Sorry guys for soo late the episode starts
swara’s towel wrapped around her head fell on floor and her hairs scattered.
he made her stand but she leaned on his shoulder in unconscious state. his one hand on her waist and with other he patted her cheek.
sanskar- swara… swara are you alright. open your eyes swara.
she showed no movement. he picked her up and placed on the bed and covered her with blanket.
he called for a doctor as he was extremely worried now as she became unconscious the second time.
sanskar- hello doctor this is sanskar mahehwari. my wife has fever and she went unconscious twice. please come to sm as soon as possible.
doctor- ok i am reaching there as soon as possible.
san- thankyou doctor
he sat beside swara and her palms and put wet cloth on her forehead. his eyes fell on her wet hair. he brought a towel and slightly pulling her to him and hugging in sitting position he wiped her hairs. then he cleaned the room and made it presentable. he again sat beside her and looked at her angelic face which showed how innocent soul she is but how dull it became and knowing the reason to be he himself he became sad and felt disgusted about himself.
after sometime doctor came and examined her. sanskar was pacing outside the room. doctor came out looked at her with curiosity.
sanskar- doctor she is fine naa? nothing to worry about?when will she gain consciousness? doctor please say something.
he fired questions at her
doc- mr maheshwari she is alright. she has fever. give her these medicines. she will gain consciousness after sometime and nothing to worry for now. but take proper care of her and i think she is stresssed about something or under any kind of trauma so be with her and soothe her. now i will take your leave.
san- thankyou doctor.
he went inside the room ans saw her and then called for shobha kaki[ yhe cook and caretaker there]
san- o[on intercom] kaki swara is unwell. you come here fast.
kaki- ji sanskar beta.[ she hurriedly came to the room]
sanskar saw her coming and ordered her.
san- kaki i am going to study when swara gains consciousness call me and take care of her till then.
he left from there.
in study room
san- chii.. how could i do this[he threw a glass of water on table on the floor breaking it in anger]. what was her fault. she already told me that she would need time for alll this and i forced her. infact why did i do so as i myself never wanted this. but what made me so furious on her last night taht i drank and moreover forced her. how could i think of her like this? and now she is in this condition because of me.[tears of guilt fell from his eyes.]
he was shocked and touched his wet cheeks.he saw his wet fingers and was lost in his own thoughts.
san- [thinking] how is this possible? how could tears come to my eyes.
now he was completely lost but came into his senses hearing the knock on the door. he wiped his tears and opened the door.
[initially shocked to see sanskar so dull and pale]
kaki- sorry to disturb beta. swara bitiya is conscious now.
san- it’s ok prepare soup for her and bring it in the room and later clean yhis mess.
he with heavy heart went into his room and stood near the door and observed swara’s action. she was trying to sit holding the head board of the bed. he just looked at her blankly. he composed himself, went near her. swara saw him coming and he too saw her swara noticing him and felt uneasy and pain in his heart seeing her avoiding him and behaving as she did not see him. she completely avoided his presence which hurt him a lot.
san- [spoke gently] swara you fainted due to high fever and weakness and str… stress too. doctor gave these medicines. [pointing towards the medicines kept on the side table]. these are to be taken after having meal. i have told kaki for soup. she would be coming anytime and if you need anything else you tell me or kaki about it and take proper rest.
he turned to leave but paused for a minute and spoke again.
san- dry your hair and change your dress or otherwise it will affect your health even more.
just then kaki entered with soup bowl.
kaki- sanskar beta soup is ready.
san- [nodded his head] make her drink this and help her in her works and give what she want or inform me and don’t leave her alone
kaki- thik hai beta.
sanskar went from the room and kaki went near swara and helped her get up and lead her way to washroom her clothes. swara changed and came out. she was dull. kaki made her to sit on the bed and brought the soup bowl.
kaki- have this soup and then you have to take medicines
swara- kaki keep the soup i will have it later.
kaki- sanskar beta told to make you have it and give medicines.and he also told to be with you.
swara was irritated but with no other options she simply started drinking the soup. she was shocked to see the mirror.

precap- reason foe swara’s shock and swasan past revealaton flashback starts.

sorry readers for so late update but now i will try to post as soon as possible.

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