So all my sisters, friends and wellwishers welcome to the journey of swasan in my new ff inseparable swasan: intoxicating love. I hope this will be liked and read by you all as my other ff’s. so let’s begin with the story of intoxicating love of swasan.
Here it goes-
At around 8 pm. A man entered a mansion and was welcomed by two ladies happily.
An hour later all had dinner and the man talked very less and formally with everyone.
The family seemed upset. After dinner the man retired to his room.
One lady out of the two- see naa didi how silent our sanskar had been. What do you think will he agree to us.
Other lady- don’t know sujata. We can only hope. What do you say ji? [she asked her husband]
A man [near about 50 years of age]- purna I think you should go and talk to him. Whatever he will decide we will accept it.
Ap- ji
Ap went to sanskar’s room and knocked. Sanskar who was busy in his work looked at ap and asked her to come inside.
Sanskar- mom did you have any work with me.
Ap- why can’t I come to talk to you. Do I need a work always.
Sanskar- no I didn’t meant that way.
Ap- no problem. I hope I am not disturbing you.
Sanskar- no mom.
Ap- actually I had something important to talk to you regarding…. Regarding your marriage. We were thinking now it’s your age and you are settled too so if you are ready then we could see girls for you.
Sanskar- mom I am not interested in these things. So end the topic here.
Ap- but you will have to marry someday. Is there any girl you like? We don’t have any problem in that. [hesitantly]
Sanskar- seriously mom. Marriage and all- it’s just waste of time. Please stop this discussion right away.
Ap- [sadly] it’s ok beta as you wish. I just wished to see you marry but it’s totally your decision. I wanted this so that someone be there with you, to care you. You come here when I call you, otherwise….. [looking at a photo] after he left us, happiness has vanished from our house. [a tear escaped her eye] good night beta.
Ap walked towards the door wiping her tears.
Sanskar felt pain and extreme sadness with the mention of the person in photo. He also felt the pain of ap.
Sanskar- mom. [ap stopped and looked at him] I am ready for marriage.
Ap- [happy but not sure] you don’t have to agree sanskar. I don’t want to force you.
Sanskar- [came to her] mom i agreed for myself. Now happy.
Ap- [happily] I am so happy beta. [hugged him and kissed his forhead] accha listen. I have seen few photographs of girls for you and found about them. If it’s ok then we will go to meet a girl tomorrow.
Sanskar raised his eyebrows and looked at ap.
Ap- vo I thought if you agree then we shouldn’t delay. Beta you have heard naa ‘chat magni pat vyaah’. So tomorrow 11 am is ok naa. [expectantly]
Sanskar- [sighed] ok mom.
Ap patted his cheeks.
Ap- I will inform your dad. He will be very happy. [sanskar’s expression changed hearing this, ap observed this] and haa have to inform the girl’s family too. good night beta.
Sanskar- good night mom.
Ap went and informed others and all were very happy. Sanskar looked at the photo [about which they talked] and then went back to do his work.
Dp informed the girl’s family.
Dp- [on call] hello. Durgaprasad maheshwari speaking.
Otherside- ji durgaprasad ji
Dp- shekhar ji we are coming to see your daughter tomorrow for my son sanskar.
Shekhar- ji ok. We will be waiting for you and hope our children will like each other.
Dp- I wish that too. namaste
Shekhar- ji Namaste.
Shekhar’s side-
Swara was passing by when shekhar kept the call.
Shekhar- shona beta listen.
Swara- haan baba.
Shekhar- tomorrow boy’s family is coming. Now start doing the preparations for tomorrow.
Swara- [shocked] what tomorrow. So early baba
Shekahr- [smiled] they informed just now. now go.
Swara- [excited] early or late but tomorrow boy’s family is coming. Yippee. Let me tell everyone.
Swara ran all around the house shouting- “tomorrow boy’s family is coming. Start the preparation.”
Shekhar smiled at her act and murmured- ‘kab badi hogi ye [when will she grow]’
Sharmishtha and dadi and dadaji came out of room hearing swara.
Dadi- chori [girl] behave yourself. [to shekhar] shekhar is she saying correct.
Swara- [interrupted] cent percent correct dadi. [pulled dadi’s cheeks annoying her] I am so happy dadi and you should give me a broad smile for this.
Dadi- chori if your works will be like this then they will walk back before talking even. I have said you many a times to behave properly.
