Inseparables (KKB) Chapter 1


Separate feelings of separated ideologies will lead to Inseparables? Let’s see……

In Abhi’s room:

Abhi, I feel I am going mad of getting her visions continuously!! If this continues then I will surely end up in mental asylum!!

With that thoughts, he was keep on thinking of how to find who is she?

Unable to think further, he dozed off to sleep….

He waked up suddenly to found himself on a bed that was surrounded with waters…. It looked more like a river. Abhi was confused and he started to walk towards the land side….it was more of a dense forest with some dark unfigured people chasing someone…. Suddenly they started to chase him too….He was scared and he ran as fast as he could as they were holding axes to attack him….Again she appeared out of nowhere…She yelled his name in desperation ” Abhi! Abhi!”
Abhi looked at her and she said “Come here Abhi!” He was confused whether to go towards her or not. But he didn’t have the time to think as the unknown people were chasing him too. So he just ran towards her and she grabbed his hand. She brought him to a safe place.

She caressing his cheek asked in a pleasing tone “You don’t know me Abhi?” Abhi shook his head in disagreement. She said “I am Pragya….your Pragya…” Abhi hearing that was shocked and waked up in shock again. Abhi looked around his surroundings….

Abhi, So it was a dream!!! What was that man?? Unbelievable!! Now its confirmed I am going mad…now I am also dreaming about her….Wait! But now in my dream she revealed her name?? What was that?? Pragya…and she said your Pragya….My Pragya?? I think this the effect of not having any girlfriend and now ending up imagining some girl as mine!!

Abhi, but the name sounds good though…. Should recommend to some director to use it as a character’s name…..

He never slept later as he didn’t want her visions to disturb him again….

The next day:
Abhi, This Dadi na I can’t understand her nowadays! Why is she always asking me to get married? I never even achieve my dreams!! Awards!! More recognition!!! Nation-wide popularity!!! Only after achieving all this then I will marry!

He was thinking all that while he was combing his hair and that’s when he saw her again in the mirror. Abhi, She is here? In my room?

He looked behind to see her but she disappeared again….Abhi, Who is she? Is she some ghost or my imagination? Let me tell about this to Purab….At least he can help me in this….

In another place:
A pleasant looking girl is walking towards a place that is close to her heart and says to herself “I have to make sure my job, my life, my love all happens as per my plans…..if not what’s the point for me to live?”
Unfortunately, she didn’t know all this will not happen as per her plans but it will happen as per both of their plans
Someone called her “Pragya!” She turned back and smiled back at the person. Walking towards the person she was determined to make sure everything happens as per her plans…..

Pragya still smiled looking at him. He asked “Why are u smiling this much? What’s your plan now?” Pragya “Nothing much….Just planning to make sure everything happens as per my plans…” He with a curious look asked “What u mean by everything?” Pragya started to explain and he could only say “I know u won’t listen to me…I can only say Good luck!” Pragya with a confident smile said “You are right even listening to others should be per my plan!” He just said “Pragya plan as much as u can but not all plans will be perfect and not all plans will happen too!” Pragya “I agree not all plans will be perfect but I can’t agree it will not happen as once planned then it should be happening in some way….” He said “Ok I know u won’t agree now…let’s see when it happens and come with me now Pragya….Ma is waiting for all of us…even Bulbul is back now!” Pragya in return smiled again thinking, even making Ma to wait and Bulbul to return from Delhi was all her plans

Abhi “Purab! Look there she is standing and waving at me! Can’t u see her?” Purab “There is no body there Abhi! It’s only a statue there….” Abhi “No! Believe me! Wait let me see again….” Abhi was confused seeing the statue now in the place of Pragya…..Abhi holding his head pleadingly said “She was here Purab! I did saw her…..Just for once believe me….” Purab looked worried at his friend’s situation…..

