Intezaar (SwaSan) Episode 1


Episode 1:
Nafrat Ya Pyaar… Kahani ka akhri Pannah…akhri mor… Mein Karoon Intezaar tera…(Intezaar)

Hi everyone, it’s Halima again with another FF… Hope you enjoy this boring episode.

My writing style changed as I got told by my sister that it’s easier to read and write like this.

Sorry for any mistakes…
The story opens up with a girl running, her face isn’t revealed due to the darkness. While running, she collides in to a guy.

“S…sorry” the girl worryingly says.

“Find her!” The girl hears the men shout.

“Oh no!” The girl worries.

The guy starts leaving and the girl looks there.

“He’s so rude, he didn’t even ask whether do you want help or are you okay, forget that, he didn’t even look at me.” The girl says to herself.

The guy sees some men wearing dhoti with shirts approaching that way, he then goes up to that girl. Due to the darkness, they can’t see each others face. He grabs her by the waist and pulls her closer to him, he then gently kisses her on the lips. Her eyes widen due to the shock.

“Chi Chi chi!!! Nowadays generation is gone dirty, did they find this place only to do this cheap act?!” Says one of the man that looks around 40-42 years old.

The other men point the flashlight at the guy and the girl, the lights flashes on the guys eyes. He gets disturbed and breaks the kiss, the girl is shocked and can’t even move, her back is facing towards them. The guy puts his hand on his face to block the light. He slowly takes his hand away from his face and his face is revealed, it is none other than Sanskaar.

“Go do this somewhere else!” One of the man who is pointing the flashlight shouts.

“Arey, isn’t he DurgaPrasad Maheshwari’s son, Sanskaar?” The 40 year old guy says.

“What’s it to you?!” Sanskaar finally utters.

“Forget him Chachu, he’s already mannerless, haven’t you heard about him. We heard that DurgaPrasad Ji kicked him out of the house.” A man says who looks around 24-26 years old.

“Toh?! Should you print it out in the newspaper so the whole world can know?! Or dance?!” Sanskaar says angrily.

“Kaam se Kaam Rakho!” Sanskaar adds.

“Iske mu lagne se kuch Nahi hoga, let’s go, we are wasting our time!” The man in his 40s says.

“Then why are you wasting your time? Did I ask you to come here and talk to me?! Go!” Sanskaar shouts.

The men shake their heads in a disagreement and leave in their jeeps. The girl moves away from Sanskaar, she continues moving away until she slips but is caught by Sanskaar. Due to no lights, he can only see her face a little bit but not clearly, she also can’t fully see his face.

Girls POV:
What?! Did he just kiss me? Why?! And how dare he? Why can’t I get my voice out? Oh god, I can’t let him get away with this! He can’t just randomly kiss me! Sanskaar? Where have I heard this name? And he’s so rude!

I managed to compose my self and turned around, I still can’t believe he did that tho, who does that? Leave it, it’s best not to mention about the kiss.

Sanskaars POV:
What must she be thinking? I shouldn’t have just randomly kissed her but who cares? Anyways my image is already ruined by the Mahan DurgaPrasad Maheshwari! But who is this girl?

I tried to talk but couldn’t get my voice out, there was an awkward silence between us, we could only hear the nature speak between the silence. I don’t think I should mention the kiss anymore. Where would I go? I need to contact Fairy Bhai.

The girl turns back to him, she sees him missing and looks around, she then sees him picking up his bags. She walks up to him.

“Is… Is there any train station or any bus stands around here?” The girl finally utters.

“Finally you spoke, anyways no, there is one around 1 km away” Sanskaar says rudely.

“1 km?” The girl asks and sounds shocked.

“Yes, 1 km.” Sanskaar says.

“Oh no, Siyaapa!” The girl utters.

“Siyaapa?” Sanskaar asks.

“Meaning trouble.” The girl explains.

“Oh, your voice sounds familiar.” Sanskaar says.

“Your name sounds familiar.” The girl says.

“Well it must be, after all Mr Maheshwari must have told the whole world!” Sanskaar says angrily.

“It’s so dark and it’s so late, how will I reach there?” The girl sighs.

“It’s better to walk other than waste time, I’m going in that direction, if you want to tag along then you’re most welcome to.” Sanskaar says and starts walking.

The girl thinks and then follows him. After a while they reach the bus stand. Sanskaar sits on the bench. The girl sits on the other side of the bench. There is a gap in-between them. All of a sudden, both of them fall asleep.

The girl wakes up, her eyes are shown, then a smile appears on her lips which are showing her smiling.

“It was so cold last night, now I can’t wait to get out of here” The girl said and stands up.

She is wearing a pink Pajama with White kameez that goes up to her thighs. Her hair is tied in a ponytail and is on her right side and her face is revealed. It’s none other than our Swara. Swara then remembers about last night. She looks around and sees Sanskaar on the other end but his face isn’t shown to her.

She slowly approaches him remembering what happened yesterday night.

“Who is he?” Swara asks herself.

She goes near him and to the side he’s facing, she sees his face and is shocked, he slowly opens his eyes and sees her, he closes them and moves his head but opens them in a shock.

“Tum?!” Both of them shout.

“Oh god, how can I forget! He’s the Sanskaar Maheshwari!” Swara says to herself.

Sanskaar thinks “This girl?! Oh god, I will murder her, because of her I got kicked out of Maheshwari Mansion and is she the one I…? Ewwwwwwwww!!”

Swara thinks “He’s the one…? Chi! Disgusting, I would rather kiss a donkey than him!”

Both glare at each other (tune plays…drums…) Sanskaar stands up and shakes his jacket and turns around, Swara also turns around with her arms crossed, Sanskaar picks his bags up and both separate their ways and storm off angrily.

Precap: Don’t know what to put… Maybe FB…

Thank you for reading… Do tell your opinion and if it’s not good then do tell… I will stop writing it…

If it’s worth it then I would upload episode 2 on the 22nd July…

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