Internet Wala Love 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai’s words hurts Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai thinking how to make Aadhya understand and thinks to do something. Aadhya thinks this relation will never break, she will give letter to him and then…She imagines Jai kissing on her cheeks and says life is set after that. She gets shy and smiles. Jai is running out of the house, when he collides with Rupa and the juice falls on him. Rupa asks him to go and change his shirt. Jai says my life is getting ruined and you are worried about the shirt. Rupa thinks I am getting mad. Aadhya gets ready. Diya asks where is she going? Aadhya asks how is she looking? Diya says Karol bagh’s kareena Kapoor and asks if you find jija for me. Aadhya says yes and tells that he told me that I have laddoo like cheeks. Diya asks who said this? Aadhya says I am joking and says just

papa says this. Jai comes to Aadhya’s house and thinks if I shall go inside, and thinks if Aadhya had told her hitler dad then he will hut on my head. He thinks to meet her in the café. Aadhya calls Jai to ask where is he? She asks where is he and says she is waiting for him. Jai says he is stuck in traffic and asks her to reach café directly. Aadhya says ok and leaves in auto. She stops the auto and gets special bouquet. Jai thinks to talk to Aadhya loving and thinks to order juice and burger for her, and then thinks if she splashes juice on my face then. He gets worried.

Aadhya reaches café and thinks Jai didn’t come till now. She thinks she forgot bouquet in auto and comes out, but the auto is already gone. She thinks now she has to work extra to speak her feelings. Jai reaches café and is tensed. Aadhya thinks to confess her feelings to Jai. Jai gets worried thinking Aadhya will end their friendship. Aadhya calls him when he enters the café. Aadhya thinks everything will be clear like a water. Jai thinks if she leaves me then, and asks himself to be confident and thinks I can convince her. He says I want to tell you something. Aadhya says even I want to say you something. Aadhya shows the letter which she reads for him and says she will tell about her feelings. Jai says he wants to speak first and says Aadhya, I am sorry for whatever happened yesterday, I didn’t mean anything and says you are my best friend and I can’t think of you like that and swears that he never saw her from that sight. He says whatever happened was a big mistake, I never felt anything like that and respects you so much. He asks her not to break friendship with him and asks her to understand. Aadhya cries. Jai still have his face turned and don’t see Aadhya crying. Aadhya asks if everything was a mistake for you.

Jai says whenever I think about that, I wanted to slap myself, when you message that lets end everything, I was shocked and apologizes to her. He turns to her and sees her gone. He thinks Aadhya was upset with me that left. Aadhya thinks of Jai’s words and walks on the road. Chadariya Jheere Song plays…….She falls on the road when someone collides with her. She sees mud on her clothes and hands, cries badly. Judaai….plays…She asks herself not to cry and thinks this happens with everyone, you are not the only one. She sees a band playing music and recalls singing song for jai…mana ke hum yaar nahi…..Savvy sees Aadhya crying badly standing on the road and gets down from the auto. She asks what happened? Aadhya hugs her and cries. Jai gets worried and thinks where did Aadhya go? He calls her.

Aadhya sees his call and doesn’t pick the call. Savvy asks Aadhya to pick Jai’s call. Aadhya nods no and cries. Jai thinks these girls go to silent mode when they are angry. He thinks talk to me Aadhya, but don’t be silent. He sits in his car and thinks I will not leave you. He sees Aadhya’s letter and thinks to open and see. Just then Rupa comes there and says hello. Jai says what you are doing here? She says she came to meet the client and asks him to drop her home. Jai says I am very busy right now and can’t drop you. Rupa thinks he might be going behind Aadhya and emotionally blackmails him and tells that she will do sit ups and holds her ears. Jai says I will take auto and asks her to take car. Rupa sits in the car. Jai thinks he must have gone to Aadhya and gets angry. Jai thinks I will not do this mistake again and feels apologetic.

Savvy brings Aadhya to garden. Aadhya asks her to take her from there and says this is the place where I felt the most beautiful moment of my life. Savvy asks her to tell what happened? Aadhya cries. Savvy cleans the mud from her clothes. Aadhya cries and tells Savvy that her first love is remained incomplete. She says I really love jai, but he don’t love me and says that moment was special to me, which he thinks as a mistake, when he touched me, I felt like everything is changed, but he didn’t feel anything, I was nothing to him, I don’t mean anything in his life. Jai thinks you don’t know what you mean to me, if I go away from you then it means going far from myself and slaps himself.

Jai sees letter with Wifi and starts reading the letter infront of Aadhya. Aadhya gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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