Truly overwhelmed by the support given to me for the last update of Sense of belonging to love and thank u all again and I myself didn’t expect that I will be back soon like this with this story as I thought of resting for a few days as I am having a bad flu….but it’s ok I can’t hold my excitement as my brain started to work again but sadly not for the pending ones…I also don’t know why my thinking is always not in the way I wish to be…..I still haven’t decide whether is this a ff or short story so please wait…..I have replied everyone as much as possible for the last update and will be replying even if u all commented late so hope u all check that out!

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  1. Awesome di just loved it very interesting eagerly waiting for the next episode

  2. Chiku

    Woaaah????????Very grt. Copy other ppls ff name is just amazing. U copied my ff name. I am writing a ff on twinj name INSEPARABLES. Woaah if u want to write then think names from ur ff. dont copy other ffs name. It better to think from ur own mind. It seriously annoyed me better change the name or else i will complete to tu.

    1. LakshmiSiva

      Have u lost ur mind don’t dare to talk with her like this. I am reading all the updates in kkb I don’t even remember that u r writting or written ff in this name. If u want anything tell politely. But don’t dare talk to like this. And wat did U say she is copying ur ff name if she know this b4 she never do this bcoz all her ff is unique and different so told ur tongue towards her. SHE IS MOST IMPORTANT PERSON TO ME. I am telling this politely don’t cross ir limit.

      1. Chiku

        Hey you
        U didnt read my comment completely. I am not ur bashing ur writer and u dont interfere.
        I am writing ff on twinj from this name from last two months. U better dont interefere. I am not bashing maya and its completely between mw and her
        So just mind ur own business

      2. Chiku

        OPen ur eyes and see my comment properly and u just stay away

    2. LakshmiSiva

      R u doing ur own business better think that. And i will ask whomu to tel don’t interfere in maya issue.

      1. Chiku

        First of all u just stay away. Dont be a mediator. I dont know u so u better domt interfere

    3. Chiku u said that she used ur ff name if she used in twinj u can ask her but she used in kkb ff and there s no wrong in that and u r way of saying s so harsh hw can u use these wrds to a person u can say it camly too so pls don’t repeat this again u have no right to hurt anybody like this so apologise to her we r her frndz and sisyys so probably we have rights to question u and we r saying not to hurt to u too but pls don’t ever do like this again

    4. Maahi

      ohh dear!!!! lakshmi is nt telling tht u dont hv right to ask anii but u should hv adopted sme other way naa u was talking abt complaining To TU kindly dont talk like tht bcoz the girl abt whom ur talking is a sweet heart to many of us nly bciz she didnt know abt ur title she used tht….. dr dont take me wrong but u cant cmmnt like dizz in a ff naa srry if i hurt uuu but u cant talk abt my IB like tht…. nd i know u vil understand tht Bciz u too is a sweetheart naa???

      1. Chiku

        Look mahi…… i dont know any of u. I didnt bash maya and i didnt said any slang language to her…… i saw the same title and it bugged me. I would like to tell u all that if u r writing something…. ppl first get attracted the name of the article. I am not here to fyt with anyone. Look it’s completely between me and maya plz don’t interfere. Ur comcern shows that u all love her but guys if u have ever written anything then keep urself in my place and think. I am not saying anything to her about her story line. I didnt even know wat she is writing. I just randomly came across the title and i was completely baffled after seeing the same name. I literally cried over this thing bcz it feels bad wen u see the same title. I worked day and nyt on this title for my ff. hope u understand

      2. Chiku

        Every writing had its own recognition and it eventually depends on its name.

