Inseparables…. (Rumya OS) By AditiB

Hello friends….I’m giving a Rumya OS. This is the first ever time I’m writing a story on Rumya, expecting you all would like it. I’ve been a die-hard fan of ShivIka and Ishqbaaz, but that too can’t sway me from loving my explosive Sumo-Rudy couple. They had a brilliant potential, which was never explored to the fullest. My ID contains my fandom for Rudy and this is the first time I’m giving out the love I hold for both of them. They get the least screen space, but I fantasize the most about Rumya. Don’t know what’s happening…but I have so many stories in my head… So enough of my blabber, let’s go on with the story.



Rumya One Shot:

I have been the baby to the whole Oberoi family, the youngest and the most beloved. I grew up seeing a tense atmosphere in my family and the whole household, but I was shaded, by my brothers and especially by Shivaay Bhaiya. Such a structured growing up, but equally broken. All I knew was there is no love that I’ll find other than the one I already have, my brothers’ love. And this conviction grew stronger, after I had lost the only other love I got in my life….Soumya.

Soumya, or to better connect, Sumo, as I called her, she had groomed my life, even for the limited time she was in it. We had hell dissimilarities, or better say no similarities as such, but she helped me in growing up and claiming responsibilities. All that had been carried alone by my Shivaay Bhaiya and O, I always asked them to share what they carried. Asking was something different from actually sharing the burden, that she made me realise. The meaning of a family, the meaning of its members and what we feel for them, all this was well fitted in me, the realisation happened after my Sumo came to my life. But as it’s said the ones we love the most, are also we value the least. I took her for granted and failed to get what she was for me, only to idealise her essence and importance.

She left me as a changed man, a person who knew the reason of his existence, who lived for a purpose and was less perplexed with life. I was the duffer and dumbbell Oberoi, but she proved that there are many more things in life that need to be lifted, the emotional weights, not only the muscular ones. Sumo, I never needed her when she was indeed there all for me, but I need her now and would need her in the future too, all for myself, again.


I have now got into the things I wanted to do in my life, the dream school that I wanted to build for poor children and provide them education. Whatever happened in my life, and especially Rudra’s part in it, all made me chase my dreams. I never wanted to lose the family that I had got there, but I was left with no other choice other than that. The failure called our love story, made me feel the true meaning of love and the hard task of realising it in life. So I had decided, to usher the love, so hard to find, on all the children I took care of.
Forgetting him and his loud presence in my life was the worst part. So worst that the accidental marriage we had and his apathy to it, still pained me. I knew it was an accident, I wouldn’t have married him ever, or I could actually, but he definitely was not interested. My head, a juggernaut, always juggled with the thoughts that if we were not drunk, could I still marry him some time in my life, somewhere on this planet, on a blissful day, while the heavens showered blessings on us? Probably yes, ‘cause I have loved him and am still stuck in that particular day when we met. I never moved on, because I never wanted to. I still wanna feel him and his blabber, all that I hated about him and also loved the most. My love was a dire state of confusion, a sweet and memorable one, still the one I never want to remember.

I was thinking deeply, when I got a call from my school reception, a guy was waiting for me there and I was busy in my own stupid imageries. I quickly got up to get ready and leave for my school.


I had got the address of this school when I was asked by Bhaiyaa to give the charity money to the owner of this institution. I was about to meet the owner, but as I was figuring out the place, I saw the familiar face, the face I had wanted to see once, before I die. My Sumo, my mind shouted and my heart beat grew faster, ready to come out and feel her. My eyes blurred with doubts, duffer you’re so madly in love with her, that you can see her here too. But IT was the reality, My Sumo, my first and last love, was indeed watching me, with tears rolling down her soft cheeks. I lurched in pain and couldn’t control myself and locked her in my embrace, I didn’t want her to move even an inch away from me. Heavens witnessed, I was waiting for this day and would have waited for it till eternity. She responded and I felt the joy of holding her close.


My worst fears had come true, as I met Rudra. I was lost in his grip, but as I realised the circumstances and the situation, I grew stronger to reject him. I got out of his arms, and wiped the happy tears that didn’t ask me before rolling down my eyes. I felt angry now, for I let him touch me. I decided to be formal, for he was also a stranger for me now.
“Sumo….I……” he spoke the way he always did to me.
“Mr. Oberoi….I suppose you know my proper name, I would like you calling me by that.”
“Soumya……MS. Soumya….can we talk?”
“I thought there’s nothing left to talk….and if there’s any et al….it won’t suit my purpose.”
“It has to do with you; it has to do with us and our marriage.”
“I don’t give a damn about the marriage. It was the hell of an accident, nothing else. And Mr.Oberoi, I won’t entertain any personal talks here. Come to my cabin, if you don’t want to get embarrassed here.” Wow Soumya, you’re such a good liar, again lying to yourself.

I entered the cabin with him, and he took his seat. I need not be formal to him now, as it was more like a private chat.
“I know we have nothing to say, but I have a thing, only one sentence to say to you….I….I love you Sumo…and I want you back, anyway.”
“So….you love me right?”
“Yeah…..” he dumbly gave the answer.
“You love me…..and for that you want me to kill my self respect and come back to you……”
“It’s not like that, I apologise for my deeds…and….”
“And you think it’s enough to bring back the broken relation we have, some things can’t be undone Rudra, and our marriage is one among them…..I expected you to be a bit mature, but you’re still the same, so direct, unaware of the havoc you bring out with this s**t of your dumbness. I have loved you too, but no matter, it won’t change my decision….and am not gonna come back.”
He sat still, totally boggled with my angry statement and slowly got up and left the room, with me in it, alone again.


Soumya had her reasons, and I agree with them. I had offended her with my stupidity, and I blamed myself for it. I wanted to punch myself, and could do nothing now, I suppose everything is over. But Soumya….my Sumo….we were, are and would always be inseparable.


I wanted to shout out loud and announce that I hate him, so much, that I wanted to kill him. There was no need to come back, no need to make me face the grave reality. Why did he say he loves me? Why? What was the need? He made me hate myself now, I can’t give up on my self respect and go back to him. After all it was the only thing I had when I left him. I couldn’t stop my tears and kept sobbing. I just can’t afford to hurt myself again, to break myself more. There are some stories that are meant to be incomplete…..I think mine was one such story, but we were inseparable, no matter how far we are from each other, we would be there somewhere in each other’s lives……just to be and would keep loving each other unconditionally………..


Copyright: AditiB

I know friends it’s not a good ending, but I think that the beauty of the story lies in the distance between them and the incompleteness of the love. They are away from each other, but would always try to come closer…..It’s a perspective based story, based on a particular event of their lives. I hope you all would like it. You all are free to imagine a sweet ending…hehe…..ironical….as mine is also an imagination. Being it my first Rumya OS, your comments are equal to gold for me……so drop down the comments and tell me how it is.

Lots of Bhalobasha,


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  1. AMkideewani

    Superb dear, I love it❤

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    adi supurb yaar
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    Hey Aditi !! Its amazing. I hope your exams are going well ! This one is fantastic☺

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    I’m really sry ( holding my ears ) di … Actually dunno y Even though I love Shivika. Rumya has a special place in my heart that none had or better to say I hadn’t given n tis OS of Ur’s made me cry unknowingly??..N di u naa never ever left a single chance to enthrall me with ur skill …Love it di???

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