Hey guys i am new here and a big fan of swasan . I am posting my story . hope you guys like it. so let’s begin.


The word inseparable means who can’t be separated and intoxicating means that something which makes you feel a strong sense of excitement or happiness. this exactly is my fan fiction which refers to swasan who are inseparable and there love so intoxicating.
i hope readers will love my fan fiction .
SANSKAR MAHESHWARI:- a business tycoon very egoistic and his age is 25 . he lives alone in his mansion (sanskar mansion)instead of having a family of his own .he has established himself and has his own company KARMA industries.he is handling maheshwari industries too.
DURGAPRASAD MAHESHWARI:- FATHER OF SANSKAR Has his own business (maheshwari industries).
ANNAPURNA MAHESHWARI:- MOTHER OF SANSKAR she is a housewife but sometimes she also helps in business.
Ramprasad maheshwari , Sujata maheshwari , laksh(age:-24) ,uttara(age:20), aadarsh are also in the ff and they will play important roles in swasan lives.
SWARA GADODIA:- She is very smart , charming and a fun loving girl. She is 22 years old and is in her fourth year mbbs.
RAGINI GADODIA:- sister of swara , age 23 years and has studied business ,helps his dad in his buisness.

SHEKHAR GADODIA:-father of swaragini and a buisnessman and loves his daughter the most.
SHARMISHTHA GADODIA:- mother of swaragini and a housewife.
[Ragini is janki’s and shekhar’s daughter but janki died within few days after ragini’s birth. then shekhar married sharmishtha and they had swara. although swaragini are daughters of different mother but they consider themselves as real sisters and soulmates.] dadaji is deendayal gadodia and dadiji is parvati gadodia. dadi don’t like sumi(sharmistha) and swara much.
now let’s see how swasan come together and complete their eternal love.


Mrs. Sinha :- oh mr. maheshwari, how are you. congratulations for your marriage . I couldn’t attend it and it’s been five months of your marriage and i haven’t met your wife too . Wouldn’t you introduce me to her.
Mr. maheshwari:- Why not . There she is . let me call her.
He went to a girl and told:- Come with me i have to introduce you to someone.
Girl:-yaa.(to the ladies she was talking)Excuse me will join you soon.
they went to mr. and mrs. sinha.
Mr. maheshwari:- Mr. and Mrs. Sinha meet my wife “SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI”
[yes the girl is swara and the man is his handsome and cute husband sanskar] Mrs. Sinha:- what a pretty girl Mr. maheshwari. you are very lucky to have her as your wife.[teasingly] Keep a watch on her otherwise someone would surely steal her from you.[sanskar frowned and swara did not like her statement]hahahaha……… Iwas just teasing you but must say she is very beautiful as if a diamond and everyone’s eye couldnot go off her. be careful and again congrats for your wedding. It was nice meeting you Swara.
swara just fake smiled and they left.
Swara :-sanskar do you want me to introduce someone else?
Sanskar:- no you go and enjoy the party.

swara:- ok then.[swara left] the party was going all good and fine but something bothered sanskar and so he seemed disturbed especially about what Mrs. sinha told.
He unknnowingly was keeping a watch on swara as mrs. sinha told and was quite irritated[ jealous but doesnot accept]when one of his business friend was talking to swara a bit friendly and swara too was laughing and seemed to enjoy his company. he drank 3 shots.
swara really enjoyed the party and now it was over but she was unaware of what is going to happen. she went to haer room when she received a call.
on call
Swara:- hello haan maa
Sumi:- hello beta kaisi ho tum?
swara:- maa main bilkul thik hun. aap aise kyun pooch rahre ho.
Sumi;- nahi bas mujhe pata nahi kyun teri chinta ho rahi thi.
Swara:- maa aap bahut zyada sochne lagi hai. rest kijiye warna tabiyat kharab ho jayegi.
Sumi:- party kaisi thi. sorry beta hum nahi aa paye.
Swara :- maa sorry ki koi baat nahi hai.
Sumi:- you are ok na.

swara heard footsteps appproching the room
Swara:- maa sanskar aa rahe main aapse baad mein baat karungi waise bhi party bahut tiring thi.Bye
call ended. swara took out her clothes as well as sanskar’s .sanskar entered the room.
Swara(while removing her earring):-sanskar if you want you can change first.
sanskar went near her and started removing her earring startling swara. Thrn he was removing her pendant when swara spoke.
swara:- sanskar what are you doing. i will do it myself.
but sanskar did not pay heed to what swara spoke and continued which confused swara.He held her left hand and removed her wrist watch and pulled her near him and started caressing her hair .
Swara:- (confused by his behaviour and numb by his acts)Sans……Sanskar what are you doing, leave me.
she somehow managed to speak and tried moving away but he pulled her more closure and held her by waist.

Sanskar:- why i am your husband and i have this right on you.[swara was hell shocked by his statement and numb at that time.]

next epi :- readers just predict yourself
Why sanskar was behaving like that and why after five months of marriage too sanskar’s closeness was new to swara .Will see to this in the next episode.

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