    5. Let us keep that maya has taken ur ff title even…so whats the big deal with it…it after all a title and more over she din copy ur story…she is writing her own story with her own thoughts…after all for a title you are commenting like this….keep ur words in limit

      1. Chiku

        U stay in ur limits and i didnt asked u anything. Their no use of talking to ppl who doesn’t understand

    6. Maya

      I am already sick and what I am typing now all depends on my mind’s stability. Firstly, Chiku this is why i asked u to try remove this comment from here. I know something like this would happen and that’s why i told u that in the morning through the direct message. That’s fine sometimes it happens and I completely understand ur point of view as well as my friends/readers point of view. So what i would like to say is just end this here as i have already changed the name of the upcoming update.I am not sure when it will get posted, most probably it should be later tonight or morning according to IST.
      To me personally, title is just a name and whichever title i use have a link to my story. In that case, that’s why i used this but now i have
      changed it to have a better link to my story…That’s all so Lakshmi sis, Maahi, Mokshi sissy and jifi I can see your support and don’t think I am changing because of pressure or something like that. It was very smoothly decided by Chiku and me. Once again chiku my intention was not to copy your title as i too have a brain that can think of titles and this is not even my first ff so ya i think only your first comment made so much of commotion here and when i saw this firstly in the morning, I knew this would happen and that’s why I kindly asked u to remove this. It’s ok and to everyone please kindly end this here. Thank you!

      1. Chiku

        Dear i am glad that u understood my point but according to me tittle is a key to any good story. I asked tu to remove the comment but they didnt do so… i dont know y they didnt do so…
        thank u for understanding me.
        Take care and all the best for ur future?

    7. LakshmiSiva

      hold ur tounge otherwise I will cut it off. R u matured r wat. wat language u r talking in public comment. first u go n search who r all having ur name and ask them to change. then come here. who u to ask me stay away I will talk for her. she already change the title but not for u becoz u r nothing here. U just stay set from her.

      1. Chiku

        Who are u to cut my tounge??? How dare u?? U better stay in ur limits… just go to hell u idiot… i used this name first for my ff and i saw who all are using this name but their not using only tis name they have some other title also with it.
        Only i started a ff named INSEPARABLES. THIS WORD was purely used by my name. Others are using some other words also and and some others titles also with it.
        U just stay away…. from this matter bcz this matter is between me and maya… if u dont want to be then hr wish bcz i know one thing that dogs are meant for barking
        And i am the way i am

    8. Monesha

      How can you say like this? Do you think this name was found by you. You know how she will write her ff. Her words in ff. She is unique writer. Her way of writing will impress everyone but you telling that she is copying you. It is disgusting. You can ask who am i to her? I am Monesha sister of maya di so you can’t say don’t interfere. In TU many of them writing. All the one will take different type of topics. Some can be similar. For that you will say she is copying? How can you say that. And how dare you to ask lakshmi di who are you to her? She is maya di’s sister and she is my sister. Both were my own di did you get that. How harsh you are. I never saw this type of person here. If you are twinji fan then stay there why you are coming to kkb page? Did you read the story it is about kkb current track. My maya di never copy any other ff even it is title. Don’t think that this name found by you. She is my di. If you say something about lakshmi di, and maya di then i can also complaint to tu. Don’t think you can only complaint. Saying all the one to stay in limit. First you stay in your limit. I never saw this much harsh person. Please don’t hurt my di coz it will also hurt me. I love my maya di and lakshmi di so only i am commenting you. Just take your ego and ask sorry to my both sisters. Don’t ever think my maya di will copy others ff or title.

      1. Chiku

        Look i dont know u and i am least interested in talking to u. I am the way i am… i am least interested on coming to kkb page… its between me and maya so let it stay between us. I started a ff named INSEPARABLES first…..
        u know wat u r just elongating the matter and u want to do it then do it bcz dogs are meant for barking only.
        I am the way i am…..

    9. Monesha

      See she changed that name. Even though you talked harshly she respected you and changed that name. This is my di but you never ever thought about other feelings. If someone comments in your ff that this was my ff name how can you copy this? Then what you will do? That too for title you are fighting with my di. Disgusting of your behavior. See in her ff now how politely she talked that is her character just learn something by seeing her. But her sister that means me, lakshmi di etc… never like her. We never be silent if anyone one say about maya di. Did you get that. I never talked to anyone with this much angry. This is my first time I am getting this much angry and talking harshly. I will always love and talk nicely to everyone but this is my first time to talk like this. Atleast now ask her sorry and read what she told you in next episode so that you can get maya di’s character and behave her with soft. She is soft in nature but you are harsh in nature. They way of your comment itself showing how harsh you will be.

