An Intangible Feeling (RAGSAN FF) Part 8

“Is it paining ” asked sanskaar when he applied ointment on ragini’s elbow.She made a cute pout nodding her head in yes. He blow air on her wound looking into her eyes. She too look at him and both share a sweet eyelock.

“Take care” said he standing in front of her house. She smile and nodded her head. “You too.. Take care” said she touching his bandage on corner of his forehead. He hold her hand and place it between his hands. “I am sorry ragini.. Bcz of me..Ye sab” “You can give me a chocolate for compensation ” interrupted she winking at her. He look at her surprised. “Gud night ” said she smiling. He look at her numb for a second seeing her angelic smile. She was looking divine in the moon light..with her beautiful smile. “Gud night ” said he smiling back. “Will meet tomorrow ” he drove back to his home and she headed towards hers.

“Ragu” said janki worried as soon as she see ragini at door. “What happened bachha ” said shekhar cupping her face with moist eyes when he sees bandage on her hand. She smile and wipe corner of his eyes. ” I am fine baba…” said she placing her head on his chest. “Ragu di..for you ” said avi giving her a big chocolate and she smiled widely. Jansheavi smile seeing her smile. “I’ll talk mishu..whatever work she had..complete it in college time only.. How can she send you with someone else ” said shekhar little angry when she narrate them whole thing. Janki place hand on his shoulder calming him. He took a sigh and kiss on ragini’s forehead.. and she smiled licking her chocolaty fingers. “Still…I’ll talk to her” said shekhar and headed to their room. Janki shakes her head in disbelief. “When it comes to ragini… He can’t see anything other than that. She too loves ragini infact all loves her soo much. But after that incident he changed so much” thought janki with a satisfied smile.


Mishu was looking at aditya with wide eyes after he proposed her sitting on his knees. They were standing on a bridge. The sounds of water flowing and chilling air were giving a soothing feeling to their heart. “Will you..??” asked adi again when he didn’t get response of his proposal. Mishu look at him angrily and hit on his shoulder tightly. He staggered back and fall on ground and look at mishu shocked. ” You Idiot,ย  duffer… Stupid…You know how much wait I did for ur this stupid boring proposal ” said mishu bending on her knees hitting at his chest continuously. Tears were almost making their way from her beautiful eyes.

He smiled listening her and hold her hand and dragged her on him. She fall on his chest. “So my proposal was boring..?? ” asked he huskily tugging her hair strands behind her ear. She shivered and look into his eyes. He kiss the corner of her watery eyes then kiss on her forehead and hug her tightly. She closed her eyes and hug him back hiding her face in his chest.

Sanskaar stop his bike in front of his house and hide his bandage with his hair adjusting them. “Aa gya mera beta” said dp running towards him and hug him tightly with a wide smile as soon as he saw him at entrance. Everyone chuckled while sanskaar looks confused. ” O nalayak.. Atleast let him come inside.” said hp at his son’s over excitement. Radha laugh seeing him. He nodded and take him to hall holding his hand. Sanskaar look at his father’s weird antiques while everyone nodded their head in disbelief. “So how was ur date” asked dp excited and laksh coughed. Sanskaar look at dp with wide eyes.

“Drink this… You will feel good ” said ap giving him turmeric milk after he tell them what happened. ” So… Your first date got spoiled ” dp pouted and sanskaar chuckled. “That was not a date dad” said he sipping his milk. “What will we do with sweets then..that was not even a date” asked hp sadly. Sanskaar look at him shocked that they were celebrating for his date. ” He took a girl on his bike… That was enough for starters bauji…full meal celebration baad me kr lenge ” said dp gulping a piece of sweet in his mouth. Ap hit on his back and Sanlak look at his father with “What are you dad” look.

Kajal was sobbing in arjun’s embrace. “Look at me kajal ” said arjun cupping her face in between his palms. She looked at him and his heart pained seeing her so scared. Her eyes became puffy and red due to continuous cry. He wipe her tears and kiss on her forehead. ” I am with you naaa…Stop crying ” said he rubbing her back calming her. ” I don’t want to leave alone arjun.. She will hurt me again. ” said she sobbing. “This time I am not going to let Mrs. Singhaniya hurt you kajal ” thought arjun determined. ” Nothing will happen kajal…I am there naa..!! ” said he giving a glass of water to her. She gulped in one go and look at him. His eyes showing so much emotions concern, pain, care, promise that he will not leave her at any point..and Love…which he was hiding inside himself.

“You will be there naa” asked she holding his hand when he placed blanket over her. ” Always ” promise he assuring her caressing her hair sitting beside her. She closed her eyes feeling safe in his presence and drifted to sleep. Arjun caressed her face and kiss on her forehead. ” I love you Arjun ” said she in her sleep. “I love you too ” said he in his heart kissing her hand holding her close to his mouth.

“Chocolates “grabbed ragini with blinking eyes when sanskaar give her two big dairy milk silk. He smiled seeing her. She was about to open one..but stop pouting. He look at her confused. “Kaju and swara didn’t come till now” said she. He smiled and point behind her. She turned and look at kajal ..who was coming silently with no glow on her face. Ragsan look at her confused. “What happened to this bak-bak queen ” asked sanskaar taking a glare from kajal in return. Ragini giggled slightly. “Where is swara ” asked she to ragini. Ragini shrug her shoulders.Trio headed to their class.

“O hello.. Miss junior.. Come here” said laksh to swara when she was going hurriedly to her class. She stops and look around her then pointing towards herself. “Me..” asked she narrowing her eyebrows. “Yaaa you…” said adi seriously. She make faces looking at him and came there. ” You were so confident naa that day…then let’s see..what you can do..!!” said laksh smirking. ” Are you challenging me..???” ask she raising her one eyebrow. “Why.. Are you scared?? ” said laksh behind towards her. “I am not scared from anyone..Especially from you two ” said she proud dragging him back on his place with her index finger on his chest. “Okay… So propose him..right now.. In front of theย  whole college ” said adi pointing towards laksh. “Yaaa..propose me in front ….wait…. What…!!!!!” he almost screamed looking at aditya. Swara supress her laugh seeing his horrified face.

Sanskaar was paying full attention in class while ragini was trying to open the rapper of chocolate hiding behind the desk and Kajal was trying to pull her up. “Ragu….Ragu” wishpered she repeatedly patting her shoulder from last one minute. Sanskaar look at her because of her continuous rant of ragini’s name. He wide his eyes looking at ragini who just opened her chocolate and about to eat it. She smile sheepishly looking at him and starts eating.

“Haan.. Propose him” said adi again. “Are you mad aditya..I don’t want proposal from this sadu girl” said laksh glaring him. Swara ‘s mouth shaped a big ‘O’. “This is the revenge for not telling me before.. that mishu loves me too.. ” said he making faces and he remember how he teased him. ” Mishu di loves him..!!!!” murmured swara and smile ear to ear. Both look at her confused seeing her smile. “I’ll propose him” declare swara smiling widely. ” don’t want ur proposal” said laksh horrified and run from there. Swadi brust into laughter seeing him. “You love him right..!! ” said adi suddenly n swara look at him shocked. She bend her head feeling shy… He laugh seeing her and goes from there.

“What were you doing during the lecture” asked sanskaar shocked. “Didn’t you see…. I was eating chocolate ” replied ragini innocently. Kajal giggled and wipe her face with her hankey. “You are seriously a kid” said he in disbelief seeing her innocent face. She blink her eyes giggling.

So guys this is the another part.
Please do tell me if you like it.
Till then
Be happy n keep smiling

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