hey every1! kritika here! me and my fb friends wrote an one shot on fb. so i am posting here as well.
the credit goes to- duaa, angel, fatima and kritika..

Intensity Of Love ❀

A house was beautifully decorated as if any function gonna held their ..
The whole house is decorated by beautiful Flowers and lightings .. The beautiful smell of flowers and their sight was distributing the happiness .. Who ever sees towards the house was smiling!

Ahaaa! the reason was not the decorations .. Reason was the function gonna held ..
Yes there is a function inside the house ..
Engagement ceremony of two beautiful and pious soul!

As we go in a man of mid forties was dressed in a sherwani and was giving instructions to the workers .. Another man of same age was smiling looking at him he came forward and put his hand on his shoulder the other man turned ..

Man 2 : Arayy Shekhar! Why are you so tensed!? And see after dressing in this beautiful sherwani why are you working!?

Shekhar: Ram yaar please! You know naa it’s my Shona’s Engagement! I just want everything perfect!

Ram: Yeah that i can see! But now what’s left!? Decoration is superb .. Caterers are cooking amazing mouthwatering food now what else you want?

Shekhar: Arayy still their are many things left .. Like ..

Ram looks at him with Raised Eye Brows .. While Shekhar smiles sheepishly ..

Ram: Like ..

Shekhar Gives a tight smile while Ram shakes his head ..

Ram: Ohh God Shekhar .. You are impossible!! Now listen My Samdhi Ji you are prohibited to do any work and this is my order .! Afterall I am the father of the groom .. So now no work ..

Shekhar: Haha!! As you say Samdhi Ji ..

Saying this Shekhar and Ram hugs each other ..

Two ladies dressed in a beautiful saree were watching this and were smiling looking at the duo ..

Lady1: Sujata .. Look at him .. When i was asking Shekhar to relax he didn’t pay any head and as Ram Bhai Sa said he agreed!

Sujata: That’s right Shomi! We can’t help them they are like this only you know naa!

Shomi smiles and thought of something ..

Shomi (seriously) : Sujju! I wanna say something (Sujata nods) Sujju you know naa My Shona is childish .. (Shomi joints her hands) if she did any mistake naa so please forgive her ..

Sujata (Holds shomi’s hand): Shomi!! What are you telling!! Shona is my daughter! And you tell can anyone get angry with their daughter .. Haan!!

Shomi smiles and then both the ladies hugged each other ..

As we go upstairs their was room from which sound of giggling and laughing can be heard ..

As we go in we can see a beautiful Girl *-* Wearing Blue and Pink Lehanga with silver work on it .. She was wearing Beautiful diamond ornaments .. Her hairs were straight with the curls at the end ..
She was laughing freely .. And the other girl sitting beside her was looking at her angrily .. The other girl was dressed in a white and Red Lehnga .. Her hairs were straight and were left open ..

The other girl was looking hell angry : Swara!!!! Can’t you stop your laughing sessions!

Swara: Ragu .. I’m feeling like laughing! So you tell how can i stop!?

Saying this Swara again started laughing!!

Ragini: Ohh Shona!! Shona if you will laugh this much naa Your make-up will get ruined!

Swara: Really!! Then toh i will laugh definitely!! Cause i’m hating this make up ..

Ragini: Arrghh!! Shona you are impossible!! Okay laugh and laugh .. I’ll tell to your groom that you are not interested in getting engaged to him ..

Swara stands with wide open eyes!!

Swara: hain!!? Why! Aray i’m interested in marrying him .. Okay now i won’t laugh you give a touch up ..

Ragini chuckles and give Swara touch up ..


A handsome guy of early twenties was dressed in a beautiful blue and silver sherwani .. And was continuously looking towards the stairs ..

Another boy comes from behind and taps his shoulder!

Another boy: What’s going on Groom Ji!?

Groom gives an irritated look .. The other guy chuckles ..

Another boy: Hahaha!! Sanskar look at your face! How irritated you are looking!! Its your engagement yaar! Enjoy!

Sanskar: stop it yaar Laksh!! I’m already very pissed!!

Laksh: and why is that so!?

Sanskar: You know the reason now stop asking again and again ..

Laksh: Still i want to hear it again ..

Sanskar looks at him angrily!

Sanskar: this swara naa ..

Before Sanskar could complete his jaw drops down and his eyes get wide open .. Laksh also turns towards the source his position was also same like Sanskar!
But the difference is Sanskar was staring Swara and Laksh was making Ragini Blush! *-*

Shomi moves forward and holds Swara’s hand and make her stand beside Sanskar .. Sanskar was looking at Swara with a smile ..

Swara looks at Sanskar while Sanskar was lost in her beauty!

Swara (whispers) : Sanskar don’t look at me like this!

Sanskar (smiles and whispers) : Why Swara!? Am i making you blush!!

Swara (whispers) : No Sanskar! How can you make me blush!? Are you a blush maker!?

