An Intangible Feeling (RAGSAN FF) Part 14

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Sanskaar open his eyes and took a deep breath because the door was open by their servant. ” Raghu, Who is it..??” came dp’s voice from the dining area. ” Sir, Sanskaar Bhaiya came with someone ” replied he and dp rushed towards the door. Sanskaar immediately hide ragini behind him. ” Sanskaar you came..!!! I know that you never enjoy these parties and all but atleast stay there for more and give your mom and me some little privacy ” dp twisted his lips .Ragini giggled and sanskaar coughed. ” Girl’s voice ” dp look at sanskaar alarmed. Sanskaar made ragini to come in front and dp wide his eyes. ” Dad, She is Ragini……” started sanskaar but dp hugged him tightly making his breath hitched. ” Anu…Maaa….Babuji….Look Sanskaar came with our DIL . ” shouted dp happily and ragsan wide their eyes.

” Aree why are you coming empty handed. Bring the Aarti plate. She is coming her home first time ” dp said all excited to ap when she came rushing. ” But dad sh……..” hp launch upon him hugging the life out of him and radha hug ragini and kiss her forhead. Ap came with the Aarti plate all smiling. ” Mom liste…….” ” Shhh…Don’t speak. Let me welcome my DIL properly ” ap shussed sanskaar patting on his mouth and ragini giggled seeing his shocked face. Ap took dp’s hankey and put on sanskaar’s head and radha cover ragini’s head with her saree. Ap does Aarti and put Tika on their forehead. ” Aunty…I am no…..” ragini tried to tell them but intruppted by Ap ” Call me Mom, Just like Sanskaar does ” said ap caressing her face. ” Come …” ap and radha took ragini with them whereas trio follow them still trying to say something but this is sanlak’s family so what all you expect…!!!

” I want to meet Kajal ” said adi to Arjun after he told her how their dadi tortured Kajal whenever she come. Arjun nodded . Mishu held adi’s hand and assure him but he gave her a distorted look. ” Kaju…” called adi lovingly when he saw kajal with swara. She turn immediately knowing the voice and look at aditya with teary eye. ” I..I am sorry Kaju..I..I am really sorry. I am the worst brother in this world to not able to protect my little sister ” Adi cup her face and look at her painfully.Arjun gestured her that he knows everything now. She nodded in no at adi and hug him tightly. ” You are the best brother I have..!! You just didn’t know what all happened that’s it” said kajal hiding her sob in his chest. ” I wasn’t their when you need me the most, I hated you because of Da..dadi ” said he in broken voice. “I thought you hated me because I am not your real sister ” said kajal painfully. Swalakmish look at them shocked. Arjun was beyond shocked because he too didn’t know about that.

“Janki.. At what time they said they will come..?? I will go and pick them ” said shekhar after dinner. ” Mishu said they will come themselves. You don’t worry ” janki assured him. ” But Ragu..She is not used to these party n all. Wait let me call mishu ” said shekhar picking his phone and dial mishu’s number. ” Why is she not picking my call..??” muttered shekhar irritated. ” She is in party shekhar. She will call back when she see it. Relax..!!” said Janki. ” But Ragu..Let me call her ” Said he and about to dial her no. when janki snatch his phone. ” Ohooo..Let them enjoy naa..!! They will come and mishu is there naa..!! She will takecare of ragu” said janki. ” But..” ” No But Vut..!! I know ragu is your life but atleast let her enjoy her life too. You can’t keep her in front of your eyes always shekhar” said janki and shekhar look remorseful. ” I..I am afraid. I am afraid to loose her like I lost her years ago Janki ” said shekhar painfully and janki console him.


“So when did you meet..?? ” “How did he impress you..??” “When did he propose you..??” “Did you two kissed..??” shot hp, radha, ap and the last one came from dp at the same time. Trio look at dp with wide eyes and sanskaar coughed. ” What..?? I am just curious..!!” said dp making pout face. ” Dad…..” started sanskaar but this time intruppted by ragini. “Actully first time he kissed me and today I kissed him ” said ragini smiling. ” What…???” “Really..!!” trio and dp exclaimed respectively immediately. ” Guys, It’s not lik…..” started sanskaar but dp said in angry voice. ” You shut up…!! You had your first kiss and didn’t even bother to tell your dad. But I will see you later. Ragini you tell, When did he kiss you..??” asked dp grinning and ap gave him a glare. ” Before we became friend. ” ragini said innocently. ” I was crying so to console me. He kissed me ” completed she and all narrow their eyes at sanskaar.

” O for God sake I kissed her on forehead. Don’t look at me like I committed some crime ” said sanskaar irritated. ” That’s what I thought How could he became like his dad in few days ” hp pointed out and ap glare dp. ” You dissappointed me son..!!” said dp shaking his head dramatically. ” Why..??” asked ragini innocently to dp and sanskaar chuckled seeing his father’s flushed face first time. “So if all drama is completed then can I say something..??” asked he in mocked tone looking at his family especially his father who is looking like he lost some battle. ” She is Ragini..MY FRIEND. Only FRIEND ” said sanskaar finally. ” But dp said….” started radha but cut by sanskaar. ” Ohoo Dadi, Don’t you know him..!!” said sanskaar looking at dp and he make faces at sanskaar. Ragini laugh looking dp.

” So why did you come early..??” asked ap when they settled for dinner. ” She wanted to meet you all. Especially DAD. As I told her that dad wanted to meet her too ” replied he. ” You didn’t tell us about her. And you told to your dad ” hp glare him. ” I didn’t tell him..!! He was eavesdropping in front of my room ” sanskaar said making faces. Trio glare at dp and he smile sheepishly. “What..?? I want to meet the girl who claimed my son as her boyfriend ” said dp smirking and sanskaar hit his palm on his forehead because once more he became the victim of trio’s scrutinizing eyes. ” I want to make you too my boyfriend ” said ragini excited to dp and ap who was serving food to dp jerked and all dish pour on his lap. ” Aahhhh…Shit…What did you do anu..!!! It was burning ” said dp wincing. Ap hold the jug and pour whole water on his lap and stand their biting her nails murmuring “Sorry” to him. “Haaahhh…Ritual completed. Now we can eat peacefully ” said sanskaar putting the morsel in his mouth. Ragini look at dp with wide eyes and then look at sanskaar and hp,radha who was eating their dinner peacefully like something didn’t happen at all.


” Don’t ever utter that. You are my real sister kajal. Even more than that. ” said adi wiping her tears and kiss her forehead. After so many years she find the protectiveness of a brother around her. How much she craved for her Adi bhai. But everything changed after that day. After that day she lost the brother who used to play with her. Who used to make her smile. Who used to bring toys for her. Who used to protect her. But today she got him back. Tears flow down from her eyes again. ” I missed you Adi Bhai..” said kajal looking at him. ” I missed you too Kaju-Badam (Cashew-Almond)” said adi teasing. ” Don’t call me that ” she twisted her lips. Adi laugh and hug her tightly. ” I will call you that only like how I used to ” said he smiling with teary eyes. Everyone smile looking at them.

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