inside feeling …2

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mohan said i’m here…

(girl doesn’t show her face open the door..tell come inside..mohan look only back side of girl…(mohan inner voice: show ur face once..))

girl turn to mohan side…same time girl father (bhalla) enter inbetween mohan and a girl..doesn’t see eachother..

bhalla : who r u? what do u want..

mohan: i’m mohan , journalist on..

bhalla: ya..welcome to my house…neelu (maid) bring two coffee..

mohan: sir..don’t want coffee…

bhalla: if u want milk…


bhalla: neelu glass milk…
mohan..i know u write some article related to bsd..what help i will do…

a girl hearing their conversation ..going to kitchen…looking milk glass and coffee cup..ask neelu to snacks…neelu look sancks box , box is empty and go to take snacks from store room…sametime girl mixes something to milk glass and leave kitchen.neelu give coffee cup to bhalla and try to give milk glass to mohan..mrs.bhalla take milk glass and said take another glass of milk to guest goes to bedroom.girl take bath..simlingly think..never come to my house again…

bhalla: (phone conversation) how r u my boy..ur friend in my house only…

rudra : fine…mohan na..

bhalla: ya..he will ask some confidencial details…so i will think..

rudra : no problem..give phone to mohan…

mohan & rudra speak friendly..mohan drink milk…a girl see her happily…a girl eat breakfast…mohan give phone to mr.bhalla.

mr.bhalla look daughter and ask come with her.mohan look a girl cute simlingly and memrised her said i have two children .one daughter & one son.
my daughter name is pupply…a girl looking angrily mr.bhalla…and said my name is megha…megha bhalla.

suddenly mrs.bhalla loudly call and neelu also go to see her.sametime mohan said hello pupply..i’m mohan and journalist..megha smilingly said u call pupply na..mohan reply ya..if u give any punishment and i will accept whole heartely..beautiful girls punishment also beautiful..megha said i’m already give punichment to u wait 5 mints u know megha..

mr.bhalla come said megha to call doctor.megha ask why dad.mohan ask anything serious .mr.bhalla i don’t know my wife face full some black dots.mohan call comes and check says that she will eat some expiring these only allergy.mohan strike some megha words already i give punishment..mohan simles looking megha.
megha think i hurt my mom feel shame..
mohan leave megha house.

bsd office

mohan meet rudra.

rudra : how dare u ask confidential details

mohan: don’t angry with me.if i write article in some matter i will have proof so ask to ur head…what a big deal ya

rudra : mmmm…u don’t change ur behaviour..u r my best friend…u ask anything i will give…not ask bsd confidential matters….write article in bsd officer brave & strenghth…i.e i will try to say u need not any proof na…

mohan : i will not ready to change my theme of article

rudra : i give onemore idea..personaly to write one bsd officer history….proof u have old news papers…

mohan : samethings already published in newspaper na..i will try somrthing new….todays only time…plz give proof na
i’m not ask ur friend ask for journalist give proof…

rudra : get out of my room…journalist r not allowed my room..

mohan : bye..only after lunch i will go…

rudra : smile..come

next day morning

mohan ( office ) submit the article to editor.editor said i will select one new intern for tmrw interview.mohan said i don’t need any intern . i will do my work best with myself only.(mohan phone rings) mohan leave the cabin.

paro : ( speak to god ) tmrw i will meet my best friend i will prepare kulapjamun u have to eat . (paro don’t have parents -orphan).warden ask paro to u leave home today or tmrw.paro said today night.warden bless paro u have good life partner.paro smilingly hug her.

mohan leave the room to pick paro sametime .mohan phone rings .mohan attend the call.editor said some urgent work come.

paro arrived and wait for mohan in railway man look phone at paro picture and searching for her.paro take mirror fro bag look her face and see her one bsd officer and same time man.also see her. A man ask ur name is parvathi.paro reply ya paro.paro ask who r u..i like bsd officers very much..i don’t see him any bsd officers very close to eye…a man says stop it ur nonsence talking..i’m mohan’s friend..come with me.
paro reply that i don’t trust him if u have nomal man but i trust him completely u wear bsd uniform na..
rudra angrily said come..rudra go speedly..paro take luggage na so slowly walk..some goons are try to misbehave him.paro don’t know rudra name so loudly said officer goon try to take shawl from her shoulder..rudra break her hand…..fight with goons……
rudra drop paro to mohan home…noonethere paro ask him to call mohan.rudra call mohan .mohan doesn’t pick the hall.rudra said mohan come, i have to go…paro reply that officer sir i ‘m very hungry..rudra reply what can i do for u…rudra phone rings ….rudra attend call…ask ur work complete na come home. mohan said i’m in some problem..paro will not be stay in our house is not safe for her..rudra u have joined any hostel to her.send hostel address to my number..i will go to see her…rudra look at paro thinkingly..

rudra take paro to some house ..
paro looks surprisingly said wow..beautiful place..rudra ask come with her…enter the house paro leg slipped paro hold rudra hand two off them enter the house same as like couple…rudra said all family members to mohan’s friend parvathi.parvathi mingle with family members to very close…

bsd office

rudra call mohan ask about his problem.

mohan said 2 days before i wrote one smuggler life history..smuggler will searching him.

rudra simles what a reason..

mohan reply i wrote one murder related to smuggler so police try to search arrest smuggler..that’s problem…police arrest smuggler i will free..why u don’t send any hostel address..

rudra come with bsd …i will give address directly…

mohan ask give me address..rudra in shock u here..i stay with bsd..bsd only my safest place..rudra take mohan to house.mohan sees paro smiling face.paro runs to hug mohan cryingly.y u don’t pick in railway sration…beat mohan but thanks.if u pick railwaystation will not be meet officer sir and him family..these day is very much luckiest day…

mohan irritating megha……rudra concern paro….

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