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mohan phone rings.. mohan attend call.. editor ask mohan where r u.. mohan said sir on the way… editor said come hotel near ask mall.. mohan said ok..sir.. sametime editor invite megha also…

in hotel mohan doesn’t see megha speak editor and leave.. editor said megha i arrange today grand party in hotel for our success.. u definetly attend party.. megha said i will try sir.. editor give some guest details to megha and said give details to hotel manager.. and go to home come party sharp 8 pm.. k.. megha ask editor all staffs attend party… editor said ya.. megha ask dress code of party.. editor phone rings.. and said any dress u like to wear..
megha in mind think going party to meet mohan..

in office..
mohan wait for megha.. mohan eye searches megha.. mohan have imagined to see peon as megha and similey look peon.. peon look confused in mohan.. all staffs are to home and ready to go party..

In rudra house..
mohan lost in megha thoughts.. and call paro as megha.. paro smile and said i ‘m paro not megha.. mohan said i’m tell paro not megha.. mohan go to room and select dress to wear party and imagine megha wear same color dress.. mohan simile to touch her face.. paro come and ask what r u doing with pillow..mohan turn to see he touch pillow..paro speak something.. mohan angrily said something..

in party..
mohan and colleagues speak something.. akash look some girls in western dress said girls in hot wear model dress.. mohan look girls and said ya.. but not all girls in modern dress saree all girls look beautiful and hot.. akash ask what cheif reporter turn to give girls dress suggestions.. akash look entrance and said sir u told matter is beautiful.. mohan turn to see entrance and standing like statue.. megha slowly making her way towards everyone…with everyone’s eyes on her…couple of girls are standing there… one remarks that at a party’s the first time she’s seen someone wear a sari… akash tells mohan stand next to megha.. mohan lost in sense look megha.. akash quickly reaches megha before she reaches mohan and said u look very beautiful.. (mohan is still staring…)
akash looks at mohan staring, and thinks to himself mohan sir in clean bold.. megha try to gets mohan’s attention but mohan neglect her.. akash said mohan u and megha wear same color dress.. mohan gets really shock to see her dress color..
editor asks for megha to meet Mr.ashok(yhm).. megha makes her way with akash and ashok pulls out his hand..megha look mohan and to shake his hand..megha does but it seems more like ashok doesn’t want to let go of her hand.. mohan burn inside look ashok behaviour and megha manages to shake it off.. mohan sees megha but says nothing .. ashok then mentions that megha must have worn a sari to look different and she’s definitely succeeded…megha ask to be excused.. megha come near mohan and waiting for his compliment on mohan..

all staffs are dance in dance floor.. megha look mohan but mohan leave place and speak receptionalist to something.. sametime ashok notices megha stand alone and walks over..he asks megha for a dance and it’s obvious he’s drunk.. megha says nothing he says that she just dance with him.. megha says she doesn’t want to dance… ashok tells her not to be a spoil his mood and in that moment… ashok steps on megha’s pallu… megha is pulled forward..twisting around on the pallu causing it to rip.. ashok likes what he sees.. all look shocked…suddenly the lights dim.. megha is again in the spotlight.

trying to cover up what she can… akash call mohan..everyone around her can only stare…someone mentions that she’s still standing there with her sari ripped..megha eyes search mohan…megha sit on floor and cover her hand.. megha cry.. mohan walks back in place and sees megha’s state walks over.. and touch megha shoulder.. megha hug mohan and mohan eyes fill with tears and covers her with his jacket.. sametime.. ashok speak ill about megha and give jacket.. mohan throw jacket away and hold his collar try to slap.. megha hold mohan hand and give tight slap to ashok.. editor rushly come and said mohan clamdown.. ashok is not in sense he fully mohan look akash.. akash leave place and mohan take megha to hotel room.. and said honeymoon suite are available so adjust.. megha enter room see candles and flowers.. akash come and give parcel to mohan.. mohan give to megha.. megha first doesn’t see lable on parcel.. look saree and said it’s very nice.. mohan said change her dress in washroom …i’m waiting in room.. megha take blouse from parcel and read lable and put saree on bed and ask mohan what’s this..u buy a saree to anyone and u love that girl.. how dare u give saree to me..and try to slap.. mohan hold her hand and hug him said ya i love that gir.. and give that girl to saree.. megha ask who is the lucky.. mohan kiss megha forehead said u.. megha ask me.. i don’t understand.. i said i love u but u reject.. this time u said u love me.. it is true..u love me.. mohan said ya.. i love u.. i feel my feelings on u and hug megha (in mind..fb.. mohan speak paro and hit hand on wall said i like megha but not love her.. paro said k.. first u differentiate word from like and love.. mohan said u don’t try to confused with her.. paro said u see megha smile face unknowingly u to simile.. megha is sad u to sad.. megha in any small problem but u take big problem in ur head.. mohan said ya.. if u simile.. i’m also simile..u and megha are same… paro said k.. my last question close ur eyes .. mohan close eyes suddenly see megha face open eyes.. paro said u have my question.. sametime akash come and pick mohan from party..

akash hear their conversation and said mohan sir i agree.. paro madam told everything is correct.. onetime i will shake hand on megha madam caually but look to fire my whole body.. mohan simile and try to beat akash and akash run to outside wait mohan.. mohan come outside house.. paro said u propose today megha k.. mohan nods his head.. akash look mohan hand and said first u give gift and propose.. mohan remain ranawat word..and buy saree..fb end..)..megha ask tell reason..what reason change u.. u accept my love.. mohan said i like to see u wear this saree.. so go to change.. megha go to washroom.. mohan leave room.. megha come outside washroom and search mohan.. mohan come and hug megha said u look beautifull.. megha see mohan hand in blood.. and ask… mohan smile and hug her tightley said i love u.. someone knock door.. mohan open door.
see akash.. akash said sir i admit in hospital.. megha hear and ask who..u admit in hospital..akash similingly said ashok.. mohan sir break ashok hand.. megha hug mohan and kiss his cheek.. akash said i don’t see anything.. i close my eyes..

mohan miss the wallet and search… megha look mohan wallet and take to see inside… shock…

Credit to: sunc

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