Dadaji- parvati let her be. She is happy and we should be too. it’s the first boy for laddoo. I hope everything goes well.
Shekhar- ji baba. I wish this relation gets fixed. That family is very good by nature and thoughts and are quite respectable too.
Dadi- let me thank our god for sending such a good relation for my laddoo.
Dadi went away to the temple area and swara seeing this held sharmishtha’s hand and dragged her upstairs.
Shomi- arree shona what are you doing?
Swara- maa we have to tell this to di also naa and maa I want to tease and see di’s expression.
Shomi- you and your childish acts. I am not going to do anything as you want. Maa will scold us a lot.
Swara- maa please naa. Please please please. Dadi is always in the mood to scold. Please naa maa. Please.
Shomi- accha ok.
Swara- love you so much. Accha [on reaching a room and peeking through the window] see di is standing. Must be thinking something. Let’s see her reaction when I talk about boy’s family. haan.
Swara instructed shomi to stand by the door and herself tiptoed inside the room and stood behind the girl.
Swara- bhooo
Girl- aaaahh….. shona tu [breathing heavily because of being scared]
Swara- ragu di… hahaha [laughed holding her stomach] it’s worth to see your face. You are such a phattu. Everytime gets scared.
Ragini- and you get only me to scare all the time. You are so bad.
Swara- awww but I enjoy doing this a lot.
Ragini- [mischievously] you know what I like to do with you.
Swara- what?
Ragini- [holding swara’s ear] this. Now if you scared me like this naa toh I will give you a slap. Samjhi.
Swara- aaowww… samajh gayi. Leave my ears. It’s paining.
Ragini left her ear.
Swara- [rubbing her ears] pakka you are dadi’s laddoo.
Ragini- shona…
Swara- haan haan I am not saying anything to dadi.
Swara- vaise di I have a good news for you.
Ragini- what
Swara- tomorrow a boy is coming to see you.
Ragini- hmmm [realising] what
Swara- what happened. 220 volt ka jatka laga. Or are you feeling shy haan. Hmm hmmm [poked fingers on her stomach]. Two days before you said yes for marriage and tomorrow a boy is coming. So much speed haan.
Ragini- lier. Don’t tell things to tease me always.
Swara- accha I am saying lie. Ask maa.
Ragini looked at shomi who was at door and shomi nodded in yes with a smile.
Ragini became shy a little and bowed her head. Swara observed this.
Swara- aaww see your cheeks are turning pink listening the name of marriage only. What will happen when the boy will come.
Ragini- shut up [with a smile]
Shomi came and kissed ragini’s forhead.
Shomi- I am happy for you.
Swara- maa di must be wanting to know about the boy. Right di. Do you want me tell the details. Haan di.
Ragini- [shy] no
Swara- ohhoo di your heart wants to know and you are saying no. that’s not fair. And over that how can I miss the chance to describe my would be jiju. Wait let me tell you. How should I say [thinking something mischievous]
Ragini- [shy] I said naa I don’t want to know.
Swara- aww but I want to tell and give the best description. Listen haan.. ahmm ahemmm
Heeyyyyyyyyyy [twirled ragini]
[Sun sun sun didi tere liye ek rishta aaya hai]*4
Sun sun sun ladke mein kya gun
Sun sun didi sun
[she danced around ragini teasing her]
Sun sun sun didi tere liye lalalalalala
[ragini playfully slapped on her head]
Aree are arree are lagta hai na didi
[ragini pulled swara’s ear]
Acche ghar ka ladka hai
Par haq haqlata hai
Pein peintarianju jara pa papa dua
[acted like stammering]
Acche ghar ka ladka hai
Par haq haqlata hai
Muh par daag chechak ke aur
Paan chabata hai
Paan chabata hai jab
Thodi pi kar aata hai
[acted as eating paan and being drunk]
Paan chabata hai jab
Thodi pi kar aata hai
Pita hai jab juue mein vo
Haar ke aata hai
Taash bhi roz kaha bas
Kabhi kabhi hi hoti hai
Accha daka pade kabhi toh
Rammi hoti hai
Roz kaha aisa hota
Dakke padte hai
[teased ragini doing acting like a drunkard]
Aadhe din toh bechare ke jail mein kathe hain
Sun sun sun ladke mein kya gun
Sun sun didi sun
Sun sun sun didi tere liye ek rishta aaya
Sshhh aahhhh
Sun sun sun didi tere liye ek
Aaiyye aiaiyyee aiy bas bas
[pulled ragini towards herself and acted as taking away all the evil eyes]
Uska bas chale toh jail bhi tod ke aayega
Siti ek baja dogi toh daud ke aayega
Saas jara kam sunti hai par bolti uncha hai
Sasura thik se sunta hai par muh se gunga hai
Sun sun sun ladke mein kya gun
Sun sun didi sun aye
[Sun sun sun didi tere liye ek rishta aaya hai]*2
Lalala ha laala l lalla uiiihhh
Lalal alal aree aree aree lagta hai didi
Ragini held swara’s ear again and raised her eyebrow as if to say now tease me.
