Internet Wala Love 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa challenges Shubhankar

Internet Wala Love 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya calling Savita and asking for help. She cries. Savita says sorry, I can’t come there. The guy feels guilty. Dada ji scolds Roopa for her carelessness. He says I know you have bought the bungalow on triple price, sort the problems, else I will give all the business to your brother in law, Praveen. Roopa thinks to see Aadhya later and deal with neighbors first. The guy Rohit helps Aadhya. He sees Jai coming and worries. He asks her to just download antivirus. Mahira scolds Tanisha. Jai smiles seeing Aadhya tensed. Aadhya signs Rohit to ask. Rohit signs her to just do it. She doesn’t understand. She prays. The idol falls and presses the key. The virus gets cleaned. Aadhya gets glad. Rohit says virus got cleaned. Jai gets shocked.

Aadhya thanks Lord. Rohit

says congrats. Jai looks at him. Rohit says I didn’t help her. Jai says I know, how did Aadhya fix it, get her resume, lets check her degree. He checks her resume and thinks its fake. Roopa and lawyer come to vacate the house. She gets shocked seeing Shubhankar. Jai does a drama and stops Mahira. He says Aadhya’s resume is fake. Rohit thinks why is Jai after Aadhya. Jai says she made us mad, she lied to us. Mahira gets angry. She asks Aadhya to open her website. Jai says show your London blog, it was famous.

Aadhya gets shocked seeing her resume. Jai says you lied to get this job, you cheated Mahira. Rohit comes and says Aadhya’s article is here, she has written well, her social media profile has likes and followers too. Jai thinks she is giving me shocks. Mahira stares at Jai and goes. Rohit thinks I have made Aadhya’s fake profile and blog on time. Jai and Aadhya get angry. Aadhya says I can’t lie and do this job. Rohit says you have mailed fake resume. She says I didn’t mail it to company. She recalls Diya Roopa asks Diya to call Aadhya. Shubhankar asks Roopa to get out. Roopa says I have paid thrice and bought this house, get out. He refuses. Aadhya says I will tell truth to Mahira. Rohit says Mahira hates lies, she will fire you. Aadhya says I will see, I want job based on my qualifications.

Roopa asks Shubhankar to leave, else she will file a case. They argue. Roopa asks her to give ten times rent, else vacate the house. He says we are waiting till 30 years. She says I will get the house vacated in 24 hours. She asks lawyer to do something. She says Jai is a famous RJ, I will go for interview and declare what I m. Diya calls Aadhya. Aadhya asks why did you make my fake resume. Diya says scold me later, new owner has threatened us to vacate house, Roopa is the new owner. Roopa comes for interview. Aadhya passes by. Aadhya says I will arrange money, take care of mum and dad. Roopa comes to Jai and hugs. He explains her about interview. She says I know why I m here. Roopa boasts of her hardwork and business. He smiles. She tries to clear the hair incident. She gives the good news that she is opening a new outlet. Shubhankar says I won’t vacate the house. Diya worries. Aadhya thinks what to do, if I lose the job, problems will increase.

Jai’s video goes viral. Jai says this happened because of Aadhya. Roopa ruins the house. Jai makes Aadhya’s video.

Update Credit to: Amena

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