Intense Love-os by ufaq birthday gift to my dear [fati]


someone is seen shouting in the hall ;sumo sona wake up if i will come upstairs then i will not leave u gals
in the room someone is seen slowling pulling off her blanket shiny eyes perfect baby pink lips red cheks with beautiful smile she comes out of bed
girl;oho this mom naw she is sooooooo cruel she wakes up at 10 am is this time to wake someone up this is the time god made for sleeping yar but my mom no she doesnt allow me to sleep and this girl she is still sleeping sumo wake her up otherwise mom will kill me along with her
yes the girl was suman malik
sumu goes to other girl;sona wake up earthquake is coming
sona in the blanket;plzzzz stop mom from coming

sumu;hahaha natural disasters r not stopped by human being deary
sona;but try naw u know naw i came late yesterday night
sumu;yeah i know and i saved u that tym but not now wake up otherwise ur name will be vanished from living persons list
sona;annnnn yar ok 2 minutes
sumu;ok but 2 minutes only
sumu goes to freshen up and wears white top with blak jeans
sumu comes out but sona is still sleeping
sumu;uth ja mere ma
sumu pulls out her blanket a girl face is revealed with pure black eyes whitish skin hairs spread on neck she is sonakshi malik
[sumu and sona are twin sisters and r like soul of eachother protect eachothr love each other] sumu;get ready sona quick
sona;2 minutes deary
she gets up and goes to freshen up
mom again shouts;are u guls awake
saumu;yup awake coming in 5 minutes mumy
sona comes out of bathroom wearing black top with white jeans
sona;annnnnn gud morning
sumu;morning com onlets do break fast
sona ;nooooo

sona;ek garam chaye ki piyali ho
she starts dancing
koi us ko pilane wala ho
sumu;stop it sona
sona holds her hand and make her dance
chahe gora ho ya kala ho
seene se lagane wala ho

sona suddenly stops
sumu;what happens y ur hoooooo turn to hohoho
somu turns
sumu;oh hi mom
mom;i m waiting for u guls in the hall and u r dancing here
sona;exactly i told her the same thing but she said no dancing is necessary
sona;yes mom she told
she winks at her
sumu;oh yeah yeah mom i read that dancing is necessary
mom;oh chup come take ur breakfast 10am is it tym for breakfast i m hungry just because of u two
sumu;awwwwwww my sweetu mumy she hugs her
sona;ohooooo mom thats not fair

sumu;jal cockri
she also ugs her mom
both go down
sona;whats in the menu???
mom;u r not in the hotel
sona;y r u laughing???
sumu;my laugh my wish whats ur problem han????
sona;whatever i will eat biryani
mom;who the hell eats biryani in the breakfast
sona;me i myself
sumu;mom mental log
sona;i m not mental
sumu; i know i know u r not mental tera dimagh kharab h
sona;annnnnn i hate u
sumu;i hate u too
sumu;whatever mom last night naw she came……….
sona;no no no
mom;what no no????
sona;no nothing????
mom;sumu u tell
sumu whispers sona;bta dun???
sona;no plzzzzz
sumu;last night mom actually she came to my room and we slept together
mom;whats new in that tm dono naw bsss
sona;huuhhhh saved
sumu;by great suman malik
sona;ya right thanks
sumu; ur not at all welcome
sona;i knowi know u ms kharoos
sumu;mom wo
sona covers her mouth no nothing mom lets do breakfast
sumu;u r on the line now gud
both do the breakfast and sit in hall
sumu was wearing sona watch
sona;thats my watch naw???
sumu;yup seems to
sona;utar jaldi utar
sumu;chal hat side pe lag[fati knows the meaning of side pe lag r8 deary???] sona;but its mine
sumu;it suits me more
sona;who the hell told u that???
sumu;me i myself
sona;annnnnnn shut up give my watch back i said
sumu;hehe no way mar ku rae h de dn ge
sona;now isaid
sumu;never i said
sona;bhar main ja kha le isse
sumu;thanks but no thanks
sona;tonight party will u come with me???
sumu;no way i dnt like party u know and mom
sona;i have taken permission from mom she said yes plzzzzzzzzz come naw
sumu;yar no naw u go and enjoy and tell
sona;u hoaw it was kareena dialougue
sona;yes u r coming thats final
sona;dnt sumu dnt u dare to say no
sumu;ok fyn i wil come
sona;sooooooo sweet of u
sumu;khayal kren mere sweetness chakhte chakhte tjhee diabetes na hojae
sona;hehe very funny
sona;tell me what to wear????
sumu;that blue maxi
sona;annnnnnn nooooo
sona;ok fyn
sumu;what i m gonna wear???
sumu;ok done
sona gets ready wearing sky blue maxi bunched hairs light make up diamond earings short heals
sumu gets ready wearing baby pink maxi curled hairs light makeup high heals
sona;u cant get equal to me wearing high heals chutu