Swara- diiii aaahhhh leave my ear.
Ragini- will you tease me again.
Swara- yes aahhh [ragini twisted her ear] accha no. please leave my ear.
Ragini- that’s better.
Swara- you are so bad. [swara sat on the bed and threw a pillow at ragini.
Ragini- accha you were teasing me and I am bad.
Swara- that’s my birth right.
Ragini- accha ji.
Swara- haan ji. [both laughed a little] maa… maa what are you doing.
Shomi- [smiled] saving the recording I did of you both. Now you both are here but when you both will get married I will have to manage with these memories only.
Swara- are maa don’t worry. I won’t marry. I will always eat your head with my mischief.
Shomi- we will see shona. Every girl has to marry one day. You will also get married. Then we will talk about this that day.
Swara- you will see maa. I am not going to marry.
Shomi just smiled and went to ragini.
Shomi- beta you are ready to meet the boy naa.
Dadi- [entering the room] why won’t she be ready. Don’t fill wrong things in her mind. The boy’s family is very good and my laaddo will rule in that house. And you [to shomi] you don’t have other works. You should think of preparations and here you are asking all rubbish questions from laaddo. [ to ragini] come beta let me take off evil eyes from you.
Dadi- [after doing some things to take off evil eyes] may you get all the happiness.
Dadi- now let her sleep. she should look the best tomorrow. If this relation got fixed then I will be the happiest person as my laddoo will get such a good family.
Ragini- dadimaa you don’t take so much tension for me. Please. I don’t feel good to see you worried.
Dadimaa- laddoo do we have any more work in this age. We have lot of preparations to do for tomorrow. You take rest.
Dadi went away followed by sumi.
Swara- haayee I don’t understand dadi. Sometimes talks so softly and sometimes becomes hitler. Vaise di what qualities you want in your husband.
Ragini- he should be good and understanding and what else will anyone wish for. You tell me what qualities we should look for your husband.
Swara- I said naa I am not going to marry.
Ragini- but if you had to marry then…
Swara- hmm then…. [Stood and thought for a while] He should be extremely handsome and and fun loving. He shouldn’t have problem with my jhalli behaviour. He should be tolerant like you all to bear me. He should love me so much [winked at ragini] he should listen to me and whoever wants to be my husband by mistake should think thousand times before marrying me.
Ragini- pagal.
Swara- thank you for the compliment. Now go to sleep. you have to look beautiful tomorrow and today I am sleeping with you.
She jumped on the bed and covered herself with comforter.
Swara- good night di. Tomorrow have to wake up early.
Next day morning-
Everyone in gadodia house were busy in the preparations. After swara did her part of job she went to temple to offer prayers for her di and her family.
While she was returning back home, she had to take a turn from the junction on her way to home but just then a dog came in front of her scooty and in order to save the dog she turned her scooty and almost lost balance and tried to control the scooty but dashed a car which was also taking a turn in the same direction. She somehow balanced herself from falling along with the scooty and closed her eyes to sigh in relief for being safe.
Opening her eyes she put the scooty on stand and was going towards the driver seat of the car, when a man stepped down the car in full rage and removed his goggles and before swara can apologise, he started scolding.
Man- what the hell? Don’t you have eyes. If you don’t know driving then why the hell do you drive. People like you are the root cause of accidents. First learn to drive then take vehicles in your hand. useless fellow.
Swara tried to interrupt and say sorry but he wasn’t giving chance and she was getting angry because he was scolding her unnecessarily. She finaly interrupted him.
