An Intangible Feeling (RAGSAN FF) Part 13

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“Sanskaar you are my first boyfriend here” ” She means boy as a friend” These words repeated in his mind and he open his eyes wide realizing what he was going to do. He look at ragini who was sitting in front of him still closing her eyes. A sudden urge to kiss on those inviting lips occur but he restrained himself knowing that she doesn’t feel for him in that way. And he…?? Did he feel for her something. ” No…I didn’t feel anything for her..She is my friend” He said to himself. ” Sanskaar ” her voice came and he look at her finding her looking back expectanly . ” Is it bad to be Kissed..??” asked she innocently making him left with no words. ” Woh..Rag..Ragini…” he was finding proper words to give her answer. ” Because if it bad naa..!! Then I will tell Jaanu to not to kiss jeejs again …I don’t want her to become bad ” she pouted cutely crossing her arms across her chest.

“What happen kaju..??” asked swara worried seeing kajal’s puffy eyes. Laksh too look at her in concern but didn’t said anything. ” Can you look after her for sometime, I need to talk to adi about something ” said arjun to swara and she nodded. ” Wait…!! I am coming with you ” said laksh thinking that something serious happen .Arjun nodded and both left to find aditya. ” Kajal” swara cup her face and a tear tripped down from her eyes. She immediately hug swara crying bitterly. Swara patted her back and took her to an empty class. ” What happen…Tell me…!! Did your bhai said something..?? Because if it is..Then I am going to punch him right on his face for making you cry..!! You know I know Karate..!!” Swara make her palm in fist and showed her that how she is going to punch adi and then some Karate’s steps. Kajal laugh little to see her antiques.

Sanskaar took a deep breath and smile looking at her. ” It is not bad to be kissed Ragini “.” Then why you didn’t kiss me..??” she shot back instantly. ” Because, It is something you want to share with someone you love,with someone you trust, with someone whom you consider your soulmate, with whom you wanted to spend the rest of your life” he pause listening his own words..because he is the one who wanted to do it..!! Is that mean…??? No…No…He shook his head and look at ragini. Ragini smile brightly and kiss on his cheek. “I trust you Sanskaar” He place his hand on his cheek dumbfounded.

” Aditya ” called arjun when he saw him sitting in one of the class with mishu. His face is hided with his palm.His body was shooking in vibration.Mishu was rubbing his back to calm him down. He lift his head and look at Arjun who was standing on gate with laksh. ” What happened to you too ” laksh rushed towards him as soon as he find his eyes red.  ” We need to talk..!!” came arjun and sit in front of him. ” Somebody tell me what is happening , Why they both are crying” Laksh panicked. ” Both” asked mishu confused. ” Kajal..She was looking total drained out” said laksh. ” Why was she crying arjun..?? And what were you doing with her..?? ” asked adi to him. ” Do you believe me if I tell you the reason” asked arjun. “Just tell me..!! She is my little sister..!! I know I don’t behave well with her..but that’s different reason..!! I can’t see if someone else bring tears in her eyes..So just tell me arjun..!!What is it..” asked adi desperately. ” The reason is not different adi..!! It’s the same one..!!” said arjun seriously and he look taken aback. Mishlak look at them confused.


” You know sanskaar , you are the first person apart from my family whom I trust the most..!!” said ragini geninuely. Sanskaar look at her shocked and she smile. ” O god..!! What were you going to do sanskaar…!! She trust you the most, She consider you her friend and you are thinking about like this .” thought he to himself. ” Sanskaar” his chain of thoughts break with ragini’s voice. ” Where are you lost..??” asked she confused and he shakes his head. ” Let’s go to the party now..!! We are here from a long time” said he standing up. ” No..!! I am in no mood to party now..!!” she twisted her lips and he smile. ” So, In what mood you are now..??” asked he bending on her height. ” Can we go and meet your dad…?? I want to make him my boyfriend soon” said ragini happily. Sanskaar cough but compose himself. ” It’s almost 9:00 ragini, what will you tell your jaanu..??” asked he crossing his hand acroos his chest. ” Wait..!! I am asking her..!!” ragini dialed her number and tap her feet impatiently to let her pick the call. Sanskaar smile looking at her.

“What she said…??” asked sanskaar. ” She said I can go..!! She will come with laksh there and then we both can go home..!! ” said she happily. First he thought there’s something weird that she permitted immediately but shook his head thinking that she herself send her sometimes with him so it’s not a big deal to send her to his home. ” So, Ready to meet my Amazing family” asked sanskaar chuckling on his own words. “Eveready” chirped ragini happily and run towards parking. He laugh to see her excitement and follow her.”Are wait” shouted sanskaar. “What..” she turned confused. He gave her handkerchief and point to her mouth. Ragini bite her tongue and smile sheepishly. She wipe her mouth and give it back to him. ” No, that’s ok…!! You can keep it” said sanskaar looking at his white handkerchief which turned brown now. ” No, I can’t ” she replied instantly. “Why..??” asked he confused. ” If I keep it,then we will start fighting soon ” said she innocently. Sanskaar remembered their first interaction and laugh. “Yaaa…How can I forgot it” he took it and keep it back to his pocket and both sat on his bike and drove away.

” I told her that she is not going in any party and she still left. How dare she…” seethed dadi looking at the kajal’s empty room. “From where did he get this much courage that she disobeyed my words” muttered she gritting her teeth in anger. ” Let her come tonight…!! And I will see how will she step out of this house from tomorrow” smirk she evily.

” I am warning you before only , If you want we can go back from here now also..!! You don’t know my family, Especially dad, Don’t know how will he going to react to see you with me ” blabber sanskaar . ” Sanskaar..why are keep repeating this from the time we started for here. Jaanu told me that your’s family is most fun..!! And I really want to meet them” said ragini. ” Your wish..!! Don’t tell me afterwards that I didn’t warn you” sanskaar gave her a last look to change her mind but she shook her head and shrug her shoulder and press the doorbell. Sanskaar shut his eyes tightly when someone open the door..!!

” Da..Daadi” adi look at arjun with wide eyes and he nodded.He shook his head in no and backed little. ” She can’t hurt Kaju… She loves her so much..!! It is kajal who never like dadi and never respected her” said he gritting his teeth. “You ever tried to know why she never like dadi..!!” asked arjun calmly but in a dead tone. ” I ..I asked her many times but she never told me” replied adi fumbling . ” May be she did, but you never believe her” shot arjun and he shook his head. ” No…That was not true..!! Dadi can’t harm her..!!” he shake his head repeatedly not believing it. ” She did and she is doing it now also. But you are this much blind in her love that you couldn’t see your little sister’s pain” said he painfully. Tear skipped in adi’s eyes. “Tha…that burned mar..marks…!! ” asked adi in cracked voice and arjun cringed at the memory but nodded looking as painful as him remembering that day.

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