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Every relations are based on trust and love. A relation is healthy until insecurity and jealousy arises which ever it may be. Why do they arise it may be due to mental stress seeing our loved once close to some one their success and many more in every relation mutual understanding btw the partners is important. Love is selfless its done with no expectations nothing else is required than love and trust when insecurities arises the string of love becomes weak and eventually a relation breaks but not all relations it happens. Marriage its not just being with some one its being with a person whom u love with no expectations and who loves u back in same passion its a relation of friendship with whom u can share ur every pain ur every scert who understands u everyone is not perfect with time they become they get maturity to handle things to understand and all
Love its air it can happen to anyone at anytime and Marriage its a scared relation
A marriage without love can run but without trust it can’t u can’t live with a person who doesn’t trust u. Trust is very important in any relation. Marriage I have started hating this word and may be not but was it my fault u’ll may not be understading what rubbish I am speaking so let me tell about myself I am ragini lakshya rathore ops why do I always connect me with him I mean ragini singh again confused I’ll clear it soon before that let me tell about myself I am ragini singh daughter of sumi singh and shekar singh I have elder brother sanskar singh beloved of all my family has pampered me a lot especially sanskar bhai everyone says that but I don’t why they feel so because according to me its papa who pampered me more bhai has too but not that much he’s big b who always keep eye on me where ever I am whatever I do he knows what I am upto
Life was going smooth until I met him it was best thing happened to me I thought but know I feel it was worst day of my life our love stroy was not that simple as all we were always fighting for silly things we met for the first time in college we didn’t have a friendly meet its all started with fight and I myself don’t know when it reached to love I fell for him for his care kindness looks attitude anger his skills for everything I started loving him and lot and one day he proposed me and I accepted and soon our family came to know about it and they agreed why they wouldn’t they knew laksh every well afterall he was swara bhabi’s brother my family liked him a lot and bhai made veryone agree for our relation I thanked him that time but know I feel couldn’t he have opposed if he would have then this no marriage and no problems lets leave that topic and ha and when I came to know that he was swara bhabi’s brother we started fighting more I got this shock during bhai’s engagement where I met him during that time we were biggest enemies in college as days passed I don’t know how it truned to friendship and we ended up marrying eachother
Everything was like fairy tale and price coming on white horse to make u his princess I was the happiest person soon we shifted to mumbai as per our work he handles his family business and I am a financial advisor and MBA graduate life was going in peace and everything seemed perfect but nothing was like that after some time we started fighting a lot its true when u stay with a person u come to know how he is lakshya was more short temper than he seems to be and many fights were because of me also I love to be in mess and he’s very hygienic he had many funny and silly fights for that and he changed me we made many compromises especially me he didn’t like me getting close to his colleagues very possessive I loved his possessiveness but to some extend I hate if anyone tries to rule me but it was ok to some extend
But everything changed upside down when I came to know that he has affair with some kavitha who worked in his office I didn’t believe it obviously I know him he will not cheat me and he loves me a lot I never putted interest in all this until I saw them together in mall even know I didn’t pay more attention after that incident I felt as he’s ingnoring me late night chats with friends returning late from office having dinner out I was disturbed so to just simply check I went to his office when I reached I found him chatting with some girl I couldn’t see her face I was dame angry on him and later I herad from some office staff saying that these days kavitha and laksh were very close to ecahother it hurted me alot at evening I waited for him to return I asked him
“why are u late laksh”
“office work dear” he said resting himself on sofa
“oh really only office work nothing related to kavitha” I said in cold tone trying to control my anger
Hearing the name he immdeately stood up
“are u doubting me” he asked
“I am not doubting I am just asking” I was trying hard to control my self he came near me held me by shoulders
“ragu I just love no one else”he said looking straight in my eyes
“are u sure because I am not because of these rumours” I said
