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paro and mohan chit chat….mohan phone rings…mohan attend the call…police shout mohan doesn’t listen mohan words.. mohan cut the phone call..

rudra also speak phone to someone…. mohan hear the conversation and ask rudra u arrest smuggler…rudra reply yes.. rudra phone rings…mohan see display police number and tell attend the call… rudra attend call.. police ask y u arrest smuggler..u don’t have rights interfer in my job… rudra said i don’t interfer in ur job. see outside ur police station…cut phone call (look angrily mohan ). rudra ask mohan how dare he speak to u…mohan simile…said thank u somuch friend..thank u.rudra reply i’m don’t need ur thanks…u don’t have hungry..mohan smiles….

In morning…

mohan and paro ready to leave rudra house. mr.ranawat stop mohan and ask which place paro stay..mohan said my ask ur parents not at ur home na..u go to office..paro feel alone na..if u have any objection u & paro stay with my home…what do u tell rudra… rudra looks mohan and paro and said ask mohan once…mohan look paro and ask u happy na..paro said thanks uncle and i will think how to ask.. mohan said i will take my luggage and come night..mohan & rudra leave to go office…

mohan office..

everyone congrats. mohan (for article.)..
mohan go to editor cabin..editor hugs mohan and congrats..editor said i ‘m select one intern..she is help ur work..mohan reply i’m tell u na i don’t need any intern..editor said she is my friend daughter and very intelligent..mohan reply no..editor said she is help ur article..mohan leave..editor shout her father is bsd officer..
mohan doesn’t listen… mohan enter his cabin..sametime megha enter editor cabin.. editor call akash ( journalist ) introduce megha..megha go to akash..akash introduce all colleagues to megha…mohan doesn’t look megha face.. said welcome to our office…mohan shake hand with megha. megha look mohan shout u..mohan see megha face shout u…colleagues are shock to see their expression.

editor ask what’s problem..see mohan hold megha’s hand..editor ask mohan u accept ur intern. Immediately mohan leave megha hand and said ya i accept. megha said no.. sir..editor said megha u accept it’s final.

mohan doesn’t give chair to megha..tell stand near like bodyguard..megha ask chair to akash.akash look mohan .mohan nods his head. akash give chair to megha.megha said thanks.akash nods his head.peon give coffee to mohan and megha look coffee glass.mohan take one empty glass share coffee to megha.megha said thanks.mohan ask y u behave like this in ur home..megha ask sorry..i hear u told my father to write article related bsd i did it..i hate bsd..mohan said i don’t understand ur father in bsd..u hate bsd ya..i like bsd officers..megha said bsd officers only think him our side reasons only..don’t give value of life..mohan said k..what lunch u have..megha ask u..mohan said i ‘m going to bsd office meet my friend and having lunch with my friend..megha leave her.

rudra see her photo cry..mohan enter look rudra …rudra hide his tears..mohan and rudra have lunch…day passed…

Ranawat house…

paro prepare dinner and serve her and simlingly. mohan and rudra stay in same room. rudra ask mohan why paro somuch like bsd..mohan reply paro 11yrs old. paro parents death in terriost attack.paro don’t have any relations. one bsd officer take paro to bsd shelter house.paro stay in one week with bsd officers.bsd officer to help paro to join orphanage. rudra said only this is a reason..mohan think megha words..rudra ask mohan u and paro..mohan said i met paro in 2years before one article i write related to orphans. unknowingly she is my fan of my article and bond created between them.
rudra said i’ m happy to hear about good with bsd..mohan smile said u know my intern hate u..rudra ask y ur intern hate do u know about him…mohan said relax…she hate bsd officers and telling some unwanted reason…rudra tell i like to meet a girl..mohan ask y..simile..rudra said go sleep and i have some work ..rudra leave the room..

In morning…

paro going to temple and pray shiva god.. paro return the way of house see one bsd officer surprisingly… call uncle..officer reply what r u doing her paro..paro said i’m staying with my friend house…officer said if u have time come with my house and give address to paro.paro come home and collide with rudra .paro and rudra have an eyelock.mohan come see them. mohan said i’m hungry ..u don’t have bf rudra..paro leave the place.rudra see the visiting card and take it give paro.paro ask these address to mohan.mohan see her and tell ya i know.paro said this officer only my well wisher. rudra ask officer name..paro didn’t hear..mohan reply xxx. rudra told u don’t go..officer is nice but officer wife rude…mohan look rudra face and ask same officer na i have ask help from my article…rudra reply..ya..only i connect with office work only..mohan said k..we r not go..(innervoice : something fishy..)

mr.ranawat said megha’s father no one break u and my relation…

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