Internet Wala Love 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya’s rude behavior hurts Jai

Internet Wala Love 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rupa telling Aadhya that she hopes that Jai changes and values emotions, but. Aadhya says Jai values emotions and that’s why brought the bouquets. Rupa says then he wrote this match fixer on the wall. She instigates Aadhya against Jai and tells that he might do anything, make excuses, lies, or think or do anything. She says he can say anything wrong. Aadhya says how can you think Jai that I will listen to you. Ash tells Jai that Aadhya acts to be innocent, but seems manipulative. She says Aadhya was silent even after knowing Samrat was bad, befriended you and then told truth to all. She says Aadhya is very manipulative and using you. You think of her and do everything as a friend, but she is misusing you. Jai asks her to shut up and says she can’t talk regarding

Aadhya like that, and says their friendship is not weak. Rupa tells Aadhya that Jai is in contacts with his ex girlfriends like Ash. Aadhya thinks it is good that I didn’t tell about my feelings to him. Jai tells Ash that he can’t bear Aadhya’s silence and will talk to her. Rupa leaves. Aadhya thinks of Rupa’s words that Jai wants to get rid of her. Jai calls her, but Aadhya doesn’t pick the call. Jai shouts keep awake and acts as a watchman outside Aadhya’s window. Aadhya opens the door and sees Jai. He tells that he had to take clothes and stick from watchman to talk to her. Aadhya thinks of Rupa’s words that Jai can do anything. Aadhya covers herself with blanket and closes the door. She thinks why you are making Rupa aunty’s talks right and thinks why I have done mistake to understand you. Jai calls her, but she cuts the call and thinks to block his number. Jai thinks what to do.

Next morning, Jai comes to Aadhya’s house as a milkman. He says look what I am doing for you, today I have become a milkman. Aadhya gets angry and closes the door on his face. Jai thinks what to do? He thinks she has become aggressive. Tanisha calls Aadhya and tells her that she has to come to do show as they don’t know how the new boss is. Aadhya says I will come and thinks how to do show with Jai. She asks herself to keep the personal and professional life separate. She asks Diya to take Papa to police station and call her if needed. She comes out of house. Jai is following her in his car, opens the car door and drags her inside. Aadhya says you. Jai asks her to be silent and listen to him. He tells that he didn’t do anything against Uncle and says my account is hacked. He asks if she thinks that he can do such a thing with uncle. Aadhya says that’s why you had written that message on the wall and sent me a message that you are coming in 10 mins, but you didn’t come. Jai asks what did I do, what was the message. Aadhya thinks he is lying and asks him to stop the car. Jai says this car will not stop until this matter is solved. Aadhya says I don’t want to see your face and asks him to stop the car. Jai says you hate me so much that you don’t want to see my face.

Aadhya asks him to stop the car. Jai asks what happened to you, sometimes you are pushing me, sometimes you are slapping me, I don’t understand why you are not understanding me. She says I didn’t know that you will do this and is about to jump off from the car, but Jai holds her hand. He says you hate me so much that you wanted to jump off from the car. Aadhya says yes. Jai says I am bearing your anger and talks since yesterday and trying to clear all the matter, but you don’t deserve this. He says what you were saying that you don’t want to see my face, and says I will not see your face unless I have to. He ends their friendship and says we don’t know each other from today onwards and I don’t care if you live or die from today onwards. Aadhya is shocked and starts walking on the road.

Jai sits in his car and recalls Ash’s words. He says you are thankless and that’s why God punishes you. He scolds her for raising her finger on her and leaves. Aadhya falls on road shattered. Samrat hears them and thinks it is good that their friendship, now everyone will blame Jai if anything wrong happens with Aadhya. He recalls all his wrong doings, harming Jai and Shubhankar. He says I will snatch your reason to live. Jai comes to radio station. Tanisha asks him where is Aadhya? Jai says I can handle show alone. Aadhya comes to the office. Jai hears colleagues talking about Aadhya and Shubhankar’s match fixing thing. He scolds them and asks them not to talk about Aadhya or her father. Aadhya hears him and asks the colleagues what they were talking. The colleagues lie that they wanted to meet her father, but Jai got angry. Aadhya gets angry with Jai. Tanisha asks Aadhya to get ready as they will be live for their new owner. Tanisha asks the audience to get ready and says Jai and Aadhya will answer you live.

Jai asks them to start the questions. A man asks Aadhya if he shall change for a girl. Aadhya says yes. Jai asks him not to change for anyone and says if you change then it means that she is perfect, but you are not. He tells that she will think you as a Servant then? Aadhya thinks of Rupa’s words that Jai thinks she is treating him as a Servant. Rupa hears the show and thinks Jai is angry and will make Aadhya go away from him. One girl asks Aadhya about her likes. Aadhya says listening ghazals, reading etc. Jai tells all bad things and says he wants to party, drinks wine and girls ar e on top list. He says that he has stopped all these as he took the wrong decision. A girl asks Jai if he will come with her on date. Jai fixes date with her and says we can meet tomorrow and enjoy. Aadhya gets jealous and goes. Rupa says my Jai is back and you are a winner. She asks herself to have fun and takes her selfie pouting.

Jai confesses Aadhya that he likes her and kisses her. Voiceover tells that their differences are getting resolved and they are coming together.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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