“ragini trust me their nothing as ur thinking all these rumours are wrong” he said
“ok I trust u” I said hugging him don’t know why I was unable to question him my hearted trusted him
“I love u” he said
“I love u too” he hugged me tight and we ended up romancing with ecahother
But things didn’t go after that we were doubting each other I found my old school friend unfortunately working in his office my doubt was getting big on him I checked his phone we fighted for that he didn’t like me checking it all his actions were making my doubt sure and atlast one day we had a huge fight he was trying to justify himself and questioning me about being with some other men this was too much for me he questioned my character in slapped him in rage he called me characterless and I called him cheater and we aparted I am back to my home our family tried to do our patch up but we were not ready for that and he filed divorce today is second hearing of court and one more hearing and then he his way and me mine
“are u sure ragini that u want divorce” bhai asked me while getting in car
“yes bhai” I said
“think about it again u can give a second chance to ur relation u may have misudrestood him” he said
“bhai plsz not again from the time I came back u’ll are trying to convice me why don’t u go to him and say all this and I was ready for patch up but he was not so know its now my problem and my decision is final” saying I got in car he too joined and their was complete silence
The best thing happened to me that I fell in love and that too with ragini I was the most happiest person in world our fisrt meet was worst then I came to know that she’s sanskar jiju’s sister I was shocked but soon we turned to friends and I fell for her she’s the most beautiful girl I ever saw I proposed her and she accepted it we married soon and then we shifted to Mumbai life was going so well I was insecure and possessive about her I hated if anyone was close to her she was mine just mine and love her the way she’s her naughtiness everything
Then came the biggest headache of my life kavitha this girl was after me she was mad and she speared the rumour that we were in relation that was totally false I didn’t tell ragini about it because it was not necessary that day she came to meet me swara came their we were talking she didn’t meet ragini because she was busy a lot after she left I came to know that ragini came I analaysed the situation I was sure that she came to know about kavitha and it happened same when I reached home I saw her anger we talked and I thought everything is sloved I was too busy in my work I thought as a financial advisor she knew about my work but she doubted me and we started fighting a lot and then her school friend I hate him because of him we never got much time to spend with ecahother ragini was occupied by him when I was free she didn’t have time either her work or her friend things were going out of our way I wanted to talk to her but was unable to and finally a big fight and then divorce on that day I didn’t wanna say her anything like that but situation made worst
I curse myself for what I said but when I was ready for patch up she was in attitude and then my ego today is second hearing of our case our parents tried a lot to convince us but we are stuburn after one more hearing she her way and me mine
Ragini and laksh they want divorce they are so stub burn and none of both was ready to say the reason of their fight both are blaming each other I tried to laksh and ragini both are not ready for patch up they want divorce ragini was stub burn from childhood she’s my beloved sister I care for her a lot and I don’t want her to spoil het life like this and laksh is good man but both egoist which is the root cause of their fight and today is their case second hearing soon we reached court swara was laksh and I was with ragini we both looked towards eachother helplessly and these two love birds I mean angry birds were passing death glare soon court hearing started both were called in witness box
“mr and mrs rathore are u sure that u want divorce” the judge asked
“yes my lord” both answered at a time
“u can think about it again” judge asked
“I can’t stay with him” ragini said
“ and me too even I can’t tolerate her” laksh said
“ yeah who can live with mr.over possessive and gorilla” ragini said I was getting laugh seeing their silly fight
“ even I too can’t live with a chudial” he said
“how dare u call me chudail”
“ and how dare u call me gorilla” laksh
“what else we can call a gorilla ur are” ragini said
“ and ur also a chudial a vampire who drinks her husbands blood” he said their fight was getting more
“order oder” judge said and these two stopped their fight
“ I need some time to think about ur case” the court session was stopped in middle
Me and swara went to judge we talked to him and convinced him that these two love ecahother a lot and their just some misunderstanding which they are not reday to clear plsz give them some time and he agreed during next session he gave raglak one month time saying them to think over it again
