Internet Wala Love 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shubhankar decides to called off Aadhya’s marriage

Internet Wala Love 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rupa getting afraid thinking cockroach touched her foot. Aadhya tells that it is a rat. Rupa asks why do you keep the room dirty? Aadhya asks her to go out and says she will come. Rupa says ok and asks her to come back fast. She thinks how to get inside now and thinks she has forgotten her purse inside. She knocks on the door and asks Aadhya to open the door. Aadhya opens the door. Rupa comes inside and checks under the bed on the pretext of searching her purse. Aadhya gives her purse. Rupa goes out. She thinks something is fishy. Aadhya takes out Jai from her cupboard and splashes water on his face. Jai gains consciousness and asks don’t you have shame to come to my house at this time. Aadhya asks him to open his eyes and see here and there. Jai is surprised to see

her house and asks when did you take me here? Aadhya asks if he don’t remember and tells about Rupa and Samrat coming home to do some rasam with her. She asks Jai to get up. Jai gets up. Aadhya asks why did you drink and asks if he is drunkard? He looks at her. Aadhya says you don’t listen to me.

Jai asks her to go and do rasam. He tries to go and opens the window, but sees Samrat standing outside. He says I can’t go now. Aadhya thinks what to do, how to make him go out. She comes out holding the dresses in her hand. Rupa gets up and asks why are you bringing the boutique of salwar suit. Jai is sitting behind her while trying to escape. She asks Rupa to select what to wear. Rupa asks her to wear one of the dress. Jai goes to Shubhankar’s room hidingly and realizes that he is in Shubhankar’s room.

Aadhya thinks of Rupa’s words that if they get Kuldevta’s blessings then even God can’t stop their marriage. She thinks Jai tried to saved me, but I think this is my destiny. She asks Pratibha to call Aadhya. Pratibha calls Aadhya and knocks on her door. Aadhya thinks Jai is angry with me, who will save me now from this rasam. Jai is hiding under Shubhankar’s bed and reads the letter which Aadhya has written for Shubhankar and informing him that she don’t want to marry Samrat as she senses danger to her. Jai thinks Aadhya tried to tell Shubhankar, but I thought she don’t want to tell. She thinks why did this letter is doing under the bed. He thinks of Aadhya and realizes that she was helpless. He thinks to make Shubhankar read this letter. Pandit ji asks them to bring Sindoor box. Rupa asks them to bring it in decorated puja plate. Jai keeps the letter in the puja thaali and hopes Shubhankar reads it. Shubhankar comes and takes the plate. Pandit ji asks Shubhankar to do the aarti first. Rupa says first Samrat will apply tika to Aadhya’s forehead with sindoor. Pandit ji says yes. Samrat takes a pinch of sindoor in his hand.

Aadhya gets tensed. Shubhankar gets confused and stops Samrat from filling Aadhya’s maang with sindoor. He stops Samrat and tells Rupa that in their house, they don’t get unmarried girl’s forehead filled with sindoor before marriage. Rupa says not a problem and asks Samrat and Aadhya to make each other wear the ring blessed by the God. Shubhankar asks what is the date today? Diya says 3rd. Shubhankar says this rasam can’t happen today and my mum’s death anniversary is on tomorrow and it will start after 12 today. Pratibha says maa ji’s anniversary is in next month. Rupa says all arrangements are done now. Shubhankar says you would have told me before coming here. Rupa says they have many problems in their marriage and asks him to understand. Shubhankar says I might say yes, but remember that today is my mum’s death anniversary and if we know this rasam then Samrat’s life might be in danger. Rupa asks him to talk good and says as your wish. Shubhankar tells Pratibha to make Prasad and says they will do satyanarayan puja. Pandit ji says lets do aarti. They do aarti. Samrat looks at Shubhankar. Rupa says we will leave. Shubhankar asks her to get Tilak. Rupa says Pandit ji is getting late. They leave.

Shubhankar asks Aadhya to come with him. Rupa asks Samrat to listen carefully and says we have to get kuldevta’s puja done immediately after Diwali so that oversmart Aadhya don’t break her marriage with you. Samrat says yes. Shubhankar asks Aadhya if she will hide things from her and says I was in the misunderstanding that I am your friend and share my feelings with you. He says why don’t you tell me that you are unhappy with this alliance. He shows the letter which she wrote for him. Aadhya thinks from where did this letter come from? Shubhankar says I understand your writing and says I got this in Puja thaali. Jai is hiding outside the window and tries to hear them. Shubhankar says you tried to give it to me, but you couldn’t. Aadhya says I wanted to tell you, but don’t know what to do. She hugs him. Shubhankar asks him to remember that she is not a burden for him and he will get away with all his responsibility after marriage. He says if you are not happy with this alliance then this marriage will not happen. Jai smiles.

Jai and Aadhya celebrate Diwali. Aadhya gets worried for Jai. Jai thinks when you are around me, all problems end. Rupa sees them and thinks once kuldevta puja happens, I will end this eye romance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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