Internet Wala Love 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai comes to meet Aadhya in night

Internet Wala Love 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai telling Aadhya if she will teach him right and wrong who haven’t done right in her life. Aadhya asks him to look at her and listen to her. Jai says I don’t want to look at you. Aadhya asks really? Jai says I don’t want see liar’s face and says you are a coward and made me bad infront of everyone. Aadhya tries to say. Jai says I don’t want to look at you, and says I have become filmy, beating goons and trapping my own brother so that you are upset with this alliance. He says you had to just tell the truth, but you couldn’t say it. He says sometimes I feel that if you are not my internet friend, and asks if that was lie or this was lie. Aadhya sends message to Rajat and asks him to come there, as Jai is much drunk. Jai blames Aadhya and asks her to go. She

is about to about to fall, but Jai holds her hand and saves her from falling down. They have an eye lock. He asks her why she is not going? Just then a man comes and asks Jai if he is teasing a girl? Jai is about to hit him, but Aadhya stops him. Man is about to hit Jai with rod, but Aadhya holds it and stops the man.

Rajat comes there and shouts. Man runs. Samrat is watching them from his car and calls Shubhankar. He tells him that Aadhya is on road with Jai at 10 pm, when I asked her for dinner, she refused and now standing with Jai on road. He says Jai wants to end our relation and it will be wrong if Aadhya talks to him after yesterday night. Shubhankar says I will talk to Aadhya and ends the call. Rupa calls Samrat and asks him to listen to her carefully. She tells something. Aadhya comes home and sees Shubhankar waiting for her. He asks where were you? He asks her to tell the truth. Aadhya says I was with Jai. Shubhankar asks if she was with him for office work. Aadhya says no. Shubhankar says I thought that guy is changed, but you are doing wrong with that guy on road. Aadhya says it is not like that and says Jai is not bad. Shubhankar tries to slap her. Aadhya is shocked. Diya comes and is shocked to see him angry on Aadhya. Aadhya cries and goes to her room. Diya asks what are you doing? Shubhankar says someone raised finger on my daughter, she is my ego and I can’t answer. Aadhya comes to her room.

Jai comes to her room through window. Aadhya asks what are you doing here? Jai says I don’t want to see you, just wants to see your hand, says Rajjo said that you got hurt on your hand. Aadhya asks how you will see my hand? Jai sees her hand and checks the wound. He asks if his Papa didn’t see. Aadhya says I didn’t tell him. Jai says you don’t tell him important things. Aadhya asks how did you come here, by car. Jai searches for medicine box and gets it. She applies ointment on her hand. Aadhya shows her hand. Jai applies ointment to her other hand as well. He asks if she is hurt somewhere else. Aadhya says you are talking to me. Jai turns his face. Aadhya asks him to be silent for 2 mins. Jai holds her foot and applies ointment on it, he says I trusted you….but. He then sleeps due to excessive drinking. Aadhya is shocked.

Rupa and Samrat come to Shubhankar’s house with Pandit ji. Rupa says I showed their kundali to Pandit ji and said that they have to do rasam right now else their lives will be troubled. Shubhankar says I will bring her tomorrow. Rupa says Pandit ji said that rasam needs to be done now. She thinks Aadhya can’t refuse for marriage now. Aadhya tries to make Jai wake up. Shubhankar knocks on her door and asks her to open the door, as Rupa and Samrat came for some rasam. He apologizes to her and goes. Aadhya asks Jai to wake up and thinks what to do. Shubhankar asks Diya to go and see Aadhya. Rupa asks Aadhya? Shubhankar says she is coming. Shubhankar asks Rupa about the rasam. Rupa says there are two gold rings which is blessed by God when it is kept for Chadawa and says Samrat and Aadhya will exchange rings. Diya asks Aadhya to open the door. Aadhya’s mum tells that Samrat’s mum needs to be here. Rupa says no need, as she is there being his elder sister. Diya asks Aadhya to open the door. Shubhankar says I didn’t hear about this rasam. Pandit ji says it is Mittal family rasam and shall be done before marriage. Rupa says it is important. Diya tells Shubhankar that Aadhya is not opening the door. Rupa asks what happened? Shubhankar says she needs time to get ready. Rupa asks if she eloped again. Shubhankar says if you don’t like my girl then leave, we will think of rasam tomorrow. Rupa asks what is the problem? Shubhankar says we had an argument.

Rupa says she will bring her. Aadhya opens the door and sees Rupa coming. She closes the door and asks Jai to wake up. Samrat calls Aadhya. Aadhya thinks why is he calling me. Rupa knocks on the door and asks her to open the door. She says it is bad manners to do this. Aadhya tries to move Jai from the bed and keeps him under the bed. Rupa thinks there is no voice coming and asks herself not to think wrong. She thinks if Jai is with her and then thinks why Jai will be with her inside. She shouts Aadhya’s name. Aadhya covers Jai with some cloth and sprinkle water on her hairs. She gets the towel and opens the door. Rupa asks if she was taking bath in the night? Aadhya says yes. Rupa asks her to come out for rasam. Aadhya says she will get ready first and will come in sometime. Rupa thinks she is tensed and says I will sit here until you get ready. She is about to sit on bed. Aadhya says there is a mosquito here. Rupa says they bite me as my blood is sweet. Aadhya says cockroach is here. Rupa says I am afraid of cockroach. Just then Jai’s hand comes out and touches Rupa’s foot. Rupa shouts.

Jai gets letter written by Aadhya for Shubhankar and thinks he shall make him read this. Rupa asks Shubhankar to bring sindoor in thaali. He keeps it in the plate. Shubhankar takes the plate with flowers and sindoor in it. Jai thinks please read it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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