Internet Wala Love 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: PK enters as Aadhya’s boyfriend, Mr. X goons follow Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai holding Aadhya’s hand and starts running with her in the jungle. Mr. X’s goons follow Aadhya. Jai asks Aadhya what happened when she stops walking. He asks her to rest and says nobody might be following us now. The goons come on the bikes. Jai sees them and asks Aadhya to run. They stop the bike and looks for them. They tell that it is very difficult to run from Mr. X and they will find them soon. Aadhya and Jai sit closely and hiding from them. He says I will show them what I can do and picks a stick. Aadhya gives him promise and asks him not to go. Mr. X men goes to another side. Jai and Aadhya again start running. Aadhya stops being hurt. Jai checks her foot and says how can you walk with an injured feet. He starts walking holding her in his arms. He sees

a parked car and hides with Aadhya inside. Aadhya is on his chest. He calls her laddo and asks her to let him close the decky. Aadhya feels closer to him and thinks she wishes this day wouldn’t have come.

Jai sees her crying and asks what happened? He says I splashed raita every day and handles it. She rests her head on his shoulder. Jai blows on her hairs and says it is going in my mouth. He smiles seeing Aadhya hugging him closely. He says it seems they have gone and tells that they shall go out. He says I am tired of hiding because of you. Aadhya says it is because of you. Jai says it is because of your boyfriend, if you haven’t hide him then this siyappa wouldn’t have happen. They hear car sound. Jai think it was his mistake. Aadhya thinks it is her mistake. They hear the bikers leaving. Car also starts. Jai says we will get down when it stops, till then enjoy. The car driver stops somewhere and goes. Jai and Aadhya come out of car and start walking. Shubhankar tells Dadu that he came to talked to Jai. Rajat and Vihaan come there. Rajat says Aadhya and Jai went together from office. Shubhankar asks what to do? Dadu asks him not to worry as Jai is with Aadhya.

Aadhya says nothing wrong shall happen. He says what could be the best than this. She asks if he wants her to cry. Jai tells Aadhya that everything will be good now. He sees lodge and asks her to see. He says there will be room to rest, food and have bathroom also. They come to the lodge. Jai asks the man to give the room. Man asks for what? Jai says I want room to relax. Aadhya asks for the charger. Man gives her charger. Aadhya switches on her mobile after charging and calls Shubhankar, telling him that she is with Jai and will come home. Man thinks Jai and Aadhya want room for wrong doings and asks him to pay 6000 Rs. Jai is not having money. Jai gives his watch and goes asking Aadhya to come. Aadhya says ok and calls Savvy. She asks who had answered the call? Savvy says your problem is solved. Jai comes to the washroom and hears someone talking on phone about Aadhya. He realizes and comes out of washroom. He searches for Aadhya and sees the man on the bike. The man speeds up the bike towards Aadhya. Jai is shocked and runs out. Aadhya asks what are you saying? The man signs her to sit on the back seat. Aadhya says I can’t listen. Jai picks up a stone and says I will break your head. Man removes his helmet and shows his face. Aadhya says you are here? Jai asks do you know him? The man identifies himself as PK, Aadhya’s boyfriend. Jai is shocked and drops stone from his hand. PK poses. Savvy says my brother will act to be your boyfriend. Aadhya looks on.

Jai asks PK to give intro about him. He says I am her best friend and shall know? He asks what do you like in her? PK says her white complexion. Aadhya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Where is the before episode

  2. It was aired as a special episode with ishq mein marjawaan and udaan on Saturday.

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