Swara- listen. I was about to say sorry to you for the accident and the damage to your car but now I won’t. you aren’t worth for it. I just feel like as the headlights of your car got broken, same way I should hit your head too. don’t have the sense to talk and patience to listen. BATAMEEZ.
Man- just shut up. What rubbish are you speaking. Who the hell are you. Instead of being sorry for your blunder you have the guts to talk like this to me. What do you think of yourself. I know girls like you very well. Don’t know anything but just to show off…
Swara was about to fire back on him, she was fuming in anger but the man got a call and he picked up the call.
Man- yes mom [eyed swara angrily while she gave the same look]
Opposite side- sanskar beta where have you reached. [the phone was on loudspeaker already and hence swara heard it too] we are on the way to the girl’s house. I hope you won’t get late.
Sanskar- [ put off the speaker mode] mom I am on my way too and will reach before you. Don’t worry. [he cut the call]
Before sanskar could again speak to swara , she spoke-
Swara- ohh so your name is sanskar but I don’t think you have anything like that in you. Your name should be sadu instead of sanskar. And going to see a girl. I hope god save the girl from a person like you who just starts speaking without knowing and thinking anything and who don’t have manners to speak to a girl. Infact you shouldn’t marry or the girl will face hell with your anger and arrogance.

Sanskar- you….
Swara- [didn’t let him speak] first listen to me. I was but now am not at all sorry for the accident because it was unintentional and not because I don’t know driving. Second thing before speaking learn the manners to know the matter and third thing with this behaviour of yours no girl is going to say a yes to you. So better learn to talk to girls and if you get a girl by mistake I am cent percent sure she won’t be happy with such a sadu. Huhhh….
Swara sat on scooty and left from there. Sanskar looked at her going on scooty with extreme anger.
Swara reached home and gave Prasad to all and then went to ragini’s room. Ragini was getting ready. Swara entered the room, gave Prasad to ragini and started speaking non- stop.
Swara- di you aren’t ready till now. take Prasad first. Come I will help you. [started helping ragini] you know di while returning a dog came in front of scooty and in order to save that dog I turned the scooty and it dashed with a car. Before you ask I am alright and don’t tell about this to anyone in home. But that car person [angrily] I am telling you, he was such an arrogant. Didn’t even listen and started scolding me. I also gave him such lecture that he will remember me whole life. Stupid fellow, had no manners to talk. Sadu kahi ka.
Ragini- aahhh [hissed as swara inserted the earing a bit harshly being in anger]
Swara- sorry… sorry di. I am so sorry. Let’s leave this topic. See you are ready. You are looking so beautiful. The boy will immediately say yes to you.
Ragini- here I am nervous and you are not helping me any way better.
Swara- sorry. Don’t take tension. My di is best.and I am with you naa. achha I am going downstairs. The boy’s family will reach anytime sooner. Let me see if there is some work left that I could do. you be relaxed. Ok.
Swara- maa baba do you need any help?
Dadi- you just be quite for sometime. That will be the biggest help. I just wish that everything goes well.
Swara- ayushman bhawah. Everything will be best dadi. And di is so beautiful and talented that they won’t be able to say no. it will be a yes for sure.
Shekhar and shomi smiled and went back to their respective works. Dadi didn’t say anything but chanted god’s name.
Seeing the flower pot empty, swara went to garden and plucked fresh flowers. Meanwhile a car entered the ‘GADODIA NIWAS’ and a young man stepped out of the car and looked around. He saw a girl plucking flowers and called out for her.
Man- excuse me miss.
The girl was obviously swara and she turned to find the same man with whose car she dashed her scooty with.
Sanskar and swara- [together and angrily] you?

Swara- what the hell are you doing here. Must have followed me right. See I said earlier too that the accident was completely unintentional and you had so much courage that you came till here after being so rude and ill mannered.
Sanskar- [angrily] excuse me. I have more important works to do than to follow a girl like you. [calmed himself a little] is this shekhar gadodia’s house.
Swara- didn’t you read the board outside. Your eyes seem to be perfect. [said taunting as he had said her earlier that whether she don’t have eyes] wait a second. You have come here after getting all details about me. You wait.. I will call my baba.
Sanskar- [irritated and tried to speak] I came here….
Swara- [pointed finger to him in warning] chup [quite] let baba come. [shouted] BABA… BABA….
