Inseparables (KKB) sudden teaser


This is something that I have written suddenly…Sudden idea that popped out after seeing a show that was very mysterious to me…so I don’t know how will it be…That’s why I decided this to be a small sudden teaser and I would like to know how is this? This is not related to real kkb in anyway…..

After a few days of his accident,
Abhi went inside Dadi’s room. Abhi sat beside Dadi and asked her “Dadi…I want to talk to u!”
Dadi “Sure beta…what’s it u want to talk to me….” Abhi “Dadi…you know that day after coming back from the event….then I met with the accident…” Dadi “Haan..thank god! U just escaped with minor scratches!” Abhi “Yes Dadi but something is disturbing me from that day onwards…” Dadi “What is it Abhi?” Abhi “I saw a girl during the accident….I mean she was there for a while but then disappeared all of a sudden when people came to rescue me….” Dadi “What are u saying Abhi? Are u sure of what u saw?” Abhi “I am very sure Dadi…she smiled at me with tears in her eyes and then all of a sudden she was nowhere to be seen…..” Dadi panicked hearing that as she is planning to get him married soon and now all of a sudden he is seeing visions of an unknown girl….Abhi continued “But Dadi….she looks very familiar to me….but at the same time I never seen her before….it feels like she is trying to tell me something but I am not sure also….I even saw her today at the film studio…” Dadi “You are an actor na that’s why u have this kind of imaginations….just take rest for some time and don’t work for now…maybe u should visit somewhere that is refreshing from this place…” Abhi placing his head on Dadi’s lap and said “You are right Dadi…maybe I am stressed due to the accident….” He closed his eyes for a while and again she came in his vision. He quickly got up in shock and told Dadi “I just remembered that I have some work….I will see u later…” Dadi could understand he was still disturbed and said “Take care and try to reduce your work load Abhi…” Abhi nodded his head in response and walked back to his room….
Abhi, Who is she? Why did she appeared during the accident? She looks dazzling but very disturbed at the same time…..

Oh my god! I don’t know what I have written! It was just written out of nowhere as I got affected by the show I watched lol…ok if it’s nice do drop your views and tell me whether I should continue if not just ignore this! I have no worries in whatever negative comments I get as this is not even something I thought of! It just came out of nowhere! haha…Maybe I am too free today so I am typing whatever comes in my mind lol

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  1. Maya

    I think it’s better to ignore this teaser??? I just scribbled this with out of mind ???


    Go ahead sweet heart.. it’s really nice to see it like this.. and I am sure that it will be surely better than real one… actually I am thinking of suggesting you as kkb writer then it’s sure than trp will be number one..

    1. Maya

      Lol if u suggest me as the kkb writer then they will be keep on asking why is it very short???? but jokes apart it’s nice that u feel its nice to see like this???

  3. How to ignore it when it is really interesting…….. And i know u will make it wonderful like your other FF’s by ur brilliant ideas…. It’s something different and i am waiting for it….

    1. Maya

      ????I don’t think so??? it just came out of nowhere and i know what will happen if i continue this lol???

  4. Pls do continue waiting 4 main picture update soon sissy

    1. Maya

      Try not to wait as i myself don’t have any idea on how to continue????

  5. nice one dear carry on

    1. Maya

      Thank u Lopez but not sure of continuing it?

  6. Reshma_Pradeep

    Go ahead yaar………..Its Reallyyyyyyyyyy Interestinggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You should continue………..

    1. Maya

      ????glad that u find it interesting but really not sure of continuing it???

  7. Monesha

    Wow AWESOMEEEEEEE….. Princess Akka. I really loved it to the COREEEEEEEEEEEEE. You proved that even you scribble also give AWESOME….. Story. Don’t dare to think we will ignore this. I am also affected by kkb. Confirm they will say Abhi again got memory loss then again drama is going to happen. Pragya first meeting tanu first meeting etc… You can think how abhi get memory loss coz he got only shot in hand right but kkb shows that He got shot and fall down so his head hits on floor so again memory loss ???? i am fed up of this show. I am watching this coz of Abhi and pragya pair only. Pls Akka continue this so I can be normal. Love you a lottttttt…. ??? Loads of huggggggggs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaaaaa……. ??? Pls give relieve from this show. Your way of talking ????? i loved it. Really i laughed hardly. My stomach is paining. Anyway keep ROCKINGGGGGGG….. My dear Rocking princess akka.

    1. Maya

      Mone the show I watched was not referring to kkb???it was another show…as in another serial i am watching here in Singapore and the teaser that i have written is based on that???but its true i am also affected by real kkb but we can’t do anything about it for all their ridiculous reasonings???

  8. Intrestingg!!!!!!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Priyanka sis???

  9. Interesting di another thought from your side excited to read next one

    1. Maya

      Not a thought from me Minu???

  10. Asmithaa


  11. Quite Amazing as well as Astonishing! What really happened to u My Sensible Suga Sis? I did not know abt this at all. No sorry as I was unavailable here for abt a week.
    You come up with Interestinggg Plots and here I end up waitingggggggg for all your updates.
    Sudden teaser it seems! Lol.
    Girl your randomness was making me crazy and now your sudden surprises are going to make me disappear. (Lost). And I am INSEPARABLE from My MTMP. Even u can’t separate her Cutie from her.
    I am looking forward for more sudden sudden surprises from My Sweetie Suga!
    Jai MTMP ki Jai!
    Love u.

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