Internet Wala Love 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Jai apologizes to Aadhya

Internet Wala Love 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai running away. Everyone laughs. Aadhya and Diya go inside house. Roopa gets angry. She comes home. Everyone gets shocked. Puru jokes. Roopa shouts Jai…. Jai comes to Dada ji to take help. He meets Samrat and says I came here to get saved from mom. Samrat asks what have you done today. Roopa comes to scold Jai. Jai runs. Samrat calms her down. Jai explains. Roopa says you ruined my image and respect. Jai says I didn’t know about you. Roopa says that girl insulted you. Dada says that girl has shown him the mirror, he did much wrong with her. He asks Jai to apologize to Aadhya. He says Samrat explain her. Samrat says sure. Samrat and Jai go out and talk. Jai says its her mistake too. He messages Aadhya to call her out.

He calls her. Samrat says lets go

in. Jai says her dad will not leave us. Samrat goes to attend call. Diya jokes on Aadhya. Aadhya says I will do my job well. Diya jokes on Shubhankar. Aadhya goes out to dry towel. She gets shocked seeing Jai and says I will tell dad. He stops her. He says just give me two mins to talk, I swear. He shuts her up. She signs him to leave her. He asks will you shout again. They go to talk. She asks why did you come to my house, just go. He says I m sorry. Internet wala love….plays….

She says this will be some new joke. He says I came here on Dadi’s saying, can we talk, please. He says you also did mistakes, I also felt bad, I got insulted, your dad is of different level, don’t talk, your dad is rude, he is elder, I didn’t push him intentionally, it happened by mistake, you came there and scolded me, why do you hold collar always, I play pranks just for fun, not to trouble anyone, I respect girls, my ego and self esteem was hurt, so I made that video. Diya comes and looks on. Jai says I m not so bad as you think, I did mistakes, I m really very sorry. Diya thinks Jai apologized to Aadhya, now our love story can begin, thanks Jai. She goes. Jai comes home and tells Dadi that he said sorry to Aadhya. Dadi says she has to accept the apology. Jai asks shall I convince her again. Aadhya comes office. Jai goes to her and greets morning. He says you didn’t reply to my sorry. He gets Diya’s messages.

He blocks her. Aadhya says I have meeting with Mahira. She goes. Vihaan asks what happened. Jai waits for her. Diya messages again. Jai finishes coffee cups and waits for Aadhya. She comes back. Jai asks Vihaan to manage the girl on chat. He goes to Aadhya. Vihaan reads messages and says she is really …. Diya reads the dance challenge and agrees. Coffee falls by Jai’s hand. Aadhya keeps her hand upon his hand. He says sorry, why did you get your hand above mine. He gets ice and applies on her hand. Chahat ka silsila….plays….. He asks her to talk. He asks Vihaan to explain her, does she want to accept sorry or not. She says I felt bad about my dad, he has to say sorry to my dad, till then I won’t accept his sorry. Jai says no way, I won’t say sorry to her dad.

Jai drops Aadhya home and apologizes to Shubhankar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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