Sanskar looks ar her with horror while swara chuckles!

Pandit told them that the Time of Mahurat had come so they should do the engagement now ..

Sujata comes forward and gives Sanskar and engagement Ring which he made Swara wear .. While Shomi gives Swara the ring which Swara slides in Sanskar’s finger ..

Ragini was standing beside Swara while Laksh was standing near Sanskar!

Sanskar was looking at swara with so much love and care .. His gaze was disturbed by a phone call ..
Sanskar excuses himself and goes towards a corner to receive the phone call ..

After few minutes he came near Swara and hugs her tightly!!!

Everyone was shocked including Swara ..

Sanskar (while Hugging) : Thank You .. Thank You .. Thank you so much Swara!! Indeed you are my lucky charm .. Thank you so much .. I LOVE YOU SWARA ..

Everyone was happy seeing Swara and Sanskar like that .. RagLak started teasing them ..

Laksh: Aray Sanskar leave her she must be feeling suffocated!

Sanskar immediately leave her ..

Sanskar (with care): Swara! I’m sorry .. Are you okay!? Are you able to breath!

Swara was glaring Laksh .. While others were laughing!

Ram comes forward ..

Ram: Sanskar what happened .. Why are you so excited after the phone call ..

Sanskar: Dad you know .. I’m selected!! I’m selected for Indian Army! Day after tomorrow i need to report and then my training will start .. Dad i’m so happy .. I’m finally selected!

Sanskar was so happy .. His happiness were making everyone smile and happy .. But the thought of going Day after tomorrow made Swara upset .. Sanskar notice her face and realize that he totally forgot about Swara in his excitement!

Sanskar: Swara! I’m sorry i totally forgot about you .. I was so ..


Swara: Aray! No need to be Sorry infact I’m very happy for you .. It was your dream to join Army naa .. I knew that .. And Sanskar i told naa first we are childhood buddies .. And now your this buddy is very happy ..

Sanskar: I Love You Swara! You are the best thing ever happened to me ..

Swara: I Love you too Sanskar!

Everyone blessed Swara and Sanskar ..
Both Swara and Sanskar were happy ..


* Next day *

Sanskar had decided to spend the whole day with swara!
He was waiting for Swara outside her house on his bike ..

Swara comes out wearing a white churidaar amd frock with her hair open .. Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her beauty ..

Swara sits on bike and hugged Sanskar tightly .. Sanskar smiles and rides the bike ..

Theu visit many places .. And remember there childhood memories!

In the evening Sanskar take Swara to a Lake side ..

Swara was looking at that place with a smile and tears in her eyes ..

Sanskar wipes her tears ..

Sanskar: You know Swara .. This place is where i always come whenever i feel sad and had a fight with you ..

Sanskar holds Swara’s hand and take her towards a bench where ‘ S & S ‘ was written! Sanskar caressed the name ..

Swara: I Know Sanskar! And you confessed you feelings for me here only! And this bench you made it for me .. Because ..


Sanskar: Because you were complaining that you can’t sit on the sand your clothes will get dirty ..

Swara and Sanskar laughs remembering their old times ..

Sanskar holds Swara’s hand and kisses her knuckles :*

Sanskar: Swara! You know naa joining Army is my dream! I always wished for it πŸ™‚

Swara: I Know Sanskar and i’m really happy for you ..

Sanskar: Promise me Swara! You will take care of yourself and baba and Maa (shekhar Shomi) and of Dad and Mom (Ram and Sujata)

Swara: Obviously Sanskar i will .. And you Soon to be Army officer i want you to focus on your training .. And yes come back soon okay!! :* :-*

Sanskar: Ofcourse Soon to be Mrs. Army officer :*

Swara and Sanskar hugged each other and were enjoying the sight of beautiful Lake and Sunset *-*


The day had come when Sanskar had to leave for his Army Training .. Everyone had came to drop him to the Railway Station ..

Except .. Swara! She wasn’t able to watch him leaving .. And she can’t show Sanskar that she will miss him badly ..

No matter how strong she show herself from inside she will miss him .. She will miss her Love .. Her Mr. Perfect! *-*

Sanskar was waiting for Swara to bid him bye .. But she was no where shown up .. Sanskar was feeling Sad ..

He entered his compartment and adjust his belongings on his seat .. He was looking out from the window and was talking with Laksh, Shekar and Ram ..

He was sad and his eyes were the witness of it .. Suddenly his eyes shines with happiness .. Laksh noticed the happiness and turns towards the source and found Swara in Green Frock and churidar .. Swara was looking here and there .. In the meanwhile the sound of train was heard and train started moving slowly! Sanskar looks towards Swara and Shouts her name .. Swara looks at the source and found Sanskar she smiles and run towards him ..

Train was moving Slowly .. Swara reaches near Sanskar and smiles ..

