An Intangible Feeling (RAGSAN FF) Part 5

I am really sorry guys for being late. Actually me n my family met with a accident last week.. We are all fine so thought to give you a small update. Hope you guys like it


“What happened ragu bachha.. Why are you sitting with a sad face ” said mishu sitting beside her in canteen. “He didn’t want to meet you ” replied she pouting. “Who” asked arjun confused. “That boy who kissed me ” said ragini innocently. Arjun wide his eyes listening her. “Who kissed her” asked he to mishu. “No.. don’t tell jaanu.. he told me to not to tell anyone ” interrupt ragini. Armish chuckled at her innocence. Mishu gets a call n she excuses herself. ” So you won’t tell me who is he…I thought you consider me as your friend ” said arjun making a dull face. “Ar j.. you are my friend as you are my jannu’s…. ok..I’ll tell…. His name is Sanskaar.. he is in my class.. But don’t tell anyone that I told you ” said ragini in a low voice. Arjun look at her shocked. “Is she talking about sanskaar… laksh’s brother… OMG” thought he. “Promise.. I will not tell anyone ” said he giving her a smile.

“Aaauchh ” said swara rubbing her head when she bumped into sanskaar in library. ” Can’t you see mad girl ” asked he annoyed. ” I can ask you the same ” said she glaring him. ” Whatever ” said he and left from there. Swara’s mouth shaped a big ‘O’. “Mental case” said swara making faces and turned but again bumped into someone. “Aahh..not again ” said she irritated. “Excuse me “pointed  adi raising his one eyebrow at  her hands which are on his chest right now. “Swaru.. what are you doing with this langoor ” said kaju coming from behind. “I don’t want to fight with you here also ” said adi to kajal in a cold voice and left from there. Tears forms in kajal’s eyes but she immediately composed herself n give a weak smile to swara.. who was looking at her confused seeing adi’s cold behavior towards her.

Ragini was sitting in her class keeping her both hands under her chin waiting for swakaj. She look around and her gaze fixed on sanskaar who was drowning in his book. “Why he always busy with his books…Kitabi keeda (bookworm) .. ” murmured she making faces. Swakaj giggled listening her who just came to sit beside her. Sanskaar look into their direction and ragini wide her eyes and immediately turned. Swakaj burst into laughter seeing ragini’s condition. He shook his head and again engrossed in his book ” When you afraid from him this much.. why you keep on staring him” asked kaju chuckling. “I am not afraid from him” said ragini instantly. “O really… ” asked kaju n ragini nodded. ” Ok…then ask him to drop you home today… then I will believe that you don’t afraid from him ” said kaju smirking . Swarag look at her shocked. “No… she is not going to ask him ” said swara n ragini nodded. ” That means she is afraid ” said kaju teasingly. “No.. I am not ” said ragini pouting. ” Ok.. I will ask “said ragini after thinking for a minute. Swara look at her worried and kajal grinned widely.

“Can I ask you something ” said ragini to sanskaar when he came out of the class. Sanskaar look at her confused but nodded thinking she must be want to talk about that matter. “Can you drop me home today ” asked ragini innocently. Sanskaar look at her shocked. Swakaj, who were hiding behind pillar, wide their eyes. “What…why ” asked he shocked narrowing his eyes. “Nothing… Ok bye ” said ragini and run from there. “Hey… wait ” shouted sanskaar behind her.

“Now you believe I don’t afraid from him.. ” said ragini proudly panting heavily. “But he didn’t drop you ” said kaju smirking. “But challenge was only to ask him naa..” said ragini smirking back. Swakaj look at her amazed to see a new ragini who was not at all their ragu bachha. Arjun who was passing from their listen all their conversation. “You were right.. mishu.. she is totally different with the person whom she knows ” thought he n smile looking at trio. His gaze stop at kajal who was looking really beautiful in white top with brown jacket and brown jeans. He too loves her like she does.. But didn’t had courage like her to admit his love in front of his best friend. He shook his head and left from there stealing a last glance of kajal.