sona;hahaha lets go
both leave in car
they reach destination
sona;i want u to meet someone???
sumu;dev right???
sona;ya right wao u become smart han
sumu; i m smart
sona; i dnt like jokes
sumu; i dnt like u
they both go to a person
sona calls him;dev
he turns a handsome person sweet smile on his face
dev;hey sona
they both hug eachother
sona;dev she is my……
dev;lyf right???
sona;yeah sher is my life
dev;nice meeting u miss lyf
sumu smiles;suman suman malik
dev;at last i came to know ur name otherwise for me u r sona lyf
sona;enough plz
sumu;jal cockri
dev;whats that
dev;r u sure???
an other handsome comes a dashing personality with googles he is shr shr malhotra
shr;hrey guys hey dev hey sona
sona;hey shr
dev; hey bro thank god u came
shr;thank me too
dev;yeah thanks
shr sees suman;btw who is she???/
sona;she is…..
shr;ohhhhh helooooo mis lyf pleasure meeting
suman gets confuse;same here
sona;stop teasing my sister sumu she is shr dev bestie
sumu;oh hi
shr;hi should i call u miss lyf or sumu
sumu;neither lyf nor sumu
sumu;suman u can call me suman sumu for my sisi only
shr;oh so akrooo han
sumu;excuse me???
sona;shr dnt u dare to tease my sister
shr;oopps sorry bodyguard is here han
dev;hahaha yeah
sona;yup there is boudy guard
sumu smiles;i like my bodyguard
sona;me too
both smile
shr;pehle kabhi nae dekha apko
smu;i dnt lyk parties thats y
dev;me too
sona; these guiys r boring right shr???
shr;yeah they r
dev;u have made ur sisi meet ur bf did she mak u met her bf???
sumu;hahaha noooo
shr;thats rude
sona;ho ga to milae gi
sumu;thats truth
shr; i lyk it
sumu;what u like???
shr;i like myself is it something wrong in it???
sumu;no not at all
shr;right aja sona dance floor p aag lagaen
sumu;hold on u should ask ur gf naw she will dance with dev
shr;nice question
sona;he dont have gf
dev;this guy cant handle the nakhre of girls according to him
sumu;thats weird

shr;u called me weird???
sumu;yeah i do so what
shr;annnnnn forget it lets go sona
sona;yeah lets go
they go and start dancing by maintaing distance between eachother
sumu;y dnt u dance with sona???
dev;i dnt likwe dance???
sumu;u dnt lyk r u dnt know???
dev;well samething
sumu;oh so u dnt knw how to dance

sumu;com on i will teach u
sumu;yeah but the problem is i myself dnt know other dance styles except couple dance
dev;its ok u can teach me that
they start dancing with eachother
sona;not bad han
sumu;he will dance better than u just wait
sona;yeah i wish sao
sumu teaches him different steps of dancing
dev;not that much difficult yar

sumu;exactly so ready to dance with sona???
dev;ya i guess
sumu;le pakar
they change their couples
sharman side
shr;so u know dancing
sumu;i just taught dve so i guess i know
shr;yeah right
sumu;btw what u do??/
shr;what do u mean by that???
sumu;oh god i m doctor sona is architect dev is bussiness man and u r…….?????
shr;lawyer i m lawyer
sumu;oh so u save people han???
shr;yeah u can say that
shr;btw u kill people naw
sumu;what do u mean???
shr;hahah mostly people die in hands of doctor so……..
sumu;hehe very funny no idnt kill people ok???
shr;yeah right
dev;see i know how to dance now
sona;yeah thanks to sumu
dev;yup she is sweet
sona;afterall she is my sisi
dev;u r not sweet
dev;hahaha joking
sona;bad joke
dev;oops sorry for that
sona;its ok see suman is looking gud with shr nae???
dev;yeah they r looking gud
sona;like an excellent couple
dev;wait waity hold on what u r trying to say???
sona;i m thinking about suman and shr they look gud together
dev;ahhaha yup they look gud together but mr malhotra dont like girls u know
sona;yeah i know
dev;still we can try
song finishes
they all come together again
sona;hey u know whatwe were thinking something
sumu;mashallah ap sochti b hain
sona;shut up sumu u too dev
but get shut
shr;hahaha btw what u were thinking
sona;we were………
dev;me and sona
sumu;oh wow so u guys were……….
sona;we guys were thinking u guys look gud together
suman was drinking something she spits it out
shr;relax relax mis malik
suman;sona what the hell is this
shr;ur sisi needs ur help
shr;u r dr naw take her to a gud neurologist
sona;tu chup kr
sumu;hold on sona what the hell u r talking about
dev;all we want to say is u look good together
shr;well thanks but no thanks
shr;no sona not at all
sumu;exactly not at all
shr hugs dev;gotta go see u tomorrow
he leaves
sumu;me too guys bye
sona;ruk main chalti hun
sona leaves with sumu dev goes to shr
sona;sumu whats wrong in that???
sumu;u know i dnt like these type of things
sona;sumu shr is very nice
sumu;i know but i n not nice so plzzzzzzzz
sona;still think about it
sumu;i will try
sona;ok lets leave
both leave to their house