Swara: Sanskar!! Take care of yourself okay!! And eat your food on time .. Don’t worry about here okay!! Just focus on your training!!

Sanskar: Swara you also take care of yourself and haan don’t go outside in evening alone take someone with you .. And yes don’t eat outside food and take care of yourself .! Eat whatever maa gives don’t make faces .. Okay !.

Swara: Okay Sanskar you too take care of yourself .. I Love You Sanskar!! :*

Before Sanskar could say something train starts moving fastly and Swara move back ..

Swara was sad that Sanskar didn’t reply but soon her sadness fades away ..

Cause she’d heard a loud reply ..

Sanskar shouted loudly : I Love You Swara!!

Swara smiles ..

Everyone left to the home .. Everyone was sad because of Sanskar’s absence and was missing him badly ..

They can’t even contact Sanskar Because during the training they are not allowed to do so ..

Everyone was missing Sanskar .. Laksh was trying to make their mood good but nothing works .. Swara sees this and plays the engagement video of SwaSan ..
And then she played the video of Sanskar when he was of 12 yrs .. In which he proudly said that i will join Army when I’ll be grown up :*

Everyone smiles looking at that and then decided to be happy .. For Sanskar! πŸ™‚


– Leap of 8 Months –

The day had come when Sanskar was returning from his training ..
Now he is not only Sanskar .. He is now ‘Captain Sanskar Ram Prasad Maheshwari’ πŸ™‚

Each one of the family member was happy on his return .. But the happiest person was Swara ? She was standing in the kitchen and was cooking many dishes .. She didn’t allow Shomi and Sujata in kitchen ..

Now the time had come when everyone is leaving to pick Sanskar!

Sujata: Shona beta!! Come first we all are leaving for Railway Station within an half hour Sanskar’s train will come ..

Swara comes out from the kitchen ..

Swara: Mom! You go i have to prepare the desert .. It will take time you all go ..

Ragini: Are you sure naa Swara! (In a teasing tone) cause Sanskar will only ask about you ..

Everyone laughs while swara gives deathly glare ..

Swara: Ragu ki bachi .. (Hits her playfully)

Everyone smiles and soon everyone left to Railway station ..

Swara goes towards the kitchen and prepare the desert for Sanskar with lots kf Love ..

After preparing everything and giving a final touch she went to her room to get fresh up ..


* Railway Station *

Everyone reaches the Railway station and heard the announcement that the train had come ..

Everyone was waiting for Sanskar while many of the Army officers were coming out from the train in their uniforms and hugging their loved ones ..

But the Maheshwari family and Gadodia family were waiting for Sanskar .. And he was no where to be seen ..

Everyone was looking in the different directions while they heard Ram shouting .. They all turn towards the source and found a handsome guy wearing Army uniform was lifting Ram with a smirk πŸ˜›

Sujata : Sanskar .. πŸ™‚

Sanskar puts Ram down and hugged everyone while Ram was glaring him angrily ..

Sanskar goes near Ram and hugged him :*

Sanskar: i missed you dad .. Infact i missed you all .. :*

Shomi blesses Sanskar .. Sanskar was looking here and there like he was looking for something or i should say Someone!

Laksh noticed it make everyone looks at Sanskar and winked at them ..

Laksh: Sanskar what you are looking for ..

Sanskar (unconsciously) : Swara (realizes what he said) i mean she’d not come!?

Everyone starts teasing Sanskar while Sanskar blushes ..


* Gadodia House *

Everyone comes to Gadodia House and sits in the hall and were asking Sanskar about his training .. His experiences .. His routine and many many things. But Sanskar wasn’t interested in all this he was only looking for his lady Love .. His Swara ..

And soon his eyes shines looking towards the direction and a smile appears on his lips .. *-*

Ofcourse he’d seen his Swara .. Swara was wearing a blue and white frock with white Churidaar and silver bandles in her hands and silver jhumkas in her ears .. Her hairs were tied in a braid .. She comes towards Sanskar with a smile on his face ..

Sanskar was looking at Swara without blinking his eyes .. Swara comes near him and moves her hand in front of him .. Sanskar comes back to earth ..

Swara (with a smile): Hi Sanskar!! How are you!?? And how was the training!?

Family members signals each other and left the Hall .. While Laksh was leaving Sanskar holds his hand and made Laksh sits their .. Laksh was confused with this behavior of Sanskar!

Sanskar (acts to be angry) : Lucky tell her that i’m fine and my training was amazing!!

Swara : Sanskar!! Why are you using Laksh! You can talk yourself naa!

Sanskar: Lucky tell her that i’m angry with her ..

Swara: Sanskar!! Acha tell what i did!?

Sanskar: Lucky tell her that she didn’t came to see me at the station! So i don’t wanna talk to her ..

Swara felt bad .. Not because Sanskar is not talking to her .. She felt bad because due to her Sanskar is upset ..

Swara looks at Sanskar with teary eyes : Sanskar! I’m sorry .. I was just ..

