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Rudra : (flahback ) don’t leave me , if u leave i feel so much pain in my heart…don’t go..don’t go

x : my time is end..i will go to far away from u

R: don’ t speak like this…crying very loudly

flashback end.

R said ranawat to don’t think about my marriage….i live lonely….don’t need anyone to my life. (going angrily )

ranawat : stop rudra…u only think future not past.past is past

(phone conversation )

mohan : how r u ? My sweety.

paro : fine. bro ( bro -mohan ). U start a new story in magazine..

mohan : ya..u like it..story is..b..

paro : tell me bro..

mohan : suspence…k..bye..sweety

mohan : may i come…sir

edtior : come in..what about ur story..

mohan : nice…i will complete my story in two or three days sir

editor : u want any help from my side

mohan : no..sir.but tmrw i want leave sir (cute smile in face)

editor : k..

mohan : (knock the door )..sir..(open window ) to look inside..

one girl open the door…no onethere so try to close..mohan a.a..a..i’m here

Mohan see laptop with simling face..

Credit to: sunc

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