Sanskar made an irritated face hearing her loud shout.
Shekhar along with shomi and dadaji came out hearing swara’s shout.
Shekhar- [concerned and not noticing sanskar] what happened shona. Why did you shout?
Swara- baba vo [pointing towards sanskar] he came behind…..
Shekhar as soon as saw sanskar moved towards him without listening swara and swara stood confused as why shekhar moved without even listening.
Swara- baba suniye toh…
Shekhar- sanskar maheshwari…
Sanskar- ji [sanskar folded his hands in greeting] namaste
Shekhar- Namaste beta. I hope you didn’t find difficulty coming here. [sanskar looked at swara who was confused] umm.. you alone.. I mean dpji and..
Sanskar- vo actually I am coming from office. Had some work to do urgently. Mom is on the way.
Shekhar- ohhh… welcome beta. Baba [to deendayal gadodia] he is sanskar. He is dpji’s son, for seeing our ragini.
Swara eyes widened as realisation hit her. She looked at sanskar unblinkingly with widened eyes. Sanskar saw this and smirked at swara.
Just then ap and dp along with sujata and rp reached there. As they came out of car, shekhar, shomi and dadaji greeted them and welcomed them.
Shekhar- shona won’t you greet them.
Swara- [coming out of shock] haan…. [went towards dp and touched his feet] Namaste uncle.
In same way she touched ap, sujata and rp’s feet and greeted them.
All started moving inside but swara stood at her place in shock and tension as sanskar is the guy who came to see ragini and she not only met with accident with him but also said so much.
Shekhar- [shook swara] shona come inside beta.
Swara- baba you go. I am coming.
Sanskar got a call while he was going inside and hence he came out and attended the call, while swara didn’t see this as her back was towards door and she started talking to herself.
Swara- what have I done. I just messed up with the one who came to see di. But [looking upwards] god you know that it wasn’t my fault. And I was going to say sorry naa but he only scolded me without listening to me, and I just got angry. He was being arrogant and rude. Don’t know what should I pray to you. If this man is always arrogant like this then what will happen of my di. Please haan god, save my di and keep her happy.
Sanskar who heard her was angry as according to him she was at fault and talking ill about him. He just went inside. Swara too went inside not knowing whatever she spoke was heard by sanskar.
Inside all were sitting and sanskar finding place beside ap sat there.
Ap- shekhar ji please call your daughter.
Shekhar- ji. [ to shomi] shomi…
Shomi nodded her head. swara who entered looked at sanskar and then to shomi.
Swara- maa I will bring di. You wait.
Sanskar was controlling himself because seeing swara he was getting angry more and more remembering her statements.
In a while swara came down with ragini and made her sit on a single sofa and stood beside her keeping one hand over her shoulder assuring her that she is with her.

Ap and sujata talked a little to her. Sanskar looked at swara and remembering her words thought something.
Sanskar- [ whispered to ap] mom I am ready for marriage with her. Rest is all your decision.
Listening to sanskar, a smile appeared on ap’s face.
Ap- are you sure beta.
Sanskar- mom when I say something I am sure about it.
Ap told this to dp.
Dp- shekhar ji we liked your daughter. Now it’s upon you to decide.
Shekhar and others were a bit shocked at the sudden and quick decision.
Sujata- [to ap] didi isn’t the decision too fast.
Ap- sujata our sanskar is ready and that is the biggest point and your bhaisa knows about shekhar ji and his family. So there is no problem.
Shekhar- ji durgaprasad ji. Now what should I say. It’s our good work that we are getting such a good family and a person like sanskar for our ragini. We also agree for this relation. Baba what do you say. [asked to deendayal gadodia]
Dadaji- durgaprasad ji it will our fortune that my granddaughter become a part of your family.
Dp- congratulations chachaji [to deendayal] condratulations shekhar ji.
Shekhar- congratulations to you too. [to shomi] shomi bring sweets.
Just when shomi was about to go to kitchen.
Swara- [to ragini] di are you ready and happy with this alliance.
Swara asked gaining everyone’s attention. All looked at ragini for answer and realised that no one has asked her opinion.
Swara- [seeing that all are looking at them] sorry vo ……. It’s about di’s life and her happiness is what matters…… Vo….. I am saying in between elders…… sorry for that……… I just wanted to know di’s opinion.
