyderabad, this Billa is definitely Pagal!” Swara says to herself.

She then takes 800rupees out and gives it to the conductor.

“Go give this to him, Swara never takes favour from anyone… Especially from Psycho Jungly Billa’s!” Swara says and hands the money.

Sanskaar huffs, all look on at her courage.

Swara then takes the ticket, the Conductor gives the money to Sanskaar and he angrily takes it. Then the bus stops with a sudden jerk, the conductor was about to fall when Sanskaar grabs his hand on time and pulls him to make him sit on the seat near him.

“Why have you stopped?!” Sanskaar asks.

“Vo… There’s someone in front of… The b…bus.” The driver says worriedly.

Just then some men come inside. Sanskaar hides. Swara looks on.

“Lo, the Jungly Billa’s team came to scare us, but I’m Swara! I don’t get scared of anyone, I’ll show them that they can scare us.” Swara says and looks at Sanskaar.

She then stands up bravely, Sanskaar and the conductor look at her.

“Is she gone crazy?!” Sanskaar angrily whispers.

Swara walks forward with fearless attitude and the men see her.

“Kya?! Do you think you’ll be able to scare us?! Especially with your fake guns?!” Swara says while looking him in the eye.

The men look at her.

“Kya?! Why are you looking at me like that?! You think I’m going to get scared?! Oh hello, go do this trick on someone else?! How much did he pay you?!” Swara says and moves her eyes towards Sanskaars direction.

The men look on.

“Listen you…” The men says but gets interrupted.

Swara puts her hand in front.

“Bas! Go do your Dadagiri somewhere else! Kya?! You’re going to shoot me?!” Swara says angrily and snatches the gun.

The men look on, some move back.

“This fake gun can’t even kill anyone, listen all of you, this is all to scare us… And is planned by someone!” Swara says.

“Yeh Ladki marvai gi hume.” Sanskaar angrily whispers.

Swara then shows the attitude and points the gun at the window, she pulls the trigger and the bullet comes out and hits the window, the window breaks and Swara freezes.

All get scared and duck down. Swara froze as she didn’t accept the bullet to come out.

“G…goli asli?” Swara worriedly asks.

The man slowly nods yes and Swara makes a crying face.

Sanskaar then stands up and takes the gun off Swara while she still stands there in a shock. The men sees Sanskaar and look on.

“Why are you here?!” Sanskaar says.

“We got ordered to kill you!” The man says.

“By who?” Sanskaar asks.

“By Bhai!” The man says.

“Oh, that Kutta?” Sanskaar says.

The men get angry.

“Tameez se!” The man says.

“If you love your life then run!” Sanskaar says while caressing the gun.

“Or die!” Sanskaar adds and looks up angrily.

The men decide, they run away leaving the main man there.

“Your men ran, what about you?!” Sanskaar says.

Swara then slowly moves back and sits down but still is traumatised.

“I need to follow Bhai’s order!” The man says.

“Then come with me, you won’t die here…” Sanskaar says and punches the man.

The man starts bleeding from the nose and Sanskaar makes him sit near him, the conductor sits in his place. Sanskaar looks at traumatised Swara and lets out a little smirk.

Swara then slowly turns her head and sees the man and Sanskaar.

“Phel Gaya Raita…! Who told you to act hard?! If something happened to me or these people then I would’ve died out of the guilt!” Swara says to herself.

Swara then turns her head to the other side and sees the broken glass and smiles worriedly.

All turn and look at Swara, Swara sees them looking.

“Kya?” Swara says softly.

All then start clapping expect from Sanskaar. Swara gets surprised.

“Well done beta, if you wasn’t that brave to do that then we would’ve been in hospital or out of this world.” The conductor says.

“I must say… You do have courage… The other people don’t even look at us and let alone look, you snatch the gun out of my hand.” The man says.

Swara lets out a worrying smile.

“What is your name?” Swara asks the man.

“Raka.” The man says while holding his nose.

Swara then nods and looks away.
Sanskaar shakes his head negatively.

Precap: Hyderabad…

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