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mohan and megha lost in eachother eyes… megha look outside window..rain.. she ran to go balcony and touch rain water and mohan hug back with megha..

sametime paro wait for mohan… rudra come home and knock door.. paro open door similingly..rudra see paro.. paro disappointed go to sit in sofa and rudra doesn’t speak anything.. and go to room.. change his dress and go to kitchen look fridge and search food.. and get some fruits.. rudra take fruits in hand and sit in dining table start to eat.. rudra look paro but paro doesn’t see rudra.. paro call mohan.. sametime mohan dance with megha in rain.. paro angrily throw phone on sofa.. and walk speadly in door.. open door.. she feel smooth air and paro in mind think definetly mohan said i love u to megha.. megha accept.. so my friend forget.. paro simile and rudra think y paro stand alone to speak and simile.. rudra come near to door.. paro phone rings.. rudra see phone in megha name.. rudra attend call.. rudra don’t said hello but megha said thanks paro.. i’m very happy.. mohan accept my love.. rudra sametime hear mohan voice.. rudra simile and try to speak.. mohan take phone from megha hand and cut call.. rudra come outside house look paro.. paro stand near plant to count leafs on plant.. rudra similingly look childish act.. paro see one shadow come near to her shadow.. she get more fear and shout to ran and collide with rudra.. sametime heavy rain.. rudra and paro fully drenched.. rudra said paro come inside house but paro said no .. i like rain verymuch.. paro dance on rain.. rudra memerized her beauty.. paro leg slips sametime rudra hold paro hand.. and shout.. paro faints.. rudra take paro in his arm and go inside house.. slowly puts her in bed.. and pat with her cheek.. she open eyes and look rudra.. rudra said go change ur dress is fully drenched.. rudra leave room..

In morning..
mohan and megha sleep in car.. megha wakeup look mohan… kiss on his forehead.. mohan open eyes and said give one lip to lip kiss.. megha get shy.. and open car door.. and go to dabha.. mrs.bhalla call megha and ask where r u.. megha said i’m in hotel.. i will come 1 hr.. mrs.bhall shout megha.. megha drink coffee on dhabha.. and ask money from mohan.. mohan search wallet on shirt.. and take wallet from pocket to give megha.. mohan search another wallet on inside car but doesn’t find it.. he tensed.. megha ask what r u searching inside car..mohan said nothing important.. and continuously hold megha hand and ask if i’m hide any matter to u.. u forgive me or u break all relations with me.. megha look mohan face said i’m trust u fully in my heart.. my trust not break anytime.. mohan try to said i’m not only a journalist.. megha jokingly ask u do any part time job.. ya.. after marriage u do only partime job on journalist.. you get two jobs.. mohan said not joke..i’m speaking seriously matter.. i’m not accept ur love first reason is.. megha said i know.. mohan shockingly look megha face.. ask u know..megha said ya.. i know.. sametime rudra wakeup and look phone.. amar missed call 25 times.. rudra think y amar call howmuch time.. rudra call amar.. amar attend call and said sir quickly come bsd office.. rudra ask reason amar said come sir.. rudra fastly take bath and eat breakfast in dining table.. paro enter rudra room see rudra phone rings.. paro attend call.. a man said sir i know about girl.. a girl is alive.. after the incident she stay with one bsd officer.. paro in shock.. and unknowingly drop rudra phone.. paro ran to room and call mohan.. mohan attend call.. paro cryingly said one man call rudra but i attened phone.. a man collect all details about me.. mohan said don’t get nervous.. i will come in 5 minits.. u don’t go outside room and lock door sit room.. i will come..
rudra come room and take phone leave to go bsd.. amar give file to rudra.. rudra see photo and give shock expression.. amar give water to rudra.. sametime megha get wallet from car back seat.. and look inside wallet.. mohan see wallet in megha’s hand.. mohan take wallet from megha hand but his id card fall on megha’s lap.. megha look id card in shock and read name..sametime rudra also read his name of bsd officer..major mohan gopta ranawat..

megha slap mohan and said cheater.. i hate bsd officers… i hate u… mohan eyes fill with tears..tears roll down his cheek.. he hide his tears and said u go.. i have no problem u to break relation with me.. megha cryingly leave to go home..rudra call mohan.. mohan phone rings..he understand rudra know i’m bsd officer.. mohan attend call.. rudra said come bsd office..mohan said i will come but u don’t call paro in bsd office.. rudra said i already send bsd officers to house.. mohan said something.. rudra said k.. paro not come in bsd office..

mohan wear bsd uniform… megha and rudra see face to face…

Credit to: sunc

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