Sanskar looked at swara. Shomi came forward towards shona and ragini.
Swara- sorry maa i….
Shomi- it’s ok. You didn’t said anything wrong. In our decision we forgot to ask ragini about her decision. It’s our fault.
Shomi- ragu beta are you happy with this alliance.
Ragini didn’t said anything but just stood bowing her head down.
Shekhar too came forward.
Shekhar- ragini beta you are not under any force.
Ragini- baba maa I am ok with your decision. You know what’s good for me better.
Shomi- so it is a yes.
Ragini just nodded her head. shomi hugged her with happiness.
Shomi- I will bring sweets.
All congratulated each other and made each other eat sweets. Swara was happy that ragini’s alliance got fixed but at the same time was worried and lost in her thoughts that why did sanskar agree after she talked to him so badly and will he keep her di happy.
A pandit was immediately called and their kundlis were shown.
Dp- panditji match their kundlis and tell us a good date for their engagement and marriage.
Pandit looked through their kundli and did his own calculations. In all this sanskar was the most uninterested person. He was bearing everything because it gave happiness to ap.
Panditji- their kundlis match to quite an extent and for engagement a good mahurat is just after 4 days from now.
Dadi – 4 days is quite early. Panditji see some other date.
Ap- ji panditji.
Panditji- annapurnaji the matter is according to the kundli of your son, he should get married within 14 days or else the date for his marriage is after some 10 to 11 months. You should have thought of his marriage earlier itself because he will have a troublesome life forward for the next few years if not married, as astrology says trouble is just about to approach him. But if he gets married now then with the effect of his better half, his life will become easy. His kundli says that his wife will be his strength and luck. she will be the barrier between him and the problems. Now as you say I will tell you the dates of either within this 2 weeks or a date after ten months.
Everyone became quite. Marriage in such a short span of time, they didn’t thought that things will go so fast.
Thinking for a while dp spoke—- chachaji, shekharji I think we will be ok with the engagement in 4 days and then marriage. I know it’s too fast but if not now we will have to wait for next ten months. I know it’s difficult for you to decide and over that you have to send off your daughter. A father has to think multiple times. We will respect your decisions.
Shekhar- dpji …i…. it will be too fast for us. Marriage means so many preparations and over that ….. actually we thought that we will have some time in hand and I will do all preparations by myself and we will get time to spend with ragini…..
Dadi- shekhar I think we should proceed for the marriage. Laddoo has to get married today or tomorrow. And haven’t you heard that we should not delay in these things.
Shekhar- haan but maa….
Dadi- no it’s decided that we agree for this recent date. I said correct naa ji [asked to deendayal]
Dadaji- yes. Shekhar I think there’s no problem.
Shekhar- as you say baba. Ok dpji let’s do the engagement in 4 days then. [dp nodded] panditji fix the engagement date and tell us the the date of marriage and all functions too, so that we can start preparations as soon as possible.
Everything was being fixed.
Ap- sanskar beta you are ok with the date of marriage and engagement.
Sanskar- mom you know that I don’t believe in all these superstitious thngs. Leave about me. You tell me are you happy?
Ap- why not. It’s about my son’s marriage.
Sanskar- then I am also happy. Accha listen mom I will take leave in half an hour. I have a meeting to attend.
Ap- but.. accha ok you go but after doing lunch. It won’t feel good if you went before that.
Sanskar nodded.
Swaragini along with shomi were preparing for lunch. Everything was done and swara was setting the dining table. She was extremely quite. Infact ragini and shomi were also quite and were doing the work.
Shomi- ragu beta. Pass that bowl.
Ragini passed her the bowl.
Shomi- beta you are happy naa. Say naa.
Ragini- don’t know maa. I am feeling nervous all of sudden. I am happy and I know that baba chose this family then he would have thought and seen everything but still I am feeling nervous.
Shomi- it happens. Not because of the groom’s family but the word marriage has this power as it brings new relations and responsibilities. Everything will be good.
Swara- that is what I am also thinking. Everything should be good. [hugged ragini] I don’t believe ragu di. Your relation got fixed and just 11 days I have in hand to spend with you. 12th day and you will be in your new house leaving me.
Swara became senti and so did ragini and shomi.
Ragini- [crying a bit] you are making me cry and even more nervous.
