Intezaar (SwaSan) Episode 10… Kahani ki ending… Happy ya Sad?


Episode 10:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka akhri Pannah…akhri mor… Mein Karoon Intezaar tera…(Intezaar)

Hi everyone, it’s Halima again with another FF…
Hope you enjoy this boring and 10th and last episode of Intezaar.

Sorry for any mistakes…
The episode starts of with a 6 month leap.

Outside the police station, there are people revolting and demanding to free Sanskaar.

The police ignore them and shut the door.

“Nahi chalegi Nahi chalegi! Dada Ki hi chalegi!” The people shout.

The scene shifts to the hospital, a unconscious Swara is shown lying down, all of a sudden the whole flashback appears in her eyes in fast motion. She remembers getting shot and then black out. She wakes up and sits up in a shock.

“S…Sanskaar?” Swara hurriedly says.

The nurse comes in and then calls the doctor. Swara keeps on repeating Sanskaar’s name.
The Doctor checks Swara. Raka comes in and Swara looks at him.

“Where’s Sanskaar?” Swara asks.

The doctor and the nurse leave, Raka smiles at Swara.

“Di…?” Raka says and walks forward.

“I’m sorry Di… I couldn’t protect you.” Raka complains.

Swara looks at him with teary eyes, Raka then hands a letter to Swara.

“Call me if you need anything.” Raka says and heads out.

Swara looks at the letter confusingly. She reads what it says on the envelope, ‘To the most dangerous Chudail.’

A smile appears on her face but with teary eyes. She opens the letter and it says:

‘Hmm… Woke up? Must be looking for me Na? But I’m not there, sorry… I know by the time you would’ve got this letter… It would be late.

I realised that not everyone’s life is perfect… I’m not worth you because I know that I’m not going to be there for you… Don’t worry Swara… Nothing serious.
You deserve more better than me…

You said you will wait for me… But I guess it’s impossible… I love you but I want to see your happiness and I know it’s not with me… I’m going Swara… Away from your life.

I didn’t wait for you… I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to reach me… Move on Swara… Forget me, I’m the past but you have your whole future awaiting.

Stay happy and keep smiling because your smile was the first thing I fell in love with… Take care of my people…

Your Psycho, Pagal Billa.’

The letter ends and Swara starts crying.

“Sanskaar!!!” Swara screams while hugging the letter.

“Why?! Why did you leave me?!!” Swara cries.

Raka sees her and he gets teary eyed. Swara is crying.

Swara is seen standing in front of a bull dozer, she is supported by other people too.

“We will not let you run this over!” Swara shouts.

The bull dozer gives up and leaves, all smile and cheer, Swara is also happy.

“Thank you beta… If you didn’t come then we would’ve been ruined and nowhere!” One of the lady says.

“I had to Aunty… I promised someone I would.” Swara says while remembering Sanskaars words.

The lady blesses her, Swara smiles and leaves with her men.

“I’m fulfilling your and Babas promise Sanskaar…” Swara says to herself.

She then reaches the Badi and looks at it, she remembers her moments with Sanskaar.

Ik daur woh tha mujhse bhi zyada
Unko fikar thi meri…

Swara looks around with teary eyes.

“4 years Sanskaar… 4 Saal without you.” Swara says.

Kehte thhe mujhse rukhsat na honge
Milke dobara kabhi…

Ab toh gairon se mera haal puchha jaata hai
Yahi dard-e-dil mere dil ko rulata hai (Swara cries)

She then stops as she feels something. She turns around instantly only to find no one there.

A man covered in black blanket turns to leave but stops as he feels a hand on his shoulder, I happens to be Swara’s.

She goes in front of the man and removes his blanket, she is shocked.

Swara then gets angry and slaps that man. That man is revealed to be Sanskaar.

“How dare you Sanskaar?! How dare you lie to your Swara?!” An angry Swara shouts.

Sanskaar looks up at her.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?!” Swara says.

“I’m sorry.” Sanskaar says.

Swara then hugs him. He hugs her back.

“Who does this Sanskaar?! Why did you lie?!” Swara asks.

“I thought…” Sanskaar utters.

“Thought what?! Thought that I will marry someone else and be settled?! No! I’m always yours and will always be.” Swara cries

Sanskaar looks on.

Dues to Sanskaar’s good behaviour, they let him come out 4 months earlier. While coming out of the prison, he sees Raka standing in front of him. Sanskaar ignores him and walks in the other direction.

“She’s waiting for you Sanskaar…” Raka says.

Sanskaar stops and looks up.

“She is living as your widow… She blames herself for your so called death.” Raka tells.

Sanskaar looks on.

“If you don’t believe me then I’ll show you.” Raka says.

Sanskaar starts walking forward.

“She will always be yours and will never let anyone take your place.” Raka says.

Sanskaar turns around to face Raka.

End of flashback.

“I’m really sorry Swara… I didn’t want you to suffer with me…” Sanskaar says.

“Suffer? Are you mad?!” Swara shouts.

Sanskaar hugs her tighter.

“I love you.” Sanskaar utters.

“Finally, it took you 4 years to say this, you made me wait.” Swara says.

Then a wedding venue is shown, Swara and Sanskaar are shown taking pehres, Raka is shown throwing flowers along with million of people’s and DP and AP are there too.

“Har Kahani hamesha Khushi se end Nahi hoti… Tha Intezaar Swara ko Sanskaar ka… Aur Sanskaar ko Swara ka… Nahi, tha Swara Ke Dil ko Intezaar Sanskaar Ke Dil ka aur Sanskaar Ke Dil ko Swara Ke Dil ka… Lekin Kahani Ke sath sath poora hua SwaSan ka Intezaar… Ab ban Gaye vo do Dil aur Ek Jaan!”

The END!
Well I guess this is the end…
Thank you all for supporting me… I will never forget this… Thank you once again…

Take care…
Keep Smiling…
Stay blessed and love you all ??

I also started another FF… Looking forward for you all to read it…

Here’s a link:
Episode 1

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