An Intangible Feeling (RAGSAN FF) Part 4

“Where were you… teacher can come anytime ” asked swara when she see ragini coming into the class. “Swara meet my new friend… Kaju” said ragini excited. They settle and after some time teacher came and class started.

“What happened.. You are looking upset ” wishpered ragini seeing swara calm. “Because of that angry man ” said she grumpy. “I have listened spider man, super man, bat man, He man, iron man…but angry man..Is it a new super hero” asked ragini excited little loudly. Everyone in the class look at her. Teacher give her a glare and she gulped. “Who ” asked kaju this time slowly. “He” said she pointing her thumb in backward direction. Ragini look at back instantly and wide her eyes. Sanskaar feel her gaze and look at her narrowing his eyebrows. Swakaj look at the teacher gulping who was glaring ragini this time.Sanskaar raised his one eyebrow asking “what”. Ragini shakes her head in no vigorously. “You two… Out ” shouted teacher pointing at ragsan angrily. Both jerked their head and stand immediately. “Sorry sir” said both at a time. “Out of my class… Now” said he again. Tears brimmed in ragini’s eyes whereas sanskaar gave a annoyed look to her standing behind her. Both took their bags and come out of the class..swakaj made a sad face.

“It’s all because of you..I missed this much important lecture… Why were you gazing me like that.. ” shouted sanskaar little angry without noticing her tears which were now flowing on her soft cheeks listening him. She didn’t say anything and started walking from there. “I am asking you” said he with more anger n hold her wrist and pulled her towards himself with a jerk. She landed on his chest n closed her eyes tightly fearing with this sudden loud voice. He became shocked to feel his shirt wet n parted her immediately holding her shoulders. He don’t know why but seeing her innocent eyes filled with tears…. water form in his eyes too. He realized he reacted very rudely. “I am sorry…stop crying please “said he cupping her face wiping her tears with his thumbs. She became numb to feel the warmth of his hands against her skin. Unknown to her actions she placed her hands on his hands looking into his eyes withΒ Β  mixed emotions. Sanskaar wipe the corner of her eyes and kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes feeling the first feeling of that unknown emotion which make all her sense numb whenever he touch her. Both were lost in themselves forgetting what they were doing.

“Ragini…” called swara coming towards them. “OMG…..someone pinch me..this nerdy boy is kissing my friend ” exclaimed kaju with wide open eyes. It broke their trance and they came into sense. Both jerked immediately and retreat four steps back looking shocked at their own actions. Without saying anything sanskaar left from there. Ragini look at his retreating figure still shocked.
“What’s going on” asked swakaj narrowing their eyes putting their hand on their waist. Ragini reminisces what happened some time before and an unknown pleasure started developing in her heart. Swakaj look at her confused. “Ragini ” called swara shaking her from shoulders and she came into sense. “You are not at all that much innocent.. that you looks” said kaju teasingly. Swara gave her a glare and she shut her mouth. “Ragu bachha you tell me what happened there ” said swara caressing her hair. ” I didn’t do anything… He only kissed me” said ragini innocently. Swakaj chuckled. “Why didn’t you stop him then” asked kaju mischievously. She herself didn’t know what happened to her that time. She look at swara pouting. “Kaju.. we have class naa..let’s go ” said swara holding ragini’s hand and headed towards the class.

“What’s wrong with you Sanskaar…. Are you out of your mind…From where these feelings coming into your heart…How can you kiss her..” said sanskaar holding his hair frustrated. “You kiss someone…that too a girl ” shouted laksh from behind with popped out eyes. “What do you mean by ” that too a girl “” asked sanskaar irritated. “No…I mean… You…. The Sanskaar Maheshwari… who doesn’t think of anything except his books… Kissed a girl… OMG…I am sure I am dreaming… Right… It’s a dream naa..I know now dad will come and will throw a bucket water at my face… Yaa.. It’s a no nightmare… I’ll count on… 1…2…3” said laksh in one breath and closed his eyes tightly. Sanskaar look at his brother’s over acting and left from there shaking his head. Laksh opened his eyes and look here n there. “What are you looking for ” asked aadi patting his shoulder. He jumped at his place and look at him shocked. “Dad didn’t come..” said laksh innocently. “Huh” asked adi confused. “Nothing.. Let’s go ” said he thinking something with a naughty smile.

“Jaan wait ” shouted kaju when she see arjun in the parking sitting on his bike after college. Arjun startled with sudden call and look at her shocked. “Drop me home” said she sitting on his bike. “Kajal.. Get down now” said he little angry. “No…drop me home” replied she stubbornly placing her hands around his waist. He removed her hand and dragged her in front of him shocking her. “Behave yourself… This is college… not a park.. that you are doing all this” said he angrily. “So can I do all this in park with you ” asked she excited. He slapped himself in his mind to try to make her understand something. “Not here..not any park…not anywhere in the world…. understand ” said he seriously. “Okey… I’ll think about it” said she giving him a tight kiss on his cheek. He wide his eyes shocked.She winked at him n run from there grinning.

