the insatiable white queen and faithful dark knight: last chapter

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There’s no right or wrong. It’s only what u want and what happens.
โ€œYet, no matter how deeply I go down into myself, my God is dark, and like a webbing made of a hundred roots that drink in silence.
โ€œDo not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.

Arjun went to the bar where saral was drinking endlessly ; cursing himself, his fate, his sister. Some remorse also present. The best road to pave a way for ur resentment was feeling guilty. Though how much inhuman u r , u can’t escape from urself, who always question u. Saral took one pegs and remembered ridhima’s reasonings, accusations and pain. Now he understood the meaning of moral pain and suffering in depression. Arjun clenched his fist seeing that vile creature. He wish if he could end him by himself but no; a strict no from radz side. He just have to instigate him, showed the way for his own destruction. Arjun encouraged saral in drinking. Saral asked Arjun,” when u have committed sin ,what u do generally? How will u rectify? If not what other way….he stopped for a moment as if he was in a deep thought..he continued,” I came to know the suffering when I experience by myself. It hurts me so much when the girl i loved truly hates me. What should I do?”

Arjun’s patience was at its edge point to break. This disgusting creature spoke about love, what a joke!! that too about radhika. His everything. He replied with a burning rage ,” just die, if u want to rectify ur sins. ” with that he got up and moved. Saral looked on puzzled , Arjun turned again and looked directly into saral’s eyes ,” I gave you a easiest method to got rid of ur pain, just placed beside ur drink. What u did with ridhima di and Ankush bhai , even devil would think twice. U murdered Ankush bhai by giving this forcefully, but I gave u this, a chance. Utilize it wisely. Gud luck.” Arjun went away ,stopped at entrance to look back saral who was pouring the liquid on his drink placed on table by Arjun . A mysterious smirk appeared on his lip as he walked away by whistling. It was his first ever time he felt light, no burden now. The life Arjun ever dreamt , a normal life with his lady would start from tomorrow. A contented smile played across his face.

But sometimes something didn’t go like we planned. It was so called destiny or human intervention could change everything within a moment.

Nandini was taken to hospital for severe food poisoning. As per her maid ,” she ordered some food from outside. After eating it she felt nauseous and irritation on her body.” As per the report her food contained combination of rosary pea and hemlock, who have ability to kill person within a short span. Maid gave credit to radhika for saving nandini and sent her to hospital. Inspector samaira felt something strange in all this theory. According to food service department they sent many delivries that time, nothing happened to other. And there’s no chance for them to put such poisonous things in food. Who could be??

A point hit hard on Sam’s mind. Why everyone faced some disastrous fate who were closed to radhika Mishra. What exactly this girl was?? She ran to the ward to see doctor giving some medication to patient and thanking radhika. Sam didn’t say anything, just returned back with some determination in her planning. She went to police station and called teji. She wanted to recheck each and every file again. Anuj, mala, Saral, nandini. Teji gave her the shocking news by reading about nandini.

Teji ,” ridhima Mishra aka ridhi was another adopted daughter of nandini, ridhi who passed away in some medical accident. ”

Sam almost forgot about ridhima in her work pressure. But after knowing she asked by pressing her curiosity about ridhima,” so. What next happened?”..

Teji,” I was studying that case file. She was mentioned as a part of house wife prostitution.she came to complaint once at police station witha witness. And the most amazing fact is she was also a Mishra “.

Sam was thinking something seriously and ran outside followed by teji. They were heading towards radz previous house. Sam asked about the witness who came with ridhima. Teji was going to answer, but they saw the neighbour of radz house.

Sam went and asked one old lady whom she couldn’t meet last time due to health issues; about mala and her only child radhika. Old lady laughed and said,” only child!! She had three children. Another girl and a boy.”

Sam was shocked and thought ” as expected. Some more things are hidden there”. She asked about the day when mala died.

Old lady said , ” the most mysterious lady i ever seen was mala. She never talked with anyone. And those first two children were left one day and didn’t return again. ”
She stopped for sometime and started again,” radhika was a silent child from start just like her mother. May be coz of her mother.perhaps because of that poor life, somehow, there’s a part of radhika that had become cold. When she found her mother’s body, she didn’t cry at all. I was a bit surprised that time. Later my heart couldn’t tolerate seeing the dead body and i fell ill ,”.

