Internet Wala Love 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai gets mesmerized seeing Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya caring for Jai’s hand as he hit it on the wall. She blows on his hand. Jai says it is not burnt, and asks her to bring ice. Aadhya says when you know then why you don’t care of yourself. She says your pain increased as you lifted me and walked. She says you are Jai Mittal and didn’t listen to me. Jai says you were hurt, how would I bring you here? By walk or leave with the goons. He says I had given you enough pain and don’t want to give more. Aadhya asks if Doctor gave medicine and asks where it is kept. She gets his medicine and asks if he have morning tablet. Jai refuses to eat, but she makes him eat and gives him water. Jai drinks water and coughs. Aadhya hits on his back. Jai asks her to hit him slowly. She asks are you fine? And sorry. They have an

eye lock. Dadu and Dadi come there following wifi and see them having an eye lock and smiling looking at each other. Dadu asks Dadi if she is thinking the same, and says she never saw Aadhya happy. Dadi tells him that there is something wrong with Samrat and Aadhya’s alliance.

Rupa takes Samrat to meet Shanaya. Shanaya thanks Rupa and says I know you got Aadhya kidnapped so that engagement can’t happen. Rupa slaps Samrat and tells Shanaya that she has control on her kids’ and asks her to go and live her life. She asks her to good bye. Shanaya leaves. Samrat asks Rupa since when you know her? Rupa says since you threatened to kill her, I would have expose you, and saw you going to jail. She says now it is the matter of my son’s life and says if this relation break then my son’s life will be ruined. She asks him to do as she says and remember that nobody can save him except her.

Aadhya bandages Jai’s wound and asks him to get bandage changed by someone or she will do it before leaving from office. Jai asks her not to change the topic and asks her to talk to uncle. He says you might be thinking that he will get hurt, but if you tell later then he will be more hurt. He says we will handle the siyappa later on. She says we…He says we both will handle in our house. Aadhya looks at him. He promises that he won’t let any of his family member raise hand on her and holds her hand. Rajat and Virat come there and says now we understand why our brother is melting these days. Aadhya asks them to give a tablet to Jai before he comes to Office. She says I will go. Jai asks her to do the work before going to office. Rajat and Virat tease Jai. Jai calls him chichore and says she is my friend. Rajat asks just a friend only?

Jai comes to office and waits for Aadhya. He thinks she must be late as she might have told uncle and he might be angry on her. Just then Aadhya comes. A colleague compliments her beauty. Jai sees her wearing clothes of her choice with bindi, jhumkas etc. He looks at her and remember his words. Aadhya looks at him. He nods her head. Tanishka comes and asks her to come, as she will give notes for the show. She asks Jai to go. Virat comes and asks if the dress is gifted by someone. He says she is looking good. Aadhya smiles. Jai looks at Aadhya and signs at her to move her hairs behind her ear. Aadhya moves her hair behind her ear. He signs good. Virat sees that. Aadhya looks at Jai, but he goes. Virat asks are you searching something. Aadhya says no. Jai is about to start his programme, when Aadhya comes there. Jai gets mesmerized seeing her and waves her hi. Aadhya also waves hi. Internet wala love plays……

Aadhya signs him something. He signs her to wear head phone. They begin the programme and plays the song. Aadhya tries to show her bangles to Jai and make bangle sound. She asks Jai, don’t you want to tell me something. Jai asks what did uncle say? Aadhya says when I went home, Papa was in temple. I will talk to him. Jai says sure. She asks do you want to say something. Jai says nothing. Tanisha sees them and messages Jai, why they are not fighting today. Jai thinks how to fight now. Jai begins his programme and asks why she became bell today and says how wears clothes like this. He says she is looking like a behen ji and says who wears such clothes in this era and asks the listeners to hear the next song. Aadhya gets upset and says you asked me to wear such clothes and when I worn it, you are calling me behenji.

Jai tells her that Tanisha messaged him that why they are not fighting and that’s why he said. He says I was surprised when you came and is about to drop my coffee mug. He says you are looking very pretty. Aadhya smiles. He holds her hand and asks her to sit. He says you are looking very good and asks her to wear bangles. He says you are looking Madhuri Dixit. He says next caller. Rajat calls changing the voice and asks if the hatred ended between you both and asks did you become hot couple from hate couple.

Jai understands Rajat is the caller and thinks to teach him a lesson. He asks him to enjoy the song. Aadhya looks at Jai. Jai comes to drop Aadhya home. Aadhya says I will talk to Papa. Jai says you need someone for courage and says if uncle gets angry then I will bear his anger. He says I will park the car and come. Aadhya comes to Shubhankar and tells that Samrat is good, but don’t you think that everything is happening fast. Jai comes there and greets Shubhankar. He says I will leave. Shubhankar asks him to sit. Aadhya is about to tell him, but just then Rupa comes there and tells Aadhya that she is Live on friendsbook and asks her to talk to Shubhankar while they listen to her Live. Aadhya gets tensed and looks at Jai. Rupa says you don’t want to say now and says I have good news. Aadhya looks at Jai for help. Shubhankar looks on. Jai thinks now Aadhya couldn’t say ever.

Jai decides to keep the party and break Samrat and Aadhya’s alliance. Samrat says that will not happen and Aadhya and your hope will break.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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