Internet Wala Love 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Samrat traps Aadhya with fake suicide attempt

Internet Wala Love 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samrat asking Shubhankar if he shall leave. Shubhankar says you helped us so much and asks him to take Diwali gift. He slaps him. Samrat is shocked. Shubhankar says what did you think that I will not know and says you humiliated my daughter in her office and raised your voice on her. he asks how dare you? She says when Jai brought her home after kidnapping, you was asking her wrong questions and not worrying for her. Samrat asks him to see Aadhya’s doings. Shubhankar slaps him and says so this is your love and respect. Samrat asks him to listen. Shubhankar says if I wanted then I would have told this to your family, but I feel sympathy for them. He says it is done now and asks him to leave. Samrat panics. Shubhankar goes to the house and locks it. Samrat knocks on the

door and asks him to open. He says I have done many favors on you. Shubhankar says you did to hide your sons.

Samrat shouts Aadhya’s name. Pratibha says what neighbors will think. Shubhankar says I will not bear him anymore and tells that it is Aadhya’s life matter. They go out and see Samrat cutting his wrist. They get worried. Shubhankar asks Diya to call taxi and they tie cloth on his hand. Aadhya says we will go to hospital. They take him to hospital. Dadu, Dadi and everyone reach hospital worriedly. Jai assures Samrat’s mum that he is fine. Rupa asks Shubhankar what happened in his house and says Samrat was fine at their house. Dadu says Rupa and asks her to let him become fine first. Rupa says sorry. Jai thinks I wanted Aadhya’s relation to break with Samrat, but I never wanted bad for him.

Aadhya comes there to get water in glass, but gets lost in thinking. Jai closes the tap and says nothing happened to him. He says I never thought Samrat will do this and asks Aadhya if nothing will happen. Aadhya says may be we did wrong, and says refusal after everything is fixed. Jai says I told you to tell before. Aadhya asks if he is blaming her. Jai says no and tells that Samrat was looking at him angrily. He says I thought he will not be happy as you are unhappy, but I am concerned for him as he is my brother. He says I never thought he will do wrong. Aadhya asks did we do wrong? Jai says no and asks her not to take tension. He says everything will be sorted. He gives water to her. Aadhya drinks it. Jai takes glass from her hand.

Doctor comes and tells that they can meet him after he is shifted to room. Dadu, Dadi, Samrat’s parents and others come to meet him. Rupa says if anything had happened to him then and asks what did he commit suicide. Shubhankar says I will tell. Samrat says I will tell and tells that he slipped and got his hand cut by the glass bottle accidently. Diya messages Jai that Papa refused for the alliance and that’s why he cut his nerve. Shubhankar asks Aadhya to come. Samrat asks Nurse to give him pain killer. Nurse goes. Jai also goes out. Samrat tells Aadhya that he didn’t mean to hurt you even in my dreams. Aadhya asks him not to rest. She goes. Rupa takes Aadhya to side and asks if she is human or dayan and asks her to tell truth. She asks why did Samrat lie to us? Dadu asks Aadhya to go and rest. He scolds Rupa for scolding Aadhya also and asks everyone to go home. Jai says I will stay here and asks his Chachi to go. Aadhya says even I will wait here. Rupa says why she? Shubhankar says I will stay here with you.

Everyone leave except Shubhankar, Aadhya and jai. Tanisha comes there and thinks what Jai’s family is doing here. Shubhankar tells Aadhya that you are not guilty and will not marry him. Tanisha comes inside and asks Samrat not to act infront of her. She says you have again started this drama and says you might have cut the nerve which you had cut last time. She says those girls are fortunate whom you left and says you are behind Aadhya and trying to ruin her life. Samrat gets up and threatens to bury her alive. He says next time you shall fear in your eyes for me. Aadhya comes there and asks Tanisha what she is doing here? Tanisha says she met Samrat. Aadhya asks him that she will ask Nurse to make him drink soup. Samrat acts and says he needs a chance to become suitable for her. Aadhya is tensed.

Aadhya tells that puja and marriage will happen after Samrat gets fine. Samrat smirks. Shubhankar and Jai are shocked. Jai asks Aadhya why she wants to ruin her life for Samrat’s childish behavior.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Aadhya, must be the stupidest woman on planet earth. After all the ups and downs of avoiding her engagement to Samrat, she proclaims that she will consent to her marriage to Samrat. Well, the saying ‘ You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink’ is very appropriate in Aadhya’s situation. Also folks there is no cure for stupidity.

  2. Good. Let’s see how Jai once again helps aadhya to come out of this situation

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