Interlaced Souls – One Shot by Ria

Interlaced Souls – One Shot

Hello, beautiful people! I realised it’s been a long time since I’d written any one shot although, this one was pre-planned and specially kept for this special day. And by the way, I haven’t written this kind of story before like, there are a few unreal scenes so just bear me.

P.S.: I’m not giving a long message for you here because I already gave it on Instagram.

Special Dedication: Kriti


• • • • •

I walk through the corridor of the airport after collecting my luggage. I stop for a while, a bit far away from the exit and pull out my jacket from my bag. I put it on myself and before walking out; I make a call to the most important person for whom I’m here.

“Are you there?” I put my bag onto my back and tighten my grip over the phone. “At your service ma’am,” was the reply from the other end. “Stop flattering me, Mr. Sarna,” I say as a smile curls up my lips. I disconnect the call and walk out of the airport only to find a crowd of people standing in front of me waiting to welcome the ones who’ve lately arrive.

I look around and find someone holding a board with letters scribbled, ‘Ms. Taneja’ right in front of his face.

I curse Mr. Sarna under my breath for not putting up my correct name on that damn board. I walk towards the person, the mysterious one who’s hiding his ugly face from me. “Where’s Sir?” I push down the handle and look up to face the person. He slowly removes the board from the front of his face and I stand there, surprised.

“Fröhlichen Valentinstag!” I smile and reply, “Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. Sarna!” He laughs and instantly a smile covers up my face. He hasn’t changed a bit. He is still the handsome man I was married to, two years ago with his jet black hair which I’d love to tousle anytime, his s*xy stubble, his attitude. Everything.

“Let’s celebrate fifteen years of our love?” I quizzically furrow my brows while he grasps my trolley and offers me a hand. I place my little palm on his and he laces our fingers together.


“Mr. Sarna, it has been just eight years of our relationship. May I know how are you celebrating fifteen years of our love?” I ask out of sheer curiosity as soon as we board the car and Mr. Sarna starts driving.

He laughs. At me, is it? “Are you laughing at me?” “I don’t have the audacity to Wifey,” he replies and I smack at his arm. “Stages of love”, he replies. I look at him expectantly when he speaks, “I’ll tell you after we reach our destination.” I frown and look outside the window ignoring whatever Mr. Sarna says.


He opens the door for me and offers me his hand. I ignore him, look down at the ground and walk inside the mansion while he hands over the keys to chauffeur. I love how he drives solely for me in spite of having a chauffeur.

I look up once I’m a bit away from him and I must say my husband, Mr. Sarna is an excellent architect. The bungalow looks amazingly beautiful with his creative skills. A blend of white and black; how I always wanted my house to be. The terrace with the helipad, the colour selection, everything was done according to my choice with a tinted slightly with his. Last year, he didn’t let me come here to Switzerland because he wanted me to see the bungalow only when it was complete claiming it to be my first wedding anniversary gift. This house is spectacular! Everything with Mr. Sarna feels like a picturesque.

“Wifey,” he shouts from behind I intentionally ignore him. He runs up to me and pats my shoulder. I walk inside the mansion when he grips onto my wrist and pulls me closer to himself. My back touches his front. “Kunj” He smiles at me and wraps his arms around my waist.

“I love this girl,” he says and I look away, annoyed. He points his finger in the front and I find my reflection on the mirror. My lips curl into a small smile and he continues, “This girl turned out to be the most beautiful teenager I’d ever seen in my life and I instantly developed a crush on her.” His confession surprises me and the colour on my cheeks rise.

“So, six years of crush and then, this girl turned out to be the most confident, hot and s*xy lady I’d ever come across,” he says flattering me. “When I turned 23, she was 21 and I asked her for a date. I proposed this s*xy lady a year later and till the age of 26, I loved my girlfriend”, he continues. “Now, two years into this marriage and she’s turned out to be the most the s*xy, hot and beautiful woman on this planet,” he confesses entirely and I’m completely flushed.

I look up at the mirror, once and find him looking directly into my eyes through the mirror. I instantly bow down and he says, “Right now, she’s driving me crazy. Ask her to stop blushing, Wifey!” I laugh and say, “I love you!” “Thanks!” he replies laughing. “Shut up,” I say and we both laugh along.


“Kunj, where are you taking me? Remove this blindfold first.” I move my hands to the back of my head to remove the blindfold when Kunj holds my hands and kisses my palms. “Wifey, stop being so excited,” he says and I frown. “You don’t want me to be excited, right? I’m going back then. Leave my hand,” I say and he laces our fingers tightly. “Nowhere,” he mutters and navigates me further ahead.

After ten long minutes, we reach a place where I feel the cool breeze. “Are we on the terrace?” I don’t get any reply. I wait for a minute and call for Kunj, but everything remains irresponsive. I remove the blindfold slowly and the scene that lies in front of me amazes me.

