Intezaar (SwaSan) Episode 2


Episode 2:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka akhri Pannah…akhri mor… Mein Karoon Intezaar tera…(Intezaar)

Hi everyone, it’s Halima again with another FF…
Hope you enjoy this boring and 2nd episode of Intezaar.
12 hours ago:
Sanskaar is rude to DP and goes out despite DP telling him no and is renowned. He is driving and on the way he nearly hits a girl with the car, the girl was saved by Swara at the right time. Sanskaar steps out of the car.

“Are you blind?!” Swara angrily says.

“Oh hello Aunty, I was driving carefully, your daughter came in between!” Sanskaar angrily shouts.

“Aunty?! Do I look like an Aunty to you?!” Swara says.

“Aur Nahi Toh Kya? Why did you bring your daughter out if you didn’t know how to take care of her?!” Sanskaar says.

“Aunty hogi Teri behen! I’m not your Aunty and you know what, if I look like your Aunty then you look like my great granddad! Go get some glasses!” Swara shouts and huffs.

“Great Granddad and me?!” Sanskaar asks angrily.

“If you can call me Aunty then why can’t I call you Granddad?! You rich people think you’re better than everyone but you’re not! You’re just spoilt!” Swara shouts.

“Don’t even talk okay!” Sanskaar says.

“Really? Will you keep my mouth shut?! How? I have rights to talk!” Swara says.

“Then go spit your nonsense out somewhere else because I’m not interested!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“You people have too much pride, you didn’t even say sorry or are you okay to this girl!” Swara says.

“When I didn’t do anything wrong then why should I?” Sanskaar says and looks away.

“Unbelievable! You watch what I will do!” Swara threatens.

“Oh, I’m so scared aren’t I?!” Sanskaar acts and laughs.
“What you going to do? Tum jaiso ki aukaad dikhane mein Mujhe 2 seconds bhi Nahi lagenge!” Sanskaar adds angrily.

This angers Swara and she calls the police, Sanskaar glares at her, then both start arguing.

“Didn’t your parents teach you any manners?!” Sanskaar points out.

“Don’t bring my parents into this okay! And what did your parents teach you?! You don’t even know how to talk to a girl with respect so how must you treat your own Mum and Dad?!” Swara points out.

Both glare at each other, then the police comes and arrests Sanskaar, he gives the death glare to Swara while leaving.

Then DP bails him out, slaps him and kicks him out of the house. Swara was there while DP was insulting Sanskaar.

“Today I regret calling you my son! Get out of my house!! I thought you would change but you never will!Your name shouldn’t be Sanskaar Maheshwari! I don’t know why our family surname got attached to yours, today I disown you! You’re only a goon!” DP shouts and leaves.

Swara comes out of the crowd and smirks while looking at Sanskaar. He looks at her, she flips her hair back and leaves. He huffs in anger.

Then he decides to take revenge so he finds out where Swara lives, he lies he’s her boyfriend and make her family believe that she’s running away today. So they lock Swara up but Swara runs away without knowing the reason why she was locked up.

End of flashback.

Both are waiting for the bus, they are in back to back position but separately. She crosses her arms and taps her left foot. She looks at him who is all the way down the other end. He also crosses his arms, she looks away.

After a while some men/goons see Swara and go up to her, she gets shocked seeing them surround her. She tries to leave but they block her way.

“Exucuse me.” Swara says nicely.

The men/goons laughs.

“Say it again? Hay, your voice.” One of the man/goon says.

Swara glares at him.

“Dekho, someone already spoilt my mood, don’t spoil it even more!” Swara angrily says.

“Then we will fix your mood Baby.” One of the man/goon says.

“Really? Then go beat up that guy over there.” Swara says and points at Sanskaar.

The men turn and see Sanskaar.

“Nahi, what are you saying Didi?” One of the man/goon says with a worrying smile.

Swara gets shocked and confused seeing them changed their colour.

“Arey Arey Didi, why do you want us to get a sin?” The other man says and touches both of his ears with one of his index finger and bites his tongue.

“Arey… why have you changed your colours like a lizard? First you were harassing and now you became nice? From Baby to Didi?” Swara says while raising one of her eyebrow.

“Kya aap bhi Na Didi, couldn’t you tell us that you know our Bhai before? Anyways take care Didi and if anyone’s troubling you then call us.” The men say.

“Haa, that guy there is.” Swara says but the men leave.

Swara looks at Sanskaar and makes an irritating face.

After a while, Swara sits down on the bench. Sanskaar notices her but looks away, Swara also sees him but decides to ignore him and crosses her arms.

The bus arrives, the man comes out and is shocked to see Sanskaar. Swara picks her bags up and rushes there.

“B…Bhai?” The man says.

Sanskaar angrily glares at him.

“Move.” Sanskaar says

The man quickly moves out of the way, before Sanskaar can go Swara rushes in and he looks on.

Swara then looks around and sees the place nearly full. Sanskaar enters and the people stand up, Swara smiles.

“Arey… When did they become generous?” Swara says and walks forward.

Swara then sees a empty space and sits there but right at the back. Sanskaar looks around to where he would sit. Swara looks on.

Swara’s POV:
He kissed me Na? Now watch what I would do! I would make his living miserable and then he will cry and beg in front of me and then I will feel peace.

I smiled and relaxed while putting the earphones in my ears. But I saw something which shocked me, he just dropped his hand and the whole bus sat down. Somethings suspicious about him. But he had to chose the sit on the other end?

The other seats weren’t empty right?! I huffed and then ignored him. blo*dy Jungly Billa!

Swara’s POV ends…

The screen splits in to two and Sanskaar is shown looking outside the window while Swara closes her eyes.

Precap: Swara to ask about Sanskaar.

Thank you for reading… Do tell your opinion and if it’s not good then do tell… I will stop writing it…

If it’s worth it then I would upload episode 3 on the 24th July…

Armaan Malik’s birthday today… Happy Birthday Armaan…??

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