Internet Wala Love 3rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya gets troubled

Internet Wala Love 3rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai saying welcome to my world. Aadhya thinks he works here, but its fine, my family’s happiness matters to me. Tanisha instructs Aadhya about the blog. Aadhya happily comes home to tell them the good news. She sees Shubhankar sleeping and realizes that he had drunk wine again. She recalls his promise. She goes. Diya checks some profiles and thinks Jai shouldn’t know about me, I will talk to Rajat first and then I will impress Jai. She fixes a date with Rajat. Aadhya comes. Diya thinks if Aadhya knows that I changed her resume, she won’t leave me. Their mum comes and asks did you get job. Aadhya says yes. They hug. Her mum gives her the idol. Aadhya says I m also shocked that I got internet type job. Diya says you are talented. Aadhya says I first write on paper

and then type on computer. Diya says congrats.

Aadhya says I got job based on talent, not on PR or internet. Diya thinks how to tell the truth to Aadhya now. Jai thinks I will see Aadhya tomorrow. Aadhya comes to office and smiles. The staff welcomes Aadhya. Aadhya thanks them for a good welcome. Jai looks on. Jai recalls whatever she did. Aadhya takes her seat and keeps the Ganpati idol. She gets working and writes the blog in diary fast. Everyone looks on. Aadhya types the blog on system. Aadhya sees the computer going off. She worries. She takes help from peon. Jai says why is she behaving this way if she is a blog writer. Diya meets Rajat on a date. Jai asks Tanisha to trouble Aadhya. Tanisha asks Aadhya to get breakfast for Mahira. Aadhya says its not my work. Tanisha insists and sends her. Jai gets an idea.

Rajat sees the auto meter fare and makes an excuse to get down. Diya says he is so cute. The auto driver says he is mean, he got these flowers from a grave. She gets shocked. He says you have to pay the auto fare. She thinks what do I have to do for Jai. Tanisha asks Aadhya to get Mahira’s red dress and breakfast. Aadhya rushes. Aadhya takes everything and rushes to office. Jai asks everyone to trouble Aadhya. He sees Aadhya coming and makes her fall inside Mahira’s cabin. Mahira gets angry and asks Aadhya to impress her with work, not gifts. She scolds Aadhya. Jai comes and says all the computers got virus. Mahira gets shocked. Tanisha says Aadhya was using this system. Aadhya says I have no idea about this. Mahira asks Tanisha to fix the problem, else not show her face. Aadhya worries and thinks she will lose the job.

Jai says so you lied to get the job, you cheated Mahira. Mahira looks on. Roopa meets Shubhankar and asks him to leave the house. Diya informs Aadhya and shows the notice.

Update Credit to: Amena

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