“So, how was it Mrs. Sarna?” Kunj wraps his arms around my waist from behind and moves my hair to one side. He trails down his finger from below my ear and I feel my heart racing. “Kunj . . ,” I mutter. He tightens his grip around my waist and pulls me closer to himself. “Kunj, what is this?”

“Helicopter,” he simply replies and kisses my left cheek. “Kunj, we’re out on the terrace. Stop romancing here,” I say trying to loosen his grip. “I want to eat you up, Twinkle. Let me, please,” he says and I gasp at his words. “Kunj” He laughs and turns me around. “Kiss me,” he says as if we’re in our bedroom. “Kunj, leave me,” I say struggling in his grip. “Twinkle, we haven’t kissed even for once since the time you’ve been here. I’ve heard people saying that the guy changes after marriage, but in our case, the girl is changing. This is so not f . . .”

Before he could complete, I press my lips against his. My hands travel up to his hair, ruffling it up while one of his hands travels up my back stroking my hair and the other one, holding my face.

We part away after a while and Kunj says, “You taste divine Twinkle.” “Oh, thank you! Now, will you tell me what the helicopter here is for?”

“Yeah, come along. I need to show you something, your second surprise,” he says and pulls me toward the helicopter.


“Kunj, is it a helicopter flight? I love you so much,” I say out of excitement. “Oh, I know that. After all, I’m so lovable,” he replies and I hit him. He laughs and I can’t help, but admire him.

“Twinkle, have a look at that,” he points his finger down and I look down to have a look. I stay shocked for a while and after a minute; I look at Kunj, unbelievably. “Did you do this for me?” He smiles and the helicopter lands on a nearby building with a helipad.

I run down the building while Kunj calls out for me. I run toward the garden and there in front of me, lays the most beautiful gift I could’ve ever imagined. My favourite roses, red, pink and white decorated saying I Love You Twinkle!

Kunj comes and hugs me from behind. “You’ll never know how much!” He remarks and I smile. “I love you, too!” I kiss his cheek and he smiles. “Leave me,” I complain and he denies. “Kunj, please,” I insist and he leaves me after a while. I run around the garden shouting, “Kunj, I love you!” I run my hand through the roses and I swear, I couldn’t have received a better valentine gift.

“Kunj, this is the best gift I’ve ever received,” I say. “And . . ,” he mutters. He grips onto my wrist and pulls me toward himself. “You’re the best gift I’ve ever received,” he replies flattering me. “Stop blushing, darling,” he says and I hug him tightly, rather shyly.

“Okay, let’s go back. You can come here whenever you want. We own this place,” he says and I slowly drift apart. I smile. “You know what . .,” I say and stop mid-way. He arches his eyebrow and I reply, “Your gift will be coming up shortly, too.” He laughs and replies, “I can’t wait anymore now.”


“Twinkle, are you ready? We need to be at the hotel by 7:30 and it’s already 7 now,” Kunj screams from downstairs while I adjust the bracelet on my wrist. “Hold on Kunj. It’s my janm sidh adhikaar,” I reply and he laughs. “Okay, then. I’m coming up and showing you what my janm sidh adhikaar toward you is,” he shouts. I bit my lower lip and applying a bit more of the lips gloss, I rush downstairs.

“You look gorgeous!” “You look cute!” “Acha ji,” he says pulling me towards himself and gripping tightly onto my waist. “Kunj, aren’t you getting late now?” “Quality times with you never make me late. Let’s not go there. I want you to see my janm sidh adhikaar toward you,” he says. “Kunj” I slap his cheek lightly and both of us laugh.


The charming décor of the place made it look beautiful and to add to its beauty, the soothing music played an ultimate role. The lavender fragrance hit my nose and it instantly, made me feel afresh. I hook our arms together and both of us walk inside, toward the host, gracefully.

We stand in front of the hosts and they smile at us. “Hey, Ethan; It’s great to meet you tonight. The party seems to be wonderful and we’re glad you asked the two of us join you,” Kunj speaks. “Twinkle, this is Ethan Collins and Ethan, this is Twinkle, my wife.”

He places a feathery kiss on my hand and says, “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Sarna.” I smile back at him conveying the same. “Oh, Ms. Lucy, it’s a pleasure to meet you too,” Kunj says placing a light kiss on her hand and I forward my hand toward her introducing myself.


“Kunj, do you remember the last time you sang for me?” I ask breaking the silence between us. The singer on the stage just made me realise that Kunj hadn’t sung for me in a while and I really wanted to hear him sing, in his deep, base voice. “Nah, do you?” I nod my head indicating a no, but of course I did. It was in the last year when he’d visited me and I don’t blame him. We don’t usually get much time to spend together, but we do skype each other and I don’t mind if he sings for me at that time, but he doesn’t. “Perhaps, you don’t want to either, Mr. Sarna.” “Hey, that’s not true. You know how much I love singing for you, but we hardly get any time,” he defends himself. “Oh; really? Okay, sing for me right now then,” I reply. “How do I sing here? They’ve already signed in someone for tonight,” he says. “I don’t know.”

