Internet Wala Love 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai gets arrested

Internet Wala Love 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai saying I won’t apologize to Shubhankar, I will talk to Dadi. Samrat comes to Shubhankar and helps him. He pays the man. Shubhankar asks who are you. Samrat says I m Roopa’s lawyer, she has sent me with this notice, you are a nice man, I realized my mistake. He tears the notice and says think of that man as my apology. He says sorry and goes. Jai is on the way. He offers lift to Aadhya and other girl. Aadhya says we will go by cab. The girl asks Aadhya to sit. Jai says meeting got cancelled, drop me here, Aadhya you can go, Jai will drop you home. Aadhya says I will get down. Jai says I will safely drop you home, you won’t get taxi or auto here, you are my responsibility, come and sit here, I m not your driver. She says no, people will make rumors. He asks

what about my image, you think I m villain.

He drops her home. He says very sorry, listen. Shubhankar sees him. Jai says I came to drop Aadhya, really sorry for that day. Shubhankar slaps him. He scolds Jai and sends him. Jai angrily leaves. Shubhankar asks Aadhya to get in. He says its tough to avoid him in same office. Aadhya says he was saying sorry. Diya thinks dad is becoming villain in my love story. Shubhankar praises Samrat. Aadhya gets shocked seeing a pic. Everyone gets shocked. Jai tells Vihaan what happened. Shubhankar consoles Aadhya and asks did anyone try to take your pic. Aadhya recalls Jai.

Roopa says Lord don’t test me more. Aadhya comes there. Roopa gets shocked. Jai stays tensed. Vihaan says just chill, have chilled ice tea. Jai says this time, it was not my mistake. Aadhya shows pic and says Jai clicked my pic at night and did this, he morphed my pic. Roopa scolds her. Samrat comes home and looks on. Roopa asks her to get out. Aadhya slips. Samrat holds her and asks are you okay. She says I m fine. He says Roopa is upset as you blamed Jai. Aadhya asks would you explain this to your sister if this happened with her. Police comes and asks Aadhya to come with them to sign complaint papers, there is FIR filed against Jai. They get shocked. Aadhya asks who did the complaint. Inspector says Samrat did it. Aadhya looks at him. They scold Samrat. Roopa asks why did you do this. Samrat says you taught us to respect women, Jai did wrong with Aadhya, I had to do this to teach lesson to Jai. Dada and Dadi come and ask the matter.

Aadhya and police come to office. Jai sees pic and says I didn’t do this. Everyone supports Jai. Jai gets arrested. Tanisha says Mahira got to know this, take complaint back or give your resignation, its Mahira’s orders, its upto you. Aadhya worries. Dadi comes and says Jai got arrested. Jai says I didn’t do this. Inspector says keep your wallet and mobile here. Jai is put in lockup. Dadi says Jai can’t do this, our upbringing is not such. She cries and tells Jai’s childhood incident where Jai protected some girls from bad boys. She says Jai is not bad hearted, he doesn’t deserve this punishment.

Samrat asks Jai is he behind this pic. Jai says you declared me a criminal, why are you asking me. Roopa goes to slap Aadhya. Jai stops Roopa. Aadhya looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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