Before Swara could complete Sanskar hugged her .. He was holding her tight ..

Sanskar: Shh!! Swara i’m sorry!! I was just teasing you .. Please don’t cry .. Don’t shed these precious pearls .. I’m sorry!!

Sanskar breaks the hug and kissed Swara’s forehead ..

He leans towards her lips .. Swara closed her eyes .. Sanskar was about to capture her lips ..

“Please Sanskar! Stop!!!! ”
Swara and Sanskar looks towards the source and found Laksh closing his eyes with his hand ..

Swara and Sanskar were highly embarrassed .! Swara ran from there while blushing .. Sanskar was smiling looking at Swara and then looks at Laksh angrily ..

Before Laksh can say anything Sanskar left from there ..


* Evening *

Everyone was sitting at the Dining table and were praising the food .. Sanskar was smiling ear to ear because the food which everyone is praising is made by HIS SWARA ?

Ram: Sanskar! For how many days you are here!?

Sanskar: Umm! Dad i guess 10 days ..

Ram: Hmm okay!! Shekhar i’m thinking that Sanskar is here so why not we get Swara and Sanskar married now itself!

Shekhar: Wow Ram! Its a perfect idea .. I’ll talk to Pandit ji and will ask him to give us an auspicious date for the marriage!!

Swara who heard the conversation was blushing hard .. And Sanskar was smiling cause he’d seen his Lady Love Blushing .. ☺☺

Shekhar called the pandit and asked about the marriage date ..

After talking with Pandit Ji Shekhar comes he was smiling : Listen everyone!! Pandit Ji had told me that the auspicious date for marriage is after 2 days .. And this is the best date which comes once in a year ..

Everyone was happy and congratulating each other!


* Marriage Day *

The marriage day had arrived every one was so happy .. The whole house of Gadodias was decorated beautifully ..

Sanskar was sitting in the mandap with wearing sherwani with golden and white pagri with a Sword near him ..

Pandit ask to call the bride ..

Swara comes wearing a Red Lehnga with a net veil .. Sanskar looks towards her and smiled ..

Swara was made sit beside Sanskar ..

Pandit was reciting the mantras .. And then he ask them to take 7 vows ..

Then he ask Sanskar to made Swara wear Mangalsutra ..

Then the pandit told Sanskar to fill Swara’s Maang with Sindoor ..

Swara closed her eyes *-*

Pandit declare them Husband and Wife .. And ask them to take the blessings of elders ..


* Maheshwari House *

After Swara’s bidaai she comes to Maheshwari House .. Sujata does her Arti and other rituals ..

Sujata took Swara to Sanskar’s Room which was beautifully decorated with flowers ..

Sujata made swara sit on bed ..

After sometime Sanskar comes to his room with a smile ..

Sanskar comes near Swara and remove the veil from her face .. Then he touches her cheeks and removed the ear rings ..
Swara closed her eyes .. He kissed her forehead and removed her Head Piece (Maang teeka) ..

Swara was blushing hard .. Sanskar leans to kiss her on her lips swara pushed him and move towards the window .. Sanskar smiles looking at her while Swara was breathing heavily .. Sanskar goes towards her and hugs her from back and holds her tightly and removed the kamar band .. Swara’s eyes were closed and was breathing heavily!

Sanskar picks her in bridal style and makes her lay on bed and come over her kisses on her neck and she shivers .. He then kisses her earlobes and then her eyes then her forehead and then her both the cheeks and then near her lips ..

Swara closed her eyes and snakes her hands on his neck .. He smiled and capture her lips and he first go slow and then start sucking making her gasp and keeps kissing her ..

Swara feeling shy move around and her slimy back was shown, Sanskar smiles and gives a trail of wet kisses on her back and opens the tie of her back dori and kisses her ..

He made her turn towards him .. Swara was feeling shy she hides her self in his chest he smiled and kisses her head ..

He then removed her dress and kissed every part of her body .. Then they came under a blanket .. Soon both were making love with eachother ..

Moons and stars were the witness of their union ??


* Morning *

Swara and Sanskar were sleeping in each other’s embrace with a peaceful smile ..

Sanskar being a trained Army Officer wake early and find his lady love cuddling him .. He smiles looking at her ..

Swara opens her eyes and looks at Sanskar who was looking at her with a smile ..

Swara: Good Morning Hubby darling!

Sanskar smiles: Good Morning My Love!

Saying this he pecks her lips ..

They both went to washroom to get freshen up .. They both dressed themselves in the dresses given by Sujata ..

They both comes downstairs and take blessings from Ram and Sujata ..

Sujata asked Swara to cook something as her first Rasoi .. Swara smiles and goes towards the kitchen ..

Sujata was arranging the Dining table while Ram and Sanskar were sitting in the hall .. They heard a door bell Sujata goes and opens the door ..

She comes to the hall with a letter in her hand ..