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

The lights switch off and the spotlight falls on Twinkle. She scrunches her face at the importance that was being brought to her without her knowledge. “And this, is for my beloved wife,” I say and she looks at me warily.

I stared up at the sun
Thought of all of the people, places and things I’ve loved
I stared up just to see
With all of the faces, you were the one next to me
You can feel the light start to tremble
Washing what you know out to sea
You can see your life out of the window tonight
If I lose myself tonight
It’ll be by your side
I lose myself tonight
(Oh) Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
If I lose myself tonight
It’ll be you and I
Lose myself tonight . . .

I maintain the eye contact with her and I can see her beautiful hazel brown eyes gleaming with joy. She passes me a flying kiss and stalks toward me while I jump off of the stage and run toward her. I lift her by an inch above the floor and she tousles my hair. Oh, I feel so blessed and in fact, I am. I am blessed to have her. We walk out of the party and I sit her on the passenger seat inside the car and we drive back home.


“Kunj, Maa wanted to talk to you,” she says as I bring her inside the house in my arms. “We’ll talk to her later.” “Kunj, no; you’re talking to maa immediately. You stay here and I’m going up. I’ll change by the time you talk to Maa,” she says and I stand her. She runs up the stairs and oh my god, she’s so crazy at times.

I dial Maa’s number and after ten minutes of the conversation, she says, “By the way Kunj, Twinkle has been got her transfer letter to Switzerland.” I stand there numb. She just hid it from me the entire and she was so expressionless about it that I wasn’t able to guess it, either. “Maa, when did she get the letter?” “About a week back, I guess. She told me to tell you, I don’t why, but you better not scold my daughter for it,” she says. Ugh, too protective over her daughter-in-law. “Maa, I’m your son.” “Twinkle’s my daughter; now go talk to her. She must be waiting for you.” “Okay, Maa; Good night!”


“Twinkle, why didn’t you tell me about the transfer?” I ask while barging inside the room, but the scene that lies in front of me amazes me. The candles and the dim light reminds me of the honeymoon suite we’d booked for us after our marriage and how Twinkle had spent the entire night sleeping. Oh and how she’d reacted the next morning as if sleeping is what everyone does in a honeymoon night.

“Twinkle . . ,” I say, but I’m dumbstruck as I see Twinkle lighting one of the candles and how her hair falling on her face intensifies her beauty. She has no make-up applied on her face. Her hair is tied into a loose, messy bun with some of the strands falling on her face and she’s wearing a bathrobe. God, please don’t tell me that my insane wife is going to bath after decorating the room which I supposed to be for our . . .

She walks toward me licking her voluptuous lips in a rather sensuous way. Oh my god, is it just my imagination or Twinkle’s actually doing it. She traces my perfectly chiselled face and in a rather sensuous voice says, “This stubble on your face makes you look so handsome.” “Twinkle, is this really you?” I ask while she plays with the buttons of my shirt. “Can’t you believe?” “Pinch me so that I believe,” I say and she pinches me, hard. “Ah, it hurt,” I remark. “You were the one who told me to,” she replies, “Oh really?” I ask and before I catch hold of her, she runs away.

“Twinkle, stop,” I shout chasing her. “I’ll catch hold of you anyway so stop right there,” I say and she replies saying, “Then chase Mr. Sarna.”


“So what were you telling Wifey?” I ask moving closer to her as her back hits the wall. I corner her and her breathing becomes heavy. I straddle her waist and lifting her up, I kiss her while she wraps her legs around my waist. She responds almost immediately and I lay her down on the bed.

Suddenly it starts raining outside and the windows and doors shudder because of the rain drops that clatter against the glass continuously witnessing our love for each other.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

I move a little on the bed comforting myself as the sunlight illuminates the room and falls on my face. I scrunch my face and wriggle my eyebrows, but the sunlight doesn’t fall on my face anymore. I remove my hands relaxed and open my eyes slowly to find Kunj standing in front of the window blocking the sunlight. “Good morning!” “Good morning Mrs. Sarna,” he greets me back and suddenly the happenings of last night flash through my mind and I feel my blood shoot through my cheeks.

“So Mrs. Sarna how was yesterday night?” he asks grinning devilishly. I pick up a pillow from beside me and throw it at his face. “Ouch!” I laugh and he looks at me intently. I wriggle my eyebrows and he shrugs back. I smile and whisper, “I love you.” “I love you too Wifey.”

• • • • •

A/N: For everyone waiting for TFT, it’ll be up soon. I’m already working on it, but the emotions need to be penned down properly and I’m trying my level best for it. So please be a little patient and wait for it. I’ll try doing it soon.

P.S.: Is Everything Really Perfect as It Seems to be, is going under major editing. As many of you might know that I’m re-writing it for RagLak so, I’ve changed the last two segments in particular because when I was re-reading, I didn’t find it up to my level of satisfaction so, I re-wrote it and there’s a little change in the track too. Anyway, I’ll be adding the links in TFT so anyone who wants to read it can catch up with it. 

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