Internet Wala Love 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Police arrest Jai, Aadhya and PK

Internet Wala Love 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya telling Jai that he shall go to his room. Jai says so that PK comes here. PK comes there and tells that Manager called Police and thought that we are doing wrong. Jai says Aadhya will go from the window. PK says I will go and hides. Jai tries to make Aadhya go through the window, but they slip on the bed. Police comes there and sees them on bed. Inspector asks Constable to arrest them and asks where is the other guy. PK hides in the almari. Jai says he was here with us, he didn’t do anything and is our friend. PK calls Savvy and asks where did you trap me? He says there is a fire here. Constable searches him and tells Inspector that he is hiding in the almari. Inspector blames Aadhya for having affair with two guys. Aadhya says it is not right. Jai tells that

they were stuck in the jungle so took the rooms. Inspector laughs and asks if they are getting the rakhi tied by her. Jai tells that they are RJ. Inspector asks Constable to arrest them. Jai asks them to arrest himself and says there is no lady constable to arrest her. Aadhya says you are thinking wrong. Inspector asks Constable to call lady constable. PK says they are innocent. Lady constable comes there and asks if she came with these guys. Aadhya tells that they are innocent. Jai tells that they didn’t do anything.

Lady constable tells that she is hanging out with two guys at same time. Jai asks how can you say that and gets angry. Inspector asks Constable to make their faces known to media and says All Delhi shall know what they have done. They arrest and take them.

Shubhankar gets worried for Aadhya and thinks he should have gone to bring her. Jai asks Aadhya not to take tension and says I will talk to lawyer. Aadhya is in shock and recalls what Inspector had said. She thinks of Shubhankar’s words. Jai sees Aadhya in shock and thinks he did wrong. Rupa comes to meet Shubhankar after calling him. Jai and Aadhya are at the Police station. Inspector tells Jai and Aadhya that they have called their family. Rupa taunts on Aadhya’s character and tells that she was caught with two boys. Shubhankar says one guy is your son. Rupa blames Shubhankar and tells that his daughter traps guys. Dadu comes and slaps Rupa.

Dadu says how dare you to take such cheap things about a girl and asks if she don’t have shame. He says I understood seeing your car here. He asks Shubhankar to come and they leave for Police station. Rupa thinks I will remember this slap. Jai tells everything to Police Inspector and tells that they were kidnapped, but fled from there somehow. Inspector says it is a fake story and asks how did he get money to pay the girl. Jai gets angry and tells that he can’t hear anything against her, even if they punish him. Aadhya thinks today her love and respect increased for him, and thinks he is more concerned for her rather than himself. Inspector says she will leave you when she gets more rich guy. Dadu tells that their kids can’t do such a thing. Inspector says every parents tell this. He asks Shubhankar if he is her daughter. Shubhankar says yes and tells that his daughter was with Jai. Inspector says she was in Jai’s embrace and was hiding PK in the almari.

Jai gets angry and says Aadhya slipped and fell on him. Rupa asks Jai to respect law. Jai says all world can be wrong, but Aadhya will not. He says I respect her a lot. Aadhya cries happily. Inspector asks who is this hanuman bhakt? Jai says he is Aadhya’s friend who came to help us. Aadhya feels proud to love him who respects her a lot. Dadu takes Aadhya to side and says I know Jai must not to be lying and asks why did he hesitate when Inspector asked about PK. Aadhya tells Dadu that they were kidnapped and Jai has saved her. She tells that she can’t think of love as….she looks at Jai. Dadu says you don’t need to clarify me, he says I understood everything. Savvy comes there. PK says she is my sister. Savvy says Aadhya is her best friend and PK is her brother, and tells that she sent her brother to help them. Inspector says so you all know each other. Dadu says yes. Inspector asks them to sign and take them. Jai thinks he will question PK again.

Jai tells his friends that he will throw the party to play PK’s band. He calls Aadhya and asks her to come with PK. Aadhya tells Savvy that she is sure Jai will ask questions to PK.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I love this tv series very much. Jai you are marvolous. And also adhya you also very smart. I love them very much. this tv show is very funny.

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