sumanin her bed;she has gone mad chaval sumu mt soch so ja
she sleeps
on other side
dev;shr yar try to understand kb tk akela rahe ga tu??/
shr;man u r not understanding i m happy alone i dnt need anyone yar
dev;shr sumu is too gud
shr;i know still i dnt want to
dev;k think about it once
dev leaves
shr;pagla gaya h chaval
he leaves
suman sona shr and dev start meeting eachother in different parties they spend tym together suman somehow starts falling for shr his antics his styles his ways of talking laughing she starts liking him
one night
sumu;y shr is single???
sona;he says he cant handle any girl
sumu;so will he remain single through out his lyf???
sona;i dnt know yar ask him
sumu;no no
sona;btw why u r asking
sumu;ese hi
sona;something something
sumu;no nothing
sona;something something
suman smiles;said naw nothing yar
sona;hahahah something smething?????
sumu blushes hits her with pillow and cover her with blanket
sona teases her;something something
sumu;shut up
sona;hahahaha something something
sumu;gud nyt
sona;gud nyt
they sleep
in the very next party
sona;shr y r u single?????
soa;tu chup kr
shr;ammmmmm well told u naw i cant handle girls yar
sona;so will u remain single through out ur lyf
shr;ohhhhh difficult question
dev;not that much
shr;well i dnt know
suman without realizing;u should know
shr;really??? ishould know???/
dev;yeah u should
shr;oh yar forget it y we r talking about my mqarriage
sona;cuz sumu is getting married
sona;yeah mom told me
shr;u must be joking right
sona;no not at all
shr;acha pr tm ne to kaha tha shadi nae karo gi
sumu;maine kb kaha tha???
shr;nae kaha tha???
sona;u have to come shr
shr;i will try
he leaves sadly
dev;whats this????
sumu;exactly kia tha ye???
sona;sumu loves shr
sona;sorry sumu maine sirf aag lagai h ab dekh kia hota h
dev;best of luck yar
sumu;thanks but…..
sona;dnt worry everything will be fyn
sumu;i hope so
on the other side;no no no she cant marry someone howz that possible no no no
shr mom;ki holo???
shr;kuch nae
mom;pyar hogay h???
mom;u r in love????
shr; oh noooooo nooo
mom;pothi qismat mere kb pata nae tere shadi hogi
shr;mom plz not again
she leaves
shr; m i in love???? seriously????
shr;nooooooooo yar esa nae h but i cant let suman marry someone else but y????????
mom;cuz u love her
shr;ap gae nae
shr;to main ja raha hun
he leaves
shr;oh god thi measn i love her oh wowe yup shr malhotra u r in love
\he drives car to suman house its late night around 1am
shr enters suman room through pipe
suman was sitting in front of mirror she sees him
suman;oh hell she rushes to balcony
sumu;what r u doing here kii ne dekha to nae pagal ho gae ho kaya???? gir jate to???
shr;stop it itne sawal to koui final k paper m nae pochata chup ek dum
suman gets chup
suman;but what r u doing here
shr;i came to meet u
suman;y??? 1 bje kn sa kam h tmhein
shr;kam nae to

shr;kuch btana h tmhein
shr;dnt marry that person
suman smiles;ku g???
sumu;no bss ku???
shr;na kr naw\sumu;us se nae krn ge to kis se kron
shr;mjh se
suman;na baba naw main pagal thori hun
shr;i m not joking
sumu;so u r proposing me???
sumu;is this way to purpose???
shr;oh god i cant ait on my knees
sumu;and i cant marry u cuz u cant siy
shr;ok fine
he sits on his kneess
shr;i love u suman plzzzzz marry me
suman;let me think
shr;fat the wauk
sumu;hmmmm shadi kr to lun tm se but…..
sumu;but what???
sumu; u r lil kharoos
shr stands up;hell with u i m not kharoos
suman smiles;ok ok sorry i will marry u
shr;sach main