Sujata: Sanskar! See a letter had came on your name .. See what is in it ..

Sanskar opens the letter and reads it ..

Ram: What is in the letter Sanskar!?

Sanskar: Dad! I need to report tomorrow due to an emergency! So i have to leave today in evening!

Sujata and Ram were looking at eachother !! Sanskar turns to look at Ram and Sujata he saw Swara standing with the tray in her hand ..

Sanskar looks at Swara the pain was clearly seen in her eyes but she was smiling!

Swara (tries to be normal) : That’s good na Sanskar! You always wants to work for your country so now you have a chance .. You tell me what shall i pack for you I’ll pack it πŸ™‚

Sujata and Ram were looking at Swara .. Cause they know how much lonely she’ll feel after Sanskar left .. Sujata wants to comfort Swara but Ram had stopped her .. Ram wants Sanskar to comfort Swara .. They both leave the Hall leaving Swara and Sanskar there alone ..

Sanskar comes near Swara and hugged her tightly ..

Sanskar: Swara i love you .. You are the most important person in my life .. Infact you are my life Swara .. But ..


Swara: But You can’t decline your passion, your love towards the duty .. Haina!?

Sanskar broke the Hug and looks in Swara’s eyes ..

Swara: Sanskar i love you too .. And i never wanted to come in between you and your work .. So I’m okay .. It’s just I’ll miss you ??

Sanskar smiles: I’ll miss you too .. ??

They both hugged each other tightly .. Sanskar kissed her forehead ..

In the Evening Sanskar was all set to leave .. Sanskar had to leave from the bus stop so no one was going to drop him ..
Sanskar takes everyone’s blessings .. He hugged Laksh and Ragini and asked them to take care of Swara ..
He Hugged Swara and kisses her eyes and her forehead ..

Sanskar: I Love You Swara! Take care of yourself! And haan I’ll miss you :*

Swara: You too take care of yourself Sanskar! I love you too and haan come back soon okay!

Swara pecks his lips before anyone could notice .. Sanskar smiled at her πŸ™‚


* 3 Days Later *

Its been three days since Sanskar left .. Swara tries to sound normal but she was sad afterall she is missing her Husband!

Everyone was settled in the Hall when they heard a door bell .. Ragini checks and comes with a letter in her hand ..

Ragini: Swara!! A letter came on your name! See whose letter is this ..

Swara opens the letter and a smile crept on her face .. Her eyes were shedding the tears of happiness!
Because the letter is send by her Sanskar! *-*

Swara: Mom!! It’s Sanskar’s letter!!

Everyone comes near swara ..

Ram: Swara beta read na what’s written!

Swara nods and reads the letter ..

~ Sanskar’s Letter ~

Hi Swara!
Hi everyone!

I know you all must be worried about me .. That how am i so let me tell you i’m perfectly fine .. I’ve reached here and let me tell you it’s so cold here!
Don’t worry about me .. I’m taking care of myself .. But yes i want one thing and that is take care of My Swara! Mom Dad! She is feeling lonely .. Please be with her .. Swara don’t stress yourself with the work okay! I know you are missing me but that doesn’t mean that you’ll drown yourself in work and harm your health!
I’m warning you swara if i came to knw naa then no one can safe you from me then ..
Now good news time everyone! You all can contact me through the letters .. πŸ™‚
Yes so my dear princess and Ofcourse my Dad’s princess i.e Mom you can talk to me through these letters ..
I love you all ??

Sanskar ☺

~ Letter Ends ~

Swara was smiling ear to ear seeing Sanskar’s love ..

After Sanskar left everyone was missing the smile on swara’s face .. And now this smile is plastered on her face just because of Sanskar!

Swara ran to her room and bring paper and pen and sits in the hall and ask everyone to tell them what should she write to Sanskar! Ram looks at her and blesses her ..

Ram: Swara just ask Sanskar to take care of him .. Rest you talk to him okay!!

Sujata: Haan beta you talk to him and ask his health from my side .. Rest you talk with him .. Okay!

Ram and Sujata blesses Swara .. Swara smiles and start writing the letter ..
Next Day she posted the letter ..


* Army Camp *

The post man had brought all the letters! All the soldiers collect their letters and start reading it .. Sanskar took the letter and opens it ..
He smiled looking at the name Sanskar! Cause he knew who had written it!

~ Swara’s letter ~


Its good to hear that you are fine! Mom asked you to take care of yourself! And eat properly! Dad also wants you to do the same! Just take care of yourself!
You must be thinking what i want! Haina!? I want you Sanskar! I’m missing you ..
Don’t think k i’m getting weak! No, i’m not getting weak! It’s just that i miss you .. I know you are worried for me don’t get worried Sanskar! I’m fine! Everyone is taking good care of me .. You said naa takr care of Mom and Dad! I’m doing that πŸ™‚
I Love You Sanskar! ??
I Miss You! ?