    10. Monesha

      Oh really are you thinking i am elongating this matter. Ok you can come to kkb page that is your wish. You are right dogs are meant for barking that is you. You are the one barking. I told you already that she is my di. If you have one sister then one person hurts her means whether you will see that and be quite no right so only i am here for my di. I cant see some one who hurts her by their stupid talk. She is my di. I have all the rights to talk. Now i understood talking with you is waste of my precious time. I am sorry for one more para also. Now i understood we can’t make straight of dogs tail.

  3. very happy maya dii u continued this ff….I m very excited…. I will always support you diii….regarding the update its very nice asusual u rock it…waiting for the next one eagerly diii……

  4. See na I said right! Cutie is INSEPERABLE From her Sweetie! I was going through your pre updates as I missed some of them. And few hrs ago I came across this Sudden teaser. I even commented there. Go check that too. And as I came again to check if u had replied.. I saw your first update.
    Ola! We are Inseperablers! Haha lol. Yeah I be your Cutie and You Be My Sweetie Forever.
    Amazing yaar. Waiting for the next. And STAY CALM AND GIVE CLASSY updates.Yeah u hav pending ff too. But that’s okay. You update the way you are comfortable with.

    1. I am really sorry for what I am typing now ! But then I got so pissed off abt something and came up with this ! I know you are worried abt something too ! I can understand that Sweetie ! Please don’t take stress okay ? Lets Discuss something ! Tell Me which one is related or suitable for your this story !
      “Avibhaajy Compañeros” – “Impartible Companions” ? (Hindi+Spanish)
      Or see whether this is Suitable .
      “Even When We Are Miles Apart , You are still All Of My Heart !”?
      I am really really concerned about my sister and if this helps in some way or the other its My Pleasure ! ?
      I am sorry for being this late . And please again don’t worry .You are elder to me and you things better ! If You get The Best Title in Your Style .I am very much Happyyyy .But You aren’t updating na.. so I thought you are still working on the title ! Hopefully This is someway or the other helpful to My Sweetie ! Always Your Invisible Bodyguard (IB) will support you ! Again Repeating STAY CALM AND GET CLASSY ! Come On Cheer Up MTMP ! I am waiting for u .?

  5. Asmithaa

    Wonderful diiii..

  6. Wow sama interesting start yaar…waiting for the next episode…

  7. Prathi

    What happened to Abhi?? Is he seeing visions or???

  8. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its AWESOME Dear…….Take care dear…………

  9. Wow…its superb dii…
    Waiting for the nxt part dii…take care

  10. Inseparables awsmly aswsm lovely update but pls take care of ur health first we will wait 4 u so no wrys take ur tym love u sissy take care????

  11. Maahi

    Maya ohhh Maya!!!!!! Ur the invisible maya which is holding many hearts making them Inseparables!!!!!!! with ur MAGICCCCCCC??????????????ur amazing in all ways nd dizzz update ufffff….. breath takingly magical!!!!!!! ??????thnk u fr ur random magic nd get well sooooon sia????My IB rockzzzzz

  12. Hi di! U r back so soon!! I am really soo happy,!! I was remembering u n ur wonderful ffs n as soon as I opened tu I decided to look back once n there it was a surprise treat for me di to have u back!!! This ff is awesome too di!! I really love this is superrrr cool..u r really the sweetest magical Maya di !! I am eagerly waiting fr the next update!! Keep writing di! Take care of ur health n love u soooo muchhh!!! 😀 😉 😀 😉 ..

  13. IB I am so addicted to your writings that after seeing this FF my happiness had no bounds i was happy that i will not have to miss ur magical writing for a long time! And once again U gave a rocking update???? waiting for the next one! And get well soon IB???❤️❤️

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