Intertwined with yours – The Ishqbaaz OS (Part-2) (Last Part)

Here’s the last part of the one shot. I’m giving the link to the first part:

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Intertwined with yours:


“What are we supposed to do now Dad?”
“Shivaay…..I never knew my daughter was being this secretive to me…….”
“No Dad…I know she was wrong when she hid it….but it isn’t her fault either…..she had to do it……for the sake of the child’s safety…..”
“Whatever…….I would better like to think of all this after we get Adira back…..that devil is supposed to take care of her….but……Damn him!”
“Calm down Dad…..the past can’t be undone…..but we have to get my daughter back…..”
Annika’s father looked at me with those helpless eyes, I don’t know what they were conveying, but his confused voice gave out the feelings.
“Your daughter, Shivaay?”
“Dad, she was supposed to be under my care now, but I never asked Annika anything about her previous marriage, so I think I am the one who is at the greater fault.”
“You’re a boon that my Annu has got, my child, you can’t and would never be at fault. But my Adira, I don’t know where she is, how she is………”
We all kept cursing ourselves after Annika gave out the truth of Adira, her daughter, barely 2 years old and bearing the brunt of her own Dad’s evilness. But after all cursing ourselves won’t save her from his clutches, so I thought of a way out.

I had to take the assistance of the police, so the commissioner came up for help. Karan was a resident of Delhi, so we had to head towards the address that Annika had provided about his whereabouts. As soon as we entered the house, we saw everything shattered and broken, he had abandoned that house a month ago. No one knew where he was with the innocent babe, and thus, we were totally hopeless now.

The one who was the worst hit was my wife. She kept on sobbing and did not speak a word. We all had lost the hopes to get Adira back, while she had already given up. I held her close to my heart, clutching me hard she held me and fell asleep after crying for long. I was holding her when her phone kept buzzing. I picked it up and fortunately or unfortunately, it was Karan.
“Mr. Oberoi, my daughter is with me no, so what’s the big deal?”
“She is Annika’s daughter too, and she is all mine. So technically, it’s better that you stop claiming my Adira now and yaa, don’t forget to just get lost from our lives, you money-hungry devil!!!!”
“I would Mr. Oberoi, but what about the girl, what if she’s not in this world anymore by the time you find out where I am? So let me make this story a bit interesting, I am in Shimla now, come as fast as you can and take away YOUR daughter, if you are at all able, huh…”
“You don’t even know what I am capable of and who I am….”
“Oh just stop it Shivaay…..stop throwing these empty dialogues….how fast you are able to find us out, is all I care about…..and if there’s no money in your accounts….then you better get lost….”
“I would throw my money on your grave…you….” and he cut the call.
I needed to cool down. I was supposed to do everything now, so I had to find my daughter as soon as possible. Annika….I’m sorry dear….I can’t take you with me….but at least I should inform her Dad, so that she stops worrying about me. I have to be damn quick.


I woke up the next morning, not able to find my Shivaay anywhere, where was he? I found my Dad pacing up and down, and asked him.
“Dad please don’t hide anything……he’s my husband and Adira’s my daughter…. please Dad…”
“Okay….he’s in Shimla…..”
“K…..k…Karan took Adira to…to Shimla????”
“Don’t know what he’s up to dear…..I hope my grandchild and Shivaay are safe there….”
“Dad we need to go…..I need to go there…..”

My Dad was of the opinion that we stay back in Delhi, my in-laws back in Mumbai were also very worried. But I only cared for the two most important people of my life, they were in Shimla and I had to go there. We headed to Shimla, all the way hoping that everything was fine.

Karan had his family farm house in Shimla. I knew he would be there, so I called up Shivaay. He was in a hotel there, trying to figure out Karan’s hideout.
We reached and I told Shivaay of the farm house. He took the help of the police to find the address and they got to that place. We immediately left for the house. Surprisingly there was no one in the house and while we had been anticipating Karan there…….I found my daughter………But……..


“Why isn’t she responding Shivaay?”
She shot up the worthless question, dead bodies aren’t supposed to respond.
“Annika my dear…Adira is no….no more…..” Her Dad tried to make her believe the truth.
I saw her crying her heart out, I was devoid of any feelings. I was unable to save MY daughter; I wasn’t able to save her hopes, her happiness. All our happiness lay dead with the icy cold body of our daughter. I wanted that Karan dead and had to find him by hook or by crook. I won’t spare him for all this, I promised myself.

Looking at the motionless figure that Annika was, I wasn’t able to breathe anymore. I went up to her, held her while she grabbed me and started crying. I held her face and looked at the eyes that could still drive me crazy. I never knew that these black gems would shed tears uncontrollably. Her dishevelled figure broke me into pieces, but I had to be strong, for the woman I love the most in this blessed world, for the mother who has just lost her first-born.


Months had passed after that incident, I just couldn’t get over it. Shivaay was again my support, my shelter, the safest haven for me. My love for him grew stronger with every other day and I was in need of him always. To the extent, that he started working from home, to be with me round the clock.
While he was working, I held his hand and was resting on his shoulders, when I fell asleep. The most horrifying of my dreams came to scare me to death. I opened my eyes, to find him engrossed in work, holding my hand tightly and making a call. I was psychologically traumatised and only when he noticed me sweating, he decided to talk.
“Annika, my dear, are you okay?” His caring voice brought me back to the present scenario.
“Shivaay…..a bad dream……”
“It’s okay, you see I’m with you. You don’t need to worry.” And he gently kissed my forehead.
“It’s all my fault, my baby died because of me, I can’t forgive myself.”
“You don’t need to blame yourself dear, stop doing it. You know you were in a bad state when you left it, no person in your state could do a thing better than this. Adding to it, that Karan is perishing somewhere, so don’t worry.”

His explanations eased the pain, but I was still afraid. The pain of losing my child was a permanent one and nothing could explain that.


Annika had mourned for a long time, but as if to put an end to that, we were again to be happy. And the reason, well we were expecting our child. While I was on seventh heaven, she was also in a good mood. Thankfully, time had cured all the wounds that were stinging both of us. We waited for the baby patiently; no one was more happier than me then, when I heard the cry of joy.

As I held the baby in my arms, I could feel tears of joy welling in my eyes, the little angel that had descended down to us, was my baby boy. Holding the little fingers of my son, I could experience what life was and how it could be so cruel at times, while it could be the kindest too, showering boons and raining peace. We had finally gotten happiness and my destiny that was intertwined with that of my Annika, finally rode the path of fulfilment. And now, my son was my destiny’s child.


Copyright: AditiB

Thank you dear friends, for reading this story. I gave a sad edge to this story, while I decided to end it on a happy note. So….meet you all after my exams are over, till then stay happy and healthy. Do comment and let me know whether you people loved it or not. And also my ShivIka want you all to name the son, hehe… suggest some wonderful names. See you all soon…..bbye.

Lots of Bhalobasha,


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  1. Superb ending

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    It was an awesome OS dear… actually I read the first part as well but forgot to comment so commenting for both the part awesomely written and blessed Shivika with a nice ending thank you dear… it was really a relief from the actual track
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      Thank you sooo much Ria baby….I am soo happy that you liked it…

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