Internet Wala Love 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya and Jai in danger

Internet Wala Love 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aadhya meeting many guys to choose her fake boyfriend and gets weird answers from them. She goes to washroom and tells Savvy that Jai will catch my lie. Savvy asks her to choose from the remaining guys. Aadhya says he will understand. Savvy asks why Jai haven’t realized your love. Aadhya says I don’t know and tells that nobody is perfect for me other than Jai. Jai calls her and tells that he is searching online gift for her boyfriend and asks what to buy. Aadhya says no need to buy anything as I am not bringing him tomorrow. Jai says you have promised me. Aadhya says I am breaking it now. She cries and tells Savvy that it is very difficult for her. Whenever I hear his voice, I can’t control myself. Jai asks if she is shying from me. He messages her.

On friendsbook

and writes that Aadhya is in love. Aadhya meets him and asks why did you put the post that I am in love. Jai says when I am in love, I will make even the PM know. Aadhya says it is my personal feelings. Jai says he made questionnaire for her boyfriend. Aadhya reads the first question. Jai says I like your smile, your round cheeks etc and says I want to know what he likes. Aadhya smiles and reads next question. Jai tells that she likes chaat, namkeen, reading books, thinking about her family, etc…Aadhya smiles and says you. Jai asks what do you mean? Aadhya says you know so much about me. Jai says you are my best friend and will ask him. He says I made this question paper for him and will not leave him. Aadhya thinks I can’t do this and cries. Jai comes and asks what is in him that she loves him. He holds her and says I will not let you go until you tell me. Jai says his smile, his careless smile, he is very masti khor, but when I am in problem, I don’t know anyone else name other than him, and says he has many friends on social media, but never thinks of meeting them, but never backs off from doing something for his real friends, and can risks his life for others. She gets emotional and teary eyes. Jai wipes her tears and says you came to know so much about him, and says once I felt that you are talking about me and says we shall go to café together and asks her to call him there and smile a bit. He says you got senti talking about him.

Jai and Aadhya go to the café. He asks Aadhya to call him. Aadhya says may be he is busy. Jai says I didn’t hear his name or saw you talking to him. Aadhya says I will talk to him and pretends to talk to him. She says you are going to Amritsar and asks him to go. Jai takes the call and says he is in Delhi and said that he is coming. He asks why did you lie? Jai says I spoke to your boyfriend. Aadhya is surprised and asks if he talked to a guy. Jai says obviously. Aadhya thinks who was that guy as I called on Savvy’s landline. She asks him to give her mobile, but Jai doesn’t give her phone. Waiter brings her favorite food and says your special friend have ordered this. Aadhya thinks who is he? Jai says I will eat. A waiter comes and gives her bouquet. Jai reads the message with love. Aadhya thinks something wrong will happen today. The guy comes out of the car. Jai sees Mr. X written on the car. Jai asks if he is your boyfriend. Man calls her Aadhya Maam and tells that sir sent car for you and Jai. Jai asks if your boyfriend is in films. Aadhya says we shall not go anywhere. Jai asks her to come. He asks Aadhya if they are planning against him seeing Mr. X. They sit in car.

Aadhya tells Jai that she has no boyfriend. Jai asks what? Aadhya says he went to Amritsar and says I thought someone is joking with us. Jai says then you are getting special treatment. Aadhya thinks she is scared. Man asks them to go inside after stopping the car and he leaves. Aadhya and Jai see the isolated place. Aadhya says they shall go. Jai says we shall play games with your boyfriend. He scares her and laughs. Aadhya is scared. Jai says there is nobody here except me. They see the godown. Aadhya says we shall leave. Jai says I am not coming and says you both are making me fool. He says I know you both are giving me surprise. Aadhya is tensed and asks Jai to come. Jai turns and sees Aadhya missing. He asks if they are joking with them. The mysterious man kidnaps Aadhya. Jai asks her to come out and tells that he is very stressed. The mysterious man takes Aadhya from there.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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