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Let’s begin
swara shocked due to sanskar’s behaviour.
Sanskar:-why i am your husband and i have this right on you.
swara:- sanskar we talked about this earlier itself.
sanskar:-what have we talked. whatever it may be was earlier not now so don’t you speak anything.
swara:- what rubbish are you talking, leave me now[she struggled to move away but of no use] sanskar:- no and that’s it.
he forcefully kissed on her forehead. swara pushed him and tried moving away but he held her wrist.
sanskar:-[annoyed and angry] why do you want to move away. all girls are behind me and it’s you only who want to move away. do you like someone else? you want to cheat me.
swara:- [in louder tone] sanskar stop it. be in your limits.
sanskar:- today i will show you my limits. you just see.
He slid the zip of her gown and tried removing the strip from her shoulders. swara became numb by his acts but then acted stronger and jerked his hand.
swara:-sanskar i am telling you stop all this right now and leave me . what are you thinking that i will tolerate all this then you are wrong. leave me or else
sanskar :- or else what haan?
swara:-or else i will shout.
sanskar:- and who will listen. you very well know that we are in my mansion and not in mm and servants they are not in the house.
swara:- [cryingly] don’t do this sanskar. leave me please.
sanskar:- don’t ever try to challenge me otherwise you will see the worst of me understand and now just shut your mouth. you want to ditch me. i will show you the punishment of doing so.

now swara was hell scared whereas sanskar who wasn’t in his senses touched her bare back sensuously and slipped one shoulder strip and all the while swara struggled to be free of his hold but couldn’t.
he dragged her and threw her on the bed . she got up and was about to get down but sanskar pushed her and came upon her with his full body weight upon her.
He forcefully intertwined his fingers with hers and pressed them against the bed and started kissing her all over her shoulders, neck and collar bone. He was harsh and swara couldnot bear it. she was continuously pleading him to leave her and not to do this.
she tried pushing him and move but he didn’t allow her to move even an inch. she felt completely helpless and disgusted by his touch and his behaviour.
whenever she tried pushing him he bite her and sucked hard over there making it unbearable for swara and she hissed in pain and cried as she could not prevent what is happening.she was shivering thinking what would sanskar do next and how helpless she is not able to protect herself.
he liplocked her and bite her lower lip forcefully and gave hickeys on her neck. swara just prayed to god that somehow this should stop right there and then and god listened to her . sanskar was about to move further but in this inebriated condition he felt dizzy and soon dozed off over her gripping her in his embrace very tightly.
swara was crying all the while but thanked god when sanskar dozed off. she was pushing him and trying to move from his grip but sanskar held her so tight as if he loosen his grip a bit even he will lose something very significant from his life. sanskar’s grip tightened more as swara tried to free herself even though he was in sleep.
swara finally agreed her defeat over sanskar’s grip and cried over what happened moments ago and thinking what could have happened more and thinking this made her to cry more.she was so tired and weak by all that happened that she went unconscious the night has passed and this night experienced two little kind hearts broken and an incident which they would have never thought of.

what would happen the next morning when they wake up, and when sanskar realizes what he has done.
episode ends
next day:- sanskar’s realization and their confontations. swara’s reaction.
guys i can’t promise that i will be posting everyday but i can assure you that the story will be interesting and you would love to read it.i will be posting it whenever i get time as i don’t get permission to use laptop and access internet everyday.
i thought of consummation in this episode itself but this wouldn’t suit as they need to love each other and sanskar should realize his mistake.
so just wait for the next episode.

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