Shomi- [wiping the corner of her eyes] girls have to go to new house. It’s their destiny. Now stop crying both of you.
She hugged them.
Shomi- come let’s set the food and shona call everyone for lunch.
All had their lunch. Sanskar left after telling about his meeting and maheshwari’s stayed there for a while talking about the marriage and its preparations.
Shekhar- dpji we fixed the marriage but now will we be able to do the preparations on time.
Dp- shekhar ji I understand it’s difficult but we have to do it somehow. So let’s decide where to start from.
Swara- [interrupting] baba, uncle ji if you don’t mind may I say something.
Dp- yes say beta.
Swara- if we keep on thinking then nothing will happen. We should form a layout of our works to be done. One minute.
she sat beside shekhar with a notepad and called everyone.
Swara- we should first decide what works we have to do and then in priority order we will have to do the works. Like we start from venue of engagement. Baba where will we do engagement- at home or somewhere else.
Shekhar- I had thought to do every function from home but since we don’t have so much time to prepare from home, I think we will arrange it in some hotel. What do you say dpji.
Dp- I also think the same. Purna…
Ap- ji that will be ok.
Swara- ok then. Venue will be a hotel so we have to decide the hotel and book it. Next goes decoration and cateres that we can decide with the help of hotel management as they will have many contacts. Then next work will be invitation cards and guest list. Invitation we will have to get printed as soon as possible. And the most important is rings and wedding shopping. Done.
Swara- so in all these today everyone will make their own guest list ready and both the families will search for a good venue. Tomorrow first work will be booking a venue and then by tomorrow itself we will have to give order for printing cards. This part of job will be done by baba, dadaji, dp uncle and rp uncle.
Swara- next thing is that maa dadimaa, ap aunty and sujata aunty will go for shopping tomorrow and will buy everything required for the engagement except the rings. The rings will be bought day after tomorrow. And that day itself decorators and cateres will be fixed. Problem is cards. We will have to give orders to someone who will print cards in one day. So that day after tomorrow we can collect the cards and send the invitations in time. If everything goes well according to plan then we will have no problem in preparations.
Dp- [impressed] that’s really impressive. You seem quite good at arranging functions. But beta it won’t be so easy. Things are not that easy as we planned.
Swara- I know uncleji but we need to be positive so that every work could be done more efficiently.
Ap- sharmisthaji you have got gems as your daughter.
Shomi smiled.
They talked little more and left.
As planned, everyone started doing their works. It was not easy to cope up with it but they somehow managed.
Durgaprasad maheshwari [dp] – head of maheshwari family. A well renowned man in society and have their own huge empire- maheshwari empire.
Annapurna maheshwari [ap] – wife of dp. Loyal, educated, soft hearted, and a kind lady.
Ramprasad maheshwari [rp]- younger brother of dp and has equal contribution in the business. Respects dp a lot.
Sujata maheshwari- wife of rp and she is also educated. She respects her husband and is also soft hearted lady. Loves the whole family and always takes suggestion of ap in all her decision. Sometimes gets affected by talks of society but always shares her queries with ap.
Sanskar maheshwari [age- 25] – eldest son of family. Son of ap and dp. Has set up his own business without help of the family. He lives separately in his own house.
Laksh maheshwari [age-24] – son of rp and sujata. Younger to sanskar. Happy and jolly type person.
Uttara maheshwari [age-20] – daughter of rp and sujata and the only girl child in the family. Pampered and loved by all and is the life of both brothers. They can do anything for her. She is their little doll.
Deendayal gadodia- head of the family. Dadaji of swaragini
Parvati gadodia- wife of deendayal gadodia. Dadi of swaragini.
Shekhar- son of deendayal and parvati gadodia. He is a businessman too but his business is within Kolkata and not expanded in the whole country like maheshwari’s.
Sharmistha- wife of shekhar. A lovely lady. Her daughters are the world for her.
Ragini- [age-23] elder daughter of gadodia’s and a soft, shy type girl. Has completed her graduation and pg and now is helping in her father’s business. Loves swara a lot.
Swara- [age-22] doing mbbs. Younger daughter of gadodia’s. sweet, bubbly or a better word to describe her is vivacious. Loves her family and specially her ragu di a lot. Both sisters have a unique bonding.
Rest other characters will be introduced as the story proceeds.
Be patient and read the story. I hope you will like the story.

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