Swara! ☺

~ Swara’s Letter Ends ~

Sanskar smiles looking at the letter and hugs the letter ..

Harman (one of the officer) : Sanskar! You are looking so happy!! Bhabhi send a letter! Haan!?

Sanskar: Haan Harman! My Swara had send a letter! I’m so happy!!

Harman: Haha! That toh i can see on your face!

Sanskar smiles ..


* Maheshwari House *

It’s been 2 and a half months since Swara and Sanskar are talking through Letters ..

Swara was serving lunch to everyone when she started feeling drowsy .. Suddenly she feel like puking and she ran towards her room ..
After a while she comes .. Sujata asks her about her health Swara tells her that she is okay ..

After Lunch Swara was standing in the kitchen she started feeling drowsy .. And she faints .. Sujata heard the sound of utensils she runs towards the kitchen and found Swara lying on the floor ..

Laksh took Swara to the room and they called the doctor .. Doctor comes and checks swara .. After a while doctor comes out ..

Doctor: Sujata Ji Congratulations! You are going to be Grandmother soon! Congratulations! Swara is pregnant!

Everyone was so happy and was congratulating each other .. Sujata and Shomi went near Swara .. Swara was blushing and was looking down tears of happiness were flowing from her eyes .. She was missing her Mr. Perfect! πŸ™‚

Shomi: Shona! I know beta you are missing Sanskar! After all a girl wants her husband’s love during this time!

Swara: that’s true maa every woman wants her husband’s love but you know maa i want my husband to make me proud .. I want our baby to call their Dad ‘Hero’ and you know maa, Sanskar is a hero! So its nothing like that okay!! And don’t worry i’ll inform Sanskar through the letters! πŸ™‚

Shomi smiles .. Swara was so happy with this news she wrote a letter and ask Laksh to post the letter asap ..

On the other side Sanskar was waiting for Swara’s letter cause its been a week he didn’t receive any letter but soon his sadness fades away when he heard one of his batch mate that the letters had arrived .. Sanskar reach there and collects his letter and opens it ..

~ Swara’s Letter ~

Dad/ Baba / Pops!

Confused naa! Let me tell you Captain .. You are soon gonna become dad!! Yes Captain you heard right .. We’ll be parents soon! πŸ™‚
Sanskar i’m so happy there’ll be little baby in my arms .. Little little hands and the soft grip of our baby .. The cute smile on our baby’s face .. Sanskar i know you are also happy after listening it .. You must be feeling like dancing!! You must be so excited! And i knie you are missing us .. But Captain u need to be strong okay!! So that when you come back you tolerate my mood swings! My late night demands πŸ˜›
Haha! I’m just imagining your face Sanskar! πŸ˜›
Don’t worry about here Sanskar I’ll take care of myself I’ve even ask Ragini to stay with me! Sanskar don’t stress yourself okay!! Just take care .. πŸ™‚
Arayy Sanskar! The important thing what do you want our baby to call you .. πŸ˜›
So captain Maheshwari think think :*

I Love You Captain! :*

Swara *-*

~ Swara’s letter ends ~

Sanskar was smiling ear to ear then he run all around thr camp and started dancing!

Harman: aray aray captain ji what happen!? Why so excited!?

Sanskar: Can’t tell you Harman!! You know i’m gonna be dad soon!! My baby .. My baby Harman who will call me Dad! No no lets see what my baby wants to call me .. Ohh god .. Harman you tell me will i be able to be a good father .. Umm i will pamper my baby alot .. Will do everything for my baby .. I will be my baby’s hero .. I’ll treat my baby as a princess! What if it’s a boy .. So I’ll train him .. I’ll make him so strong!!

Harman was so happy seeing all this all the Camp members congratulate Sanskar .. Sanskar was so happy and his eyes were moist due ti happiness.!

Sanskar rushes to his room and writes the reply of the letter and gave it to the head who usually sends the letter to the house of Officers!


* Maheshwari House *

Swara was sitting on the Sofa and was giving a puppy face ..
No one had allowed her to do any work and she just can’t sit like that .. Ragini heard a bell she went towards the door and brings the letter and gave it to swara ..
Swara happily opens the letter and start reading it ..

~ Sanskar’s Letter ~

Soon to be Mama!

