Internet Wala Love 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai and Aadhya have a romantic moment

Internet Wala Love 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tanisha calling Aadhya. Rupa thinks I have added medicine for drowsiness in his drink and now Jai will go far from Aadhya and will not understand what she is saying. Jai looks at Aadhya and sees her as a princess. Aadhya smiles. Jai looks at Rupa and she appears as vampire. He gets afraid. He holds Aadhya’s hand and asks her to come, says there is a chudail standing. Aadhya thinks I am ready to go with you. Rupa thinks where did Jai and Aadhya go? Jai drives the car and stops somewhere. He smiles and says he felt her as lovely and says nobody will be lovely than you. He says when I see your smile, I feel my motive of life is fulfilled. Aadhya asks him to drive. He says when you get angry with me, I get angry on myself and asks her to promise not to fight with him again.

Aadhya promises him. He says we will go on a long drive like this and says I like you. Aadhya looks at him. He says when you get angry and your nose get red, I want to pull your laddoo cheeks. Aadhya says I am dieting now. Jai says my Aadhya is perfect, no need to change. Aadhya asks really? Jai says RJ Jai is saying this. He dances with her and says he is making new moments with her after their fight. He says these moments, they are doing masti and enjoying. Aadhya says there is nobody here? Jai says I am here. He rests his head on her shoulder. Aadhya smiles and holds his hand. Jai again sees Rupa as a chudail and gets worried for Aadhya. Aadhya asks which chudail. Jai asks her not to go anywhere, and says I will save you. Aadhya says you are mad. She gets up and looks at the sky. She closes her eyes and takes a heavy breath. Jai comes near her and hugs her from behind. He says I am not mad, but if you go far from me then I will become mad surely. Music plays…….He says I really really like you, and says seriously I like you. Chahat ka silsila hai plays…..He kisses her.

The crackers get burst in the sky and balloons fly in air. Aadhya gets shy and runs away from him. She says I love you Jai….Jai also smiles. Hulchul huyi song plays….Aadhya comes home and dances happily with Diya and then Shubhankar. Diya asks what happened? Did you win any jackpot? Aadhya says yes. Shubhankar says it is good that she is happy and asks her to get ready to have food. Aadhya tells them that they will go out for dinner tomorrow as she wants to tell the secret of her happiness. Aadhya is happy and says I love you Jai. She thinks the moment which happened with us was very beautiful and wishes he confess her magical three words. She recalls the romantic moment and kiss between them.

Rajat and Vihaan put water on Jai to wake him up. Vihaan asks what did you drink in party? Rajat says I found him on the road and he was calling Aadhya Aadhya. Jai recalls kissing her and says no, no it is not possible. Aadhya calls him. Vihaan is about to pick her call, but Jai stops him and makes them go. He gets worried seeing Aadhya’s call. He thinks not possible. Aadhya calls him again and thinks it seems he is busy. She sees his pics and thinks I didn’t know that you feel the same as me. Later she imagines Jai covering her with blanket in the dream. She wakes up and sees Jai closer to her. She asks how did you come here? Jai says like I come often. Aadhya says if you get caught then. Jai says I get confidence when the matter is about you. He says I didn’t think that something like that happened and says you was looking so nice that I couldn’t stop myself. Aadhya says you like me so much? Jai says yes and asks her not to ask how much he likes her. She says even I like you and I….Jai asks what? Aadhya says how to tell. She comes closer to him and says I love you Jai. They are about to kiss. Dream sequence or Imagination ends, Diya makes Aadhya come out of imagination and says something happened and asks her to tell. Aadhya says I was talking to your groom and asking him to love you. Diya says she has no boyfriend and you are thinking about my groom. Aadhya thinks how to tell Jai. Jai thinks what Aadhya might be thinking about me, thinks what did I drink that I lost my consciousness. He gets Aadhya’s message asking him to pick her and take her to coffee. She messages that they shall start afresh in the café and end all the fight. She then erases the message and lets end everything is send by mistake. Jai reads it and thinks he might lose Aadhya because of his stupidity.

Aadhya buys bouquet and thinks their relation will never end. Jai thinks Aadhya is going to break their friendship. Aadhya and Jai meet in the café and try to tell each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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