they hug eachother
sona;ahm ahm\suman turns
shr;tu darti h is se
sumu;nae wo
shr hugs her again
shr;main nae darta is se
sona smiles and join them in hug
next day she tells this to dev also
dev;so i miss the scene
sumu;yes u missed
dev;its ok we can repeat it shr beta chal dobara
shr;never in ur wildest dreams ok
sumu;hahahah choro he is kharoos
shr;jo b h main dobara nae krn ga ek bar jo cheez mil jae usse dobara pane ki koshish nae krni chahiye
he hugs suman
dev;he is right
he hugs sona
scene splits on their happy face
the end
ohhhhhhhhh gooooooooddddd my hands
my deary my sweety my dudy
this is for u
yar its ur birthday naw love u
many many happy returns of the day
may u have many more to celebrate
may ur all wishes come true and u live a dignified life
if i was with u i had given u a special gift but we r not so i wrote this yar
happy birthday
celebrate it without me:( its ok its ok
love u
ok listen my deary i have wrote another shot for u also to make u feel special but not on this page now u have to find it
clue is [siyapa queen] yar itna easy kr dia maine ab dhondh lena ok
and ya u guys dnt help her
best of luck

noooooooo cheating
love u
take care
sorry if it posts before 10 but i gotta go to my czn marriage
love ya

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  1. Happy Birthday fatarajo dear……????….. I really didn’t know it was ur birthday……many many happy returns of the day…..???
    Ufaaq…..OS was really amazing…..loved it….?????????……Awesome one…..and it was really long…..??????…..keep it up…..???

    1. Ufaaq

      not fatarajo its for my deary fatimagulesarfraz

      1. Ohk……sorry Fatima….Happy Birthday Fatima?❤????

    2. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooooo much sorry for being soooo long

  2. prettypreeti

    Ohhhh fati happy bday tune btaya nahi and uffu it was just too good I loved it.fati will be soooo happy.
    Shkjld I help my fati.I m happy u post that interest ing.
    Love u.
    Fati happy bday.
    Lots of luv to both.

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u soooooo much preety yup mjhe b pta nae kese btaya tha baton baton main thank god mere chotu dimagh m reh gaya
      noooooo no help
      love ya

    2. Fatimagulesarfraz

      awww thnk u soo much

  3. Happy Birthday dear . Awesome os

  4. Manya


    1. Ufaaq

      thaaaaaank uuuu

  5. Aarti32

    Happy happy bday..happy bday..happy happy bday to u.. Happy birthday Fatarajo dear..

    1. Ufaaq

      noooooooooooooooo not fatarajo its for fatimagulesurfraz

      1. Aarti32

        ?? sry yaar..I jst got carried away.. anyways, happy birthday Fatima

      2. Ufaaq

        its ok koi bt nae

  6. _pari_alisha

    Happy happy birthday my fattu jan……

    May u celebrate many more and each day fill ur life with happiness……

    Happy birthday[ ]

    may almighty shower all blessing over u and bless u with lot of happiness,success and joy….. Lov u loads….

    Uffi superb gift and fattu plz forgive me i really cant write anything for now as i,m out with frnds…. Toh apka gift reh raha h abhii jo api degi bht jaldi okk…..

    Lov u bothhhhhh….

    Take care and han dont eat cake alone we also want our share 😉

    enjoy ur day at peak

    1. Ufaaq

      thanks anju

    2. Fatimagulesarfraz

      thank u sooooo much api

  7. Awesome! Os. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY fati.

    1. Ufaaq

      tysm christie

  8. Ufaaq

    guys birthday is of fatimagulesarfraz not fatarajo plzzzzzz dnt spoil my gift

    1. Fatimagulesarfraz

      its ok yar ….

  9. Wonderful!

    1. Ufaaq

      thank u sooooo much

  10. Niki645


    1. Ufaaq

      thank u soooooo much

  11. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwwwww!!!!!! yar THANK U SOOOOO SOOOO SOOOO SOOOO SOOOO SOOOOO SSOOOO INFINITY MUCH !!!!!!!m sooooo happy that u cant imagine … btw type kr k kis k haath toot ty hn ? ajeeb haath hn tere … hahaha #AchaSorry
    This one was aweesome han … itna acha b nae lgti tu ab … oooopss sorry i mean itna bura b nae likhti … u know na me madness k kitny critical stage pr hun :p
    Anyways thnkxxxx a looootttt …

    1. Ufaaq

      uuurrrrrrrr welcome deary ur very very very very welcome infinite welcome
      yr mobile p nae thakte lappy p thak jate hain
      its ok its ok
      thank u sooooo much
      hahahaha nae itna acha nae likhti m i agree
      yup i know i know
      ur welcome

  12. hey ufaq
    its just superb os yaar.. its awesome,fabulous,& too good.
    I just love it.. super duper cutest one.
    & ya happy birthday fati. wish you many many happy returns of the day..
    lots of love…
    take care…

    1. Fatimagulesarfraz

      Thnx a loottt reema 🙂

    2. Ufaaq

      hey reema
      thank u soooooo much

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