Internet Wala Love 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya’s video goes viral

Internet Wala Love 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahira asking Aadhya to do her work perfectly. Aadhya thinks who has done this. Shubhankar sees Aadhya’s pic. Diya asks her mum to calm down. She gets the video and shows them. Savita also sees it. Jai sees her and says she is Aadhya’s best friend. He comes to come Savita and asks why did Aadhya run from marriage. Savita says no, she went to her office. Jai thinks maybe Aadhya is troubled by my joke. Aunts come home and argue with Pratibha over Diya’s values. Diya angrily goes. Shubhankar says I didn’t get a good wife. Aadhya comes home. Neighbors follow her. Aadhya sees her aunts. She gets insulted. She says don’t believe such videos on internet, its all false. Diya gets video of mum’s suicide and asks them is this true, mum is fine here. Aadhya cries and

says leave me alone. Savita says don’t be upset, I feel bad, I won’t leave this Bahubali. Aadhya asks who is this Bahubali. Jai says don’t worry, I will find him. Savita says he was worried for you. Jai jokes and asks Aadhya to rest. Jai says I promise I will find who is this Bahubali. Savita ends video call. Jai thinks I have to fix this tomorrow.

Jai talks on radio station about the run away bride, whose viral video is seen by everyone. He says we will know that girl’s truth after break. Vihaan says Mahira will not like this. Jai says she will give me promotion, chill, let me enjoy my win. Aadhya is in a bus. She hears Jai on radio. Jai says our bride has run to raise voice against dowry, she is an example for everyone, I salute Aadhya Verma. He claps and asks is there anyone who can accept this girl. The men get ready to marry Aadhya. She gets down the bus. Jai gets a call. The man says I m Rakesh, I want to dedicate song for Aadhya, she did right. The men follow Aadhya and tease her. Aadhya runs. Jai laughs talking to people on call. The men catch Aadhya. She says please leave me. The men ask her to leave and catch her. She hits them and runs.

She reaches a cafe. Jai talks to listeners. Savita calls Aadhya and asks what’s happening. Aadhya says I don’t know, everyone is talking staring, who is doing this. Savita says Bahubali did this, Jai will find out, don’t worry. Aadhya sees her news on tv. The man asks Rj Jai will he marry Aadhya. Jai gets shocked and says this Q and A will go on, listen to this song. Aadhya gets shocked seeing a big banner of her name. Jai hears some sound. Shubhankar comes there. Aadhya thinks I fell in problems. Shubhankar scolds Jai. He asks why did you make Aadhya famous, I m her dad. Jai says I know, relax, you should be happy that she has become star. Shubhankar scolds him. Aadhya gets worried. Shubhankar says you are rich, your posters should be fixed, you have no values. Jai says you are getting personal now.

Shubhankar says if you dared to play prank on Aadhya, dare to listen to me. He raises hand. Jai holds him and says its enough now. Aadhya comes there and holds Jai’s collar. She asks how can you misbehave my dad. Shubhankar says leave him. Aadhya says I m bound by your values. She asks Vihaan and others to take video now. She asks Jai to answer her, how can he play with someone’s respect. Shubhankar jokes on Jai and his mum. Jai asks them to get out, and give lecture in any college. Aadhya asks don’t we have any family, you insulted my dad, I have tolerated everything, I won’t spare you if you trouble my dad.

Jai says my family gave me values. Aadhya comes there and insults him. Dadi asks Jai to apologize to Aadhya. Jai meets Aadhya and apologizes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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