How’s the name dear wifey! You can’t imagine how happy i am .. I’m gonna be a father swara!! I’ll hold my baby in my arms will kiss my baby .. I will give a horse ride to our baby!! And and I’ll be pampering our baby .. Okay swara and yes i will never allow you to scold our baby!! Okay!
Swara i can’t believe that i’m gonna be dad soon! Swara i want my baby to call me whatever he/she wanna call .. I just wanna see my baby .. Just wanna play with my baby .. Just wanna hold my baby and then my baby will hold my finger with his/her little hand .. I just wanna see the smile of my baby .. Wanna hear the cry of my baby .. Swara thank You so much for giving me this happiness! Thank You So much Swara!
I’m so blessed Swara .. To have you in my life you are the best thing ever happened to me .. :*
A small message for my baby too ..
Baby you can call me whatever you want to call me! I won’t mind cause before your dad I’ll be your friend πŸ™‚

I Love You Swara :*
I Love My Baby! πŸ™‚

Sanskar! πŸ™‚

~ Sanskar’s Letter Ends ~

Swara was smiling ear to ear and tears of happiness were flowing from her eyes .. She hugged the letter and then kisses it πŸ™‚


~ 7 and half Month leap ~

Its been 7 and half month and Swara and Sanskar are talking through the letters .. Swara is giving single details of her pregnancy, doctor advises and everything to Sanskar! Sanskar being a caring and a loving husband do advises Swara to take care of herself!

Swara is now 7 and half months pregnant with a baby bump .. Swara was sitting in her room and was looking at her and Sanskar’s marriage picture!
Suddenly she felt something new .. Something weird .. After sometime she realizes that her baby kicked .. Swara was so happy .. She looks around and take the same picture and traces her fingers on Sanskar’s face and as soon she did the the baby kicked again .. Swara becomes excited!

After few minutes all the ladies were sitting in SwaSan’s Room and were feeling baby’s kick ..
They all were so happy and then they decided to do Swara’s Goud Bharai Rasm soon ..

As soon everyone left Swara writes the letter and gives that to Laksh and asks him to post it ..


* Army Camp *

Sanskar was checking the weapons with Harman they were checking some guns .. And then they find some bullets aswell ..

Sanskar: Harman! Now the next target is our camp!

Harman: Yeah Right Sanskar! Cause these terrorists are so dangerous! See how much they’d prepared themselves!

Sanskar: Yeah right! See naa these many guns and bullets .. This much RDX! They are just group of inhuman they don’t even care for anyone! THESE TERRORISTS HAVE NO RELIGION CAUSE NO RELIGION ALLOW TO HARM ANY HUMAN! And they are the biggest enemies of Mankind!

Harman: Sanskar we need to be careful now!

Sanskar nods and they both comes out from the tent and move towards their respective tents .. On the way one of his camp mate handed him the letter .. Sanskar smiles and took the letter to his tent and opens it!

~ Swara’s Letter ~


How are you Sanskar!? You must br tired! Right but don’t worry I’ll shoo away your tiredness in a minute .. With an amazing news .. You knw Sanskar today our baby kicked for the first time .. Yes Sanskar our baby kicked! I was looking at our marriage picture and then our baby kicked! I want you to be the one who feel it but don’t worry Sanskar! When you’ll be back naa thn you can feel it .. Btw when are you coming back Sanskar!? I hope you are coming soon! Cause mom and maa had decided to do my goud bharai .. And i want you to be here .. I know Goud bharai is a ladies function but Still i want you here Sanskar!
Don’t stress yourself Sanskar with the feeling of guilt! I know you must be feeling guilty! But no need to feel like that .. I just want my Captain to be happy!
I’ll be waiting for your reply Sanskar!

I love you. ?

Swara πŸ™‚

~ Swara’s letter ends ~

Sanskar was smiling .. He was feeling blessed by getting such a wife who can understand her without seeing him .. After all the both share a heart to heart relation! πŸ™‚

Sanskar comes out from the tent and sits with the other batch mates around the bonfire ..
Everyone was having fun talking with eachother pulling each other’s leg .. Sanskar was lost somewhere .. Harman asked him so Sanskar tell him about the letter that how much he is missing everyone!
Harman signals the other camp mate they all started having fun and they started making Sanskar’s mood good ..
Sanskar started smiling and then Harman announced something which made everyone happy and they all started dancing!
But Sanskar ran towards his tent and started writing a letter!


* Maheshwari House *

Swara was sitting on the bed and was watching television she saw a news in which it was informed that a huge amount of illegal weapon and RDX is found at some point of Army camp but the day is saved due to the Super Heroes of the country!
Swara smiles looking at the news ..
Swara heard a knock she opened the door and find Ragini smiling and gives Swara the letter .. Swara expected Ragini ti leave after giving the letter but she was standing with the teasing smile ..
Swara opens the letter without caring about the surrounding!

