Internet Wala Love 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai helps Aadhya secretly

Internet Wala Love 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai asking Vihaan to spread the news by the video. Mahira gets to hear about Aadhya in problem. Jai stops her and says I think we should help Aadhya. She asks him to get back to work. Jai goes out and asks Vihaan to try his Bahubali idea. Mahira reads the news about herself, that she isn’t caring for her employees. She says who is this Bahubali, how dare he write this. Vihaan asks did you read Bahubali’s post, everyone will think you don’t care for team, but just success, Aadhya really needed your help, Jai played a prank on her. Mahira gets angry. Tanisha shows Aadhya’s blog getting hit. Jai asks the man not to demolish the house. The man says I got the order, I have to break the house. Jai says house is like temple, how can you do this. He sees Mahira coming

and hides. Mahira says this is your advance salary, give this to them and save your house. Aadhya thanks her. Tanisha gives the two year contract to Aadhya. Aadhya smiles.

Jai looks on. Mahira asks Aadhya to come office in an hour. Aadhya says Papa, our house got saved, my job got permanent. She sees Roopa’s lawyer and gives him money. Shubhankar says you are my pride. Lawyer gives money to Roopa. She says how did poor family get 10 times rent. Jai says don’t tell anyone that I have done this. Diya looks on and thinks he is so sweet. She goes. Jai says I have to settle scores with Aadhya. Aadhya comes to office. Everyone welcomes her. Jai’s pant gets torn. Everyone laughs. Jai ties a shirt to his waist and says what, it happens sometimes, any way I m a trendsetter, girls follow me. Aadhya says yes, even girls’ mums follow you. He shows girls’ messages for him. He messages Diya. Diya gets happy and dances. They argue. He says you won’t have any feelings or emotions. Mahira calls him. She gives him advance salary. He says its my half salary. She says yes, half salary is deducted for Aadhya’s prank, that will be all, thanks. Jai thinks I helped Aadhya, its time to settle scores.

Dada ji scolds Roopa. He warns her not to make mistakes, else he will ask someone else to manage. She says this is happening because of that girl. Jai hears Aadhya talking to Savita. He thinks she is visiting my neighbor Savita today. Aadhya and Savita celebrate Savita’s birthday. Tanisha messages Aadhya and asks her to reach office for emergency. Aadhya says I have to go. Jai locks the door and says its your turn now. Aadhya says I have to rush, its urgent. The door doesn’t open. Aadhya gets down by balcony. Jai sees her and makes a video. Red dupatta falls over her. He laughs. She leaves for office. Driver says I understand you are helpless, so you are running from your marriage. She says I have some work. Jai uploads video. Aadhya comes to office and sees everyone laughing. Mahira asks Aadhya to note down article’s key points.

Aadhya gets a call. Jai smiles and shows video to friends. He says this video got viral. Rajat says this is that same girl, Aadhya. Vihaan gets angry on Jai. Shubhankar gets drunk and argues with his wife. Diya says there is some confusion. Diya calls Aadhya. Mahira stares. Aadhya says sorry. Aadhya switches off her phone. Mahira asks her to follow office rules. She says you won’t be successful if you get so distracted during work, no name, no fame. Aadhya nods. Tanisha shows Aadhya’s video. Jai says I have made Aadhya famous. Aadhya thinks who can do this with me. Jai jokes and laughs.

Aadhya runs when she gets troubled. Shubhankar and Jai fight. Aadhya scolds Jai. Jai is at an event and boasts of his values. Aadhya reaches there to insult him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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