“Oldies….beauties… where are you all…come out… fast” shouted laksh standing in hall holding a sweets box in his hand. All came out from their room. “Oye nalayak… Why are you screaming “said dp. “Where is Sanskaar ” asked he. ” He is in his room… Even he came early from college… I wonder how he missed his class ” said ap. ” I know the reason mom…You serve the dinner… I’ll call him” said he and goes towards sanskaar’s room. “He was screaming like this because of dinner.. Totally gone upon you dp..nalayak ” said hp huffing. Dp pout and look at his mother and she shrugged…ap giggled seeing this.

“Dad…I got a gud news for you.. have this” said laksh when they sit on dining table for dinner bringing the sweet box in front of him . Everyone look at him shocked . “Don’t tell me you are going to be a father” asked dp horrified and everyone glared at laksh. He look at them with wide eyes. “No noΒ  its not about me…it’s about him” said he pointing at sanskaar. And now everyone look at him confused. “And what is that ” asked hp. ” He kissed someone in college… That too a girl ” said laksh excited. Sanskaar look at laksh shocked and Dp who put the sweet in his mouth coughed badly. Everyone look at sanskaar with wide eyes. ” Finally you proved that you are my son…I always thought itna pdhne wala mera beta to nhi ho skta…” said dp after drinking water looking at sanskaar proudly. Sanskaar look at him shocked and hp, radha n laksh chuckled seeing ap giving death glare to dp. Oblivious of annapurna’s glare he continued “you know dad gifted me a brand new bike..when I told him about my first gf saying.. GHUMO, PHIRO…AISH KARO.. ” Hp who wide his eyes …screamed when radha stamped his foot listening dp. Ap fumed and poured full jug of water upon dp and left from there. Sanlak giggled seeing their situation.

“No way.. I am not going to say anything like that ” said mishu on phone talking to laksh. “You can’t even do this much for your love ” said he. “Laakkksshhhh…please naa..I can’t able to do that” pleaded she.Β  ” You are not going to win me… you know that naa” said he grinning. “Jaanu” said ragini coming into her room. “I’ll talk to you later bye” said she and cut the call.
“What happened ragu bachha ” asked she when she see ragini silent for more than 5 minutes. “You told naa…that if we took hanky from someone we fight with the person ” said she. Mishu nodded. “The boy who gave me hanky yesterday… today shouted on me ” said she but cut by mishu.”See I told you but why..” ” No.. listen naa…when he shouted on me I started crying… then he calm me down n kissed on my forehead..”completed she n mishu wide her eyes. ” How dare he to kiss you.. You are going to show me who is he tomorrow ” said mishu angrily n ragini nodded innocently.

“I want to talk to you ” said sanskaar as soon as he spotted ragini in college alone. She look a him little nervous. “Come” said he holding her hand and pulled her into empty room. Ragini look at him shocked when he shut the door of the room. He came near her and she became more nervous. “Look ragini… I am really sorry for what happened yesterday..but I want you to not to say that to anyone…I already warn your friends about it.. now I just want to request you ” said he with a deep sigh. “But last night… I told about it to my jannu” said she innocently. He gets irked listening “My jaanu “…and remember her saying to kajal “He is not my Jaanu “. Tension started building up in his body..he close his eyes tightly n take a deep breath to calm himself. Ragini look at him confused but continue ” and my jaanu want to see you ” “But I am not interested in seeing anyone” said he irritated and left from there. Ragini looked at his back pouting.

“O God…what is happening with me…Why I didn’t like when she said My jaanu to someone from the first day…stop… stop right here.. sanskaar…what are you thinking…this girl will make you mad someday… how can she make someone her boyfriend when she is that much kiddo…. Aggghh… You again started thinking about her…You need to focus sanskaar…you have many better things to do ” said he to himself frustrated and headed towards library..the only place where he can find peace.. with his books.

“Kaju said it true…he is sadu only…. why didn’t he want to meet my jaanu..” murmured ragini pouting coming out of the room n bumed into arjun.
“What were you doing in empty room ” asked arjun. ” Ar j can you tell jaanu to meet me on time at canteen in lunch break.. she came very late yesterday ” said ragini pouting. He look at her surprised and asked “You called me Ar j” “Haan jaanu too called you same naa..that’s why ” said she smiling. “Then I can call you ragu bachha as well..right ” asked he. She nodded n he smiled widely.

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    fabulous dear….loved it alot….Ohhh Sanky u kiss ragu….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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