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He slept but sleep was far from swara. She cried and cried. swara couldnot bear his weight but right now she was fighting with her inner turmoil and trying to gather herself. she never thought that in her she would have to face a day like this. she went unconscious due to stress, weakness and continuous crying.
the next morning
sun rays disturbed sanskar’s sleep and he opened his eyes a bit. His head ached severely and felt something soft under him. he slowly moved his head up and saw swara under him. he was hell shocked and moved from over her.
sanskar:- swaraaa. what , how [held his head] how can swara be here.what happened last night. did i?
he looked at the room which was messed up and tried to register what happened last night. his head ached so much that he couldn’t think anything. he drank water and then went to washroom and washed his face multiple times. he decided to take shower. while taking shower he found scratches on his neck and arms.he closed his eyes and slowly faint images of happening of last night flashed in front of his eyes.
Sanskar:- oh god! what have i done. swara i did so much to her forcefully. how can i. how will i face her now.
he immediately after taking shower came out.
he just looked at swara and didn’t knew what to do. then thinking a lot he went to his study and thought to wait for sometime and then see swara after she wakes up .he was thinking how will swara react over all this and how he will face her.

1 hour passed and sanskar came to his hoom. he was really nervous about what will happen. he was worried to see that swara was still sleeping as she wakes up early in the morning and now it is 8:00 a.m and she is fast asleep. he sensed something wrong and went to her.
he forwarded his hand but withdrew it immediately and thinking for a while concluded that this isn’t wrong and shook her to wake her up but she didn’t move and this worried him more and another reason to worry was sanskar felt her burning in fever. he immediately sprinkled water on her face from the glass on her side table. she slowly opened her eyes and found sanskar and last night happenings came to her mind and she became angry and scared the same time.she immediately woke up and pulled the blanket and covered herself.
swara:- [angry but scared voice] don’t come near me go away.
sanskar:-[moved a step forward to approach her and explain her] swara listen..
Swara:- please sanskar stay away from me. don’t come near me. [she slightly moved backward on the bed] sanskar just froze at his place seeing swara’s condition for which was responsible.
swara breathed heavily and held her head which ached and cried.
Swara:- ahh… [tears fell from her eyes] why did you do his to me sanskar? what did i do to you that you forced me? why? [she cried] sanskar:- i … i am sorry swara. i am really sorry.
he moved forward and tried to hold her hand and soothe her.
swara :- [seeing him coming closer ]don’t touch me. i beg you leave me and stay away.
sanskar moved two steps back and was ashamed of himself. he was guilty. he cursed himself for swara’s condition.and here swara was not in condition to listen him. she hated his presence at that moment as it reminded her of yesterday’s incident.her eyes were all swollen due to crying and red due to anger for sanskar. swara got down the bed and lost balance and sanskar immediately hold her but swara jerked him.
swara:- stay away mr. maheshwari.
sanskar:- i just want to help you.
swara :- i don’t want anyone’s help and whatever help you did last night isn’t that enough for you or you want more?
sanskar :- swara i drank last night and whatever i did was in inebriated condition. i really never wanted to do this. whatever punishment you give me for this i will accept. now please let me help you.
swara :- thanks a lot mr. maheshwari but i don’t want your help even i don’t want to see your face . please leave me alone.

she moved towards washroom lost her balance many times as she felt dizzy but walked with the support of walls. sanskar stood there completely helpless and he could do only is to watch her going.
swara took shower and cried whole heartedly. she rubbed her neck , arms and her face to remove the images of sanskar forcefully touching her. sanskar was standing in the room itself and heard swara crying and couldn’t do much than just cursing himself.he waited outside in the room as he knew swara had fever and was he can’t risk with her life. swara did not carry her clothes so she wrapped herself in bathrobe and wrapped her wet hair with towel and came out. she didn’t expect sanskar to be there till then. they looked at each other and swara turned and told him to go out.sanskar started his way out the room but then swara losing her balance and fainting. he immediately rushed to her and held her in his arms.
swara’s towel wrapped on her hair fell on ground and her hairs scattered.
epi ends.

no precap just have to wait for the next episode.

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