“We….no.. no..I want to ask you something ” said mishu standing in front of adi. She was really nervous and he look at her confused. Laksh was hiding behind door signaling her to say something. “Why are you… upset from some days..???  Is it about some girl?? ” asked she curious. Aditya look at her surprised whereas laksh hit his palm to his forehead. “Why are you asking this.. I am not upset ” said adi. “No…you are… Your eyes said everything adi ” said mishu in a deep voice. “Can’t you see the love in them” thought adi with a sarcastic smile. “Do you love someone aditya ” asked mishu in the same voice. Her eyes shows so much love for him…but did he understand that which emotions he was hiding from her… she too have the same emotions for him.

“Aaahh..leave my hand” screamed ragini when sanskaar dragged her in empty room. He kept his palm shutting her mouth. “Mmm..mmm” said ragini. “What ” asked he. She pointed towards his hand with her eyes and he realized n remove his hand.”Why you  dragged me in empty room always ?? ” asked she innocently. He look at her amused for a second and then changed his expression stern.

“Why you ran from there….when you asked me to drop you home..??” asked he narrowing his eyes. She bite her lower lip nervously and smile at him meekly. He look at her confused and raised his one eyebrow. “Kaju challenged me” said she. ” Challenged what” asked he still confused . “Ask you to drop me home…So I asked you and ran from there “said she smiling sheepishly. Sanskaar was amazed to see this side of ragini…and it leads to him a small laughter. Ragini smile widely to see him like this. “You know…you are the first one who over wit that stupid kajal” said he in between his laughter. “You look good when you laugh ” said she n give him her best smile. He stop at once and turned to go. Ragini hold his hand n a current ran through his body. “Why did you kiss me sanskaar ” asked she innocently. He himself don’t know the reason why he did that…but his stupid heart felt happy reminiscing that moment. But when he remembered her tears he felt disturbed. Ragini was confused at his expressions from confused to happy to sorrowful.

I know it’s short one…but please bare me this time with this  update..
And please do let me know if you like it
Till then
Be happy n keep smiling

~ Ragika

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  1. Shrilatha

    Oh ragika…there was no need for update dear ..everyone is fine na…..take care dear and epi was good…my wishes to ur family

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      Thank you so much for ur wishes and concern shri..yupp now everyone is fine… and will be better in some days.. 🙂
      And thank you for liking the update.. 🙂

  2. Rakhi

    No need to be sorry dear…take your time to update.. Awesome part.. You and your family alright?

    1. Mmp

      Thank you so much rakhi for concern.. Yupp now all are alright.. 🙂
      Am glad you like the update.. 🙂

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      Am glad you like the update.. 🙂

  6. Awesome.ragini is so cute

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  7. Asw

    Amazing take care for u & ur family Dr keep going

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    Hope u r fine nw dear..update was awesme..loved it…..

    1. Mmp I am fine.. Thank you so much for ur concern sree..:-) am glad you like the update.. 🙂

  9. U & your family r ok na dear??I knew it before that u’ll create more confusion in “Who loves whom puran”.MishAdi loves each other then why r u separating them dear?
    Loved Ragini’s innocence & her brave attitude :-*
    Loved RagSan scenes but more RagSan scenes from next part.Take your time & take care of yourself & your family

    1. Mmp

      Yupp…now all are fine… Thank you so much for ur concern ani..:-)
      And I think now its clear “who loves whom ” but it will take little time to make mishadi realize eachother’s feelings.
      Am really glad you like the update.. And I promise more RAGSAN.. from next part.. 🙂 Thank you so much once again.. 🙂 lots of love.. :-*

  10. Dharani

    awesome part ragika take care of u and ur family

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    fabulous dear…i love my kiddo ragu lot….my cutiepie….loved it alot…eagerly waiting for nxt one….
    how r u dear?….how was ur family….hope everyone r fine….take ur own time dear…takecare of ur family and urself dear…

    1. Mmp

      Me n my family.. all are fine asra..Thank you so much for ur concern.. 🙂
      And am really glad you like the update.. 🙂 Thanks once again.. 🙂

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