Me and swara had a great responsibility to make these two angry birds patch up
A week passed but nothing happened me and swara tired many plans even our parents helped us but nothing happened these two are always fighting
A passed after court hearing during this time many unusual things happened where me and laksh came in front of each other unusually I am sure it was all swsan’s plan it remained me of our starting days I started missing him his care his love but I am sure he wouldn’t miss me he’s happy in his life
Today I thought to live my life as I wish I planned shopping with my friends where I saw him with some girl I was fuming in jealous and he ignored me as I am nothing to him I got angry and I called my friends I enjoyed my day but something was missing and that was laksh how much hard I try to hate him I love him that much
Kavya my cousin sister requested me to come for shopping with her I agreed their I saw ragini hanging out with her friends she was behaving as if nothing happened and her that friend whom I hate was also here I was fuming in jealous and this madam was enjoying her day
Why do I care for her when she doesn’t what ever it may be but the truth is I love her
A week passed like this I many times spotted ragini with her friends and that boy too I hated him so much seeing me she was totally behaving as if she doesn’t know me and was getting more close to her friend I too wanted to make her jealous I tried many things and it worked but she never reacted she was angry that could be clearly seen on her face I enjoyed her reactions but I was angry on her I was busy with my work when kavay requested me to go for dinner with her and I agreed I spotted ragini and kartick their her new friend we kept seeing ecahother but not reacted I saw him misbehaving with my ragini I couldn’t take it anymore I went to them kartick was behaving as a mad I got hell angry I broke his tooth ragini tried to stop me seeing her car for him I got even more angry I bet him red and blue I held ragini’s hand and pulled her she was protesting hard but I was powerfull I pushed her in car and drove to our home
“why did u bring me here” she questioned I was no mood to listen to her I pushed her in our room and locked the door
“lashk what are u upto” she asked I started moving close to her she hitted the wall we were very close to eachother I could feel her heart beat getting fast I was happy that it was me who raised her heart beats I was feeling prod of myself I saw towards her my angle she had her eyes closed I came closer to her
“what ever u doing with that monkey” I asked
“why should I answer u”
“u should” I commanded
“did I ask what were u doing with that girl no na” she said looking straight in my eyes
“ so ur spying on me” I said
“ no its not me its u and ur the one interfering in my life” she said
“u were jealous” I asked
“ no I was not but I think u were for sure so only u brought me here” she said
“u were admit it” I said
“ no I was not” her eyes were moist I leaned more close to her
and placed a gentle kiss on her lips she was shocked she pushed me and tried to escape I pulled her towards me
“laksh leave me” she said
“I won’t what will u do” I asked
“ let me go what’s ur problem u always wanted that I should go far away from u I am going so leave me” she said I was sad hearing it
“I never wished that and I won’t” I said
“what’s ur problem why can’t u let me leave in peace” she said
“taking my peace do u think I’ll let u be in peace” I said
“what did I do ur in peace from the time I left u” she said her eyes were moist
“ no I am not and its because ur not with me” I said
Listening to him ragini felt every happy that he loves her still
“ why so”
“because I love u and I can’t live without u” I said before I could complete I felt her lips on mine she kissed me I pulled her more close and soon it turned into passionate one it lasted for some minutes they broke the kiss and hugged each other
“ I am sorry ragini for not trusting u for not understanding u” laksh said
“ I am also sorry for doubting u” ragini said
“ I am sorry for hurting u for not giving time to u I am sorry for everything”
“ I am also sorry for everything” ragini said holding him still more tight
“why are u sorry I should be I hurted u it was all my fault” laksh said breaking the hug
“ no laksh it was my fault also” ragini said
“ it would have never happened if I had informed u about kavitha earlier and about swara’s vist when u came to office”
“ no laksh I doubted u”
“ no ragini I bad mouthed about u its all my fault u should not forgive me so easily”
“ ok if ur saying I’ll not forgive u”ragini said playfully
“hey u can’t do that” laksh said ragini busted in laughter
Laksh pulled her again in a hug
“ok don’t forgive me easily I am ready to bear all punishment but plsz always be with me”
“never ever if u ask me also I’ll not” she said
In every relation their are problems its important to trust each other and love each other
Hope u’ll likes it plsz comment

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