~ Sanskar’s Letter ~

I’m so happy to know that our baby kicked and i know my champ must have kicked you when you were shedding the precious pearls and caressing my picture! Isn’t it.? (Swara smiles and wipes the tears)
You know Swara i’m the luckiest man in the world who got everything a perfect wife a dream job and i’m gonna be with my baby soon ..
Shona you know you are my queen .. A queen who rules me and my heart! So when my queen demands of something so how can i say no!! If my queen wants me to attend the Goud Bharai function then i will surely come!!
But for that my dear queen it will take time I’ll be back within a month i mean just before your delivery! πŸ™‚
I know you must be moving your head and saying ‘it’s okay it’s okay’ πŸ˜›
So my love get ready i’m coming soon πŸ™‚

Sanskar πŸ™‚

~ Sanskar’s Letter Ends ~

Swara was smiling and then she told everyone about the news .. Everyone agrees for that ..
Swara also wrote a letter to Sanskar informing him tht everyone agreed and are happy!
Sanskar gives her reply saying he’ll be back within 10 days ..
Swara was so happy she was excited to see Sanskar .. Excited to hug him ..
Excited to see his reaction after seeing he baby bump .. πŸ™‚


~ 10 Days Leap ~

* Maheshwari House *

Preparations of Goud bharai were on full swing .. Its not only a goud bharai function but its a double celebration time .. Cause Sanskar is also returning back ..
Everyone was super happy ..

Swara was dressed in a blue and pink lehnaga with matching bengals and jewellery ..
She was looking stunning and the baby bump was making her more cute ..
Swara was brought and made sit on the Sofa!
Swara asked about Sanskar so everyone tells her he’ll come cause he’d promised naa so he will definitely come ..
Goud bharai function started everyone was enjoying Swara was looking at the door when they heard a jeap sound ..
Swara was excited cause its only Sanskar who loves to drive jeap ..

Some soldiers in their uniform enters the house .. Swara was looking at them they talk something to Ram ..
Ram was about to fall Laksh holds him tears were brimming from their eyes ..
Soldiers goes out aand brings a coffin inside! Which was covered with the country flag ..
Swara was looking everything and was numb!
The put the coffin and remove the cover ..

Sanskar was lying inside with some bruises on his face and a proud smile .. Swara move towards the coffin sujata was crying ..

Swara shakes Sanskar: Sanskar!! Get up!! It’s not a prank time okay!! Get up .. You cheated me Sanskar!!! You said you’ll play with your baby and you .. You are cheater Sanskar! I hate you .. Sanskar get up otherwise i won’t talk with you .. Get up Sanskar!!!
Sanskar how can you leave me like this .. Sanskar!!!! I love you Sanskar! I won’t trouble you Sanskar! I will eat my medicines on time!! I will always do what you say .. Don’t leave me Sanskar!! Please get up .. Sanskar I’ll die without you .. Sanskar!!! Get upp naa!! Please .. San .. San .. Ska .. Sans .. kar

Saying this swara faints .. Shekhar took Swara to the hospital no one was in the state to do anything ..
Doctor told that they need to operate Swara now otherwise it will harm baby’s health!
Shekhar completed the formalities ..

After few hours they heard a crying sound of a baby .. Shekhar rushes towards the doctor and holds the baby in his hands and kisses the baby ..


~ Leap of 25 Years ~

A Lady was sitting on a Sofa wearing white saree and was sewing a Sweater a handsome dashing guy comes from behind in an army uniform puts his hand on the lady’s eyes ..

The lady smiles and says: Yash beta! I knw it’s you ..

>> Yash Sanskar Maheshwari or i say Major Yash Sanskar Maheshwari! Son if Swara and Sanskar!

Yash: Wow Mom! You got me haan! I love you mom!

Swara smiles and kissesw Yash’s face ..

Swara: Yash you know your dad wishes that you should also join army like him ..

Yash: I know mom .. That’s the soul reason i’m major yash Sanskar Maheshwari! πŸ™‚

Swara kisses his forehead and looks at source where she find Sanskar’s picture with Garland on it ..

———- The End ———

Serve yourself to your country! It’s not necessary to join any kind of forces to serve yourself! If you are a student work hard study hard .. If you are a politicians then be fair .. If you are an employee work with honesty ..
And work for your Country! Cause this country is not only a piece of Land its our Mother! And give respect to it πŸ™‚

Share your views regarding the OS πŸ™‚


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  1. Wow di..Its awesome DiThanks for posting it..Message is very nice
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  2. u made me cry because my dad is in army.i love it

  3. A really good msg
    tears wear flowing out continuously from my eyes by reading ur ff
    it’s really heart touching

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  5. It was very nice and Amazing story but so Sad that sankar died

  6. Ameera

    Very emotional, I am not a person who cries in sgories much but this story, I was on the verge of tears, loved it

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  11. amazing and heart touching
    proud 2 be an INDIAN

  12. Wow Kritika. It was a very nice and emotinal os. I loved the msg that you gave about how we shld do something for our country. Also i loved the part where you said that terrorism has no religion. I also belive in that. Really luved ur os??

  13. RUPA


    It’s heart wrenching story and reality of every soldier’s life.

    They give everything to their motherland without expecting anything back.

    And the way u ppl wrote from letters to their emotions everything is……. just perfect.

    U made me cry girl!!!

    Loads of love and kisses dea???

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  15. Hey kriti its very emotional… heart touching story… loved the line “TERRORISM HAS NO RELIGION”

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  17. This may happen with some soilders and their families..

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