Sam and teji got shocked. Because it was a complete different scenario what they saw that day radhika cried heavily near by mala’s dead body.Sam just asked to know the other children name to get shock again: Ridhima and Ankush. She stood up like a zombie, moved toward their car animatedly. Teji was asking what happened she couldn’t hear anything. Sam remembered samrat’s torture to Ankush. That’s why she left her home and started living by herself. She hated her father for life , but now something else gotten inside her.

Teji drove to the next destination, nandini house. Somehow Sam composed herself. They asked many questions to the maids. They couldn’t say many things as many were newly hired except one or two. Sam went to search nandini’s room. After a good 45mintues she got some photographs. She called one old maid and asked about persons. One photo who captured her eyes immediately was the same face she saw at neil home. Without wasting a second she asked who is she? Maid replied,” our madam’s elder daughter, ridhima who died in medical accident”. Sam sat down by pressing her head. She felt everything was spinning around her. After some moments teji and sam left nandini home.

Once they were inside car Sam asked who came as witness in ridhima case. Teji immediately replied,” some Neil Malhotra”. She immediately searched Neil’s photo in her phone and asked teji ,” is it the same person”? Now teji got shock,” he is the same or not I don’t know. But one thing I know I interrogated him as a cross check in Anuj Mehera case. Arjun said he was with him at the time of murder and Neil justified it”.

Sam sat stunned. Now everything got cleared in her view. She was trying to gather things together. After some moments she sarcastically said,” playing with inspector samaira. It will cost a lot. Ready to pay”. Teji couldn’t decipher things as Sam ordered him to move car toward hospital as soon as possible.

Kritika was having a hard time to console radhika. Though radz was acting but her concerns were genuine. She told everything gonna alright, nandini will be alright. Doctor came to give some medicines list which were not available hospital at that time. Radz was going stopped by kritika. Kritika said she’ll go and advised radz yo take some rest as she felt weak also. Kritika noticed trembled leg pairs of radz. After she went away radz called Neil who already in hospital. Somehow they made nandini woke up. Seeing neil with radhika nandini feared to the core. Then radhika laughed hoarsely and said, ” surprised!! Well u planned everything very perfectly but poor u. Everything got spoiled by us. The filthy game u started it will end by us.”

Nandini wanted to escape but couldn’t move an inch due to weakness. She started begging for her life. Neil said sternly with a hoarse voice with crying,” leave u ?? Did u leave my ridhima when she begged? She even promised she would not opened her mouth and turned back the complaint. But u didn’t listen. U gave her the cruel pain in life and scaring death.”

Radhika cutoff ,” and u r going to face the same fate like u did with my di. U know if I want I can handover u to police but that will be useless. U will destroy others life. Just wanted to show u , ur end, ur death”.

Radhika signed neil something while Nandini was begging constantly for life. She injected a non recognized fluid in saline while neil pressed oxygen pipe hardly without letting air to pass. later Arjun who stood outside to check everything called neil to outside.

By the time Sam and teji reached they saw radhika was crying nonstop as nandini’s dead body was going for funeral. Sam asked doctor what happened?? Doctor told due to inefficient oxygen supply, suffocation happened. Plus she had poisonous problem from first. It was an internal problems so doctors could not do anything. But doctor praised the determination from radhika’s side to make nandini cure. Sam smiled ,” brilliantly played”. She went to ambulance and stopped radhika who was sobbing. Sam said directly,” stop this acting. Both u and i know what happened and who is responsible. I spared u till now by thinking u r a teen but u r more than a devil.”

Kritika couldn’t take it anymore as she shouted,” enough Ms inspector.what did u know about her ?? I guess nothing ,just throwing things in doubt. My friend did nothing wrong and I am eye witness. Not for this one case, the previous cases u talked about.” Radhika stood shocked hearing kritika this time. Its true kritika always took radz side blindly but this time she talked about cases openly.Sam thought its better to deal radz later alone. She left while signed radz to see her later. Arjun and Neil witnessed everything from a distance.

When teji asked how Sam could so sure about everything was did by radhika. Sam told him everything starting from neil met with her, radz was ridhima and Ankush sister. So everything she did to get her revenge. Sam added she will get radz by hook or crook. She claimed for an arrest warrant. As they moved, everything heard by Arjun. Arjun went to Neil who was waiting for him. A determined smile played on Arjun’s face. He mumbled himself,” I won’t let anything happened to u. ” A lone drop of tear escaped from his eyes.

Radhika was staring kritika continuously, waiting for her to say something. Kritika was trying to find words from where to start. She said,”I am sorry, I know I should let you know everything from before. I always saw Arjun, the guy whom we couldn’t see before once a week, saw him frequently when u came. One day I found u were crying alone in a dark room. I can’t tolerate. I just went to console u , saw u r coming out. I hided myself and later I found u left ur diary. I came to know everything.” She stood by bowing down her head.

Radhika stood stilled without knowing what to say. After some time she uttered,” so u pretend like u didn’t know anything and support me blindly”. Kritika was going to say something cut-off by radhika. Radz continued by letting out a sigh,” Iet me complete. I don’t know what I did in my previous life that I got a friend like u. Who trusted, supported me blindly even if knowing about my intentions. I am sorry for using u. I am sorry for everything.” kritika stopped radz telling further,” don’t say sorry. U r a queen in my view. And a queen stood erected, never say sorry whatever the situation is!! I just regretted why i couldn’t gather some courage in my childhood to make u my friend.I know I couldn’t heal ur scars , pains; but I could definitely gave u a shoulder to held on.” Radhika hugged kritika as some happy tears oozed out. She got such a selfless friend after Arjun who did everything for her without any self motive. Kritika said,” I won’t let that inspector to do anything with u, no matter what come. “A strong determination filled in her eyes.

Arneil reached at home. Immediately Arjun told Neil everything he heard that Sam knew about him. Arjun suggested Neil to went to radhika to support her. It was felt like more than a request , an order. Neil knew he was upto something but couldn’t figure out anything and he knew very well how much he tried he couldn’t spit out a word from Arjun. It was only radhika who can handle him. Arjun pushed neil to go and save radhika from Sam’s clutch. As Neil started his bike, Arjun came out running, held Neil’s palms tightly with closed eyes, trying to control his emotions. Finally he said,” take care of her . Never leave her alone please. And tell her not to forget me. Promise me u will look after her.” Neil was sure something was wrong definitely , he promised immediately and rushed to radhika.

Tears fell down from Arjun’s eyes continuously. He took out his phone and kissed radhika’s photo with all his emotions. He talked with her photo and requested not to forget him. He called Sam to meet him at a place. He took all the blame on him. He told radz had nothing to do with any accident. It was him who did everything. He will provide the evidence if Sam reached at that place within target time.

Neil called radz urgently to let her know about Arjun’s talking. Radhika told him to return back, she would come immediately. She called Arjun and asked what he’s doing. Arjun just wished her luck and finally confessed his feelings. He told her not to forget him. Radhika shouted,” don’t u dare to leave me. Just tell me where r u? What u r upto?” She sounded like begging as she cried non stop. line cut. She told kritika something and rushed out.

Arjun was going toward the cliff which was his favourite place. Ardhika meet at that place from childhood by hiding.he reminisced all moment spent. Radhika knew where Arjun was heading, she was driving like insane, like her world is going to end. Sam geared up her engine to reach the destination. Neil tried to reach Arjun. Sam reached at point and asked Arjun if he was ready. Arjun told Sam by smiling mysteriously,” I am always ready. But forget ur dream to arrest me. U just know I did the things but u will never be able to catch me”. Sam took out her gun. Arjun laughed aloud,” killing a dead person will not make u a hero. And if u decided to shoot my body, I’ll never let u do that. I will myself do that.” With that zoomed up his speed to jump down from cliff , stopped at edge point seeing radz placing gun on her head. Rads said,” stop it now Arjun. Why u took the blame, what u didn’t committed? If u will move an inch, I’ll shoot myself “. Arjun stopped immediately looking at her lovingly. He tried to make her to threw the gun. Sam intervened, told them to do their drama later in jail. She placed her gun on Arjun suddenly, Arjun lost her balance and his bike moved towards end, as his bike hits radz and both fell down. Sam stood shocked.

Neil reached at that time. He cried vigorously. He accused Sam as killer. He blamed her for killing two innocent life. Sam’s mind didn’t function. She just wanted to arrest them not to kill them. Hearing she was a killer from Neil’s mouth pierced her from inside. Right then somebody else came and said,” what u did di? U could not do anything with true culprit. But, why forced them to do so. U r sole responsible for this misery.”

Sam looked up and spoke shockingly,” jai !! R u alive?? They did not do anything with u!!Then why don’t u come earlier. ”

Jai replied,” I have my own reason. And yes they only kidnapped me. Later I knew everything about them.i was coming to tell u, but u rushed to do mistake.”

Jai looked Sam pathetically and moved to Neil to console him. Neil was blabbering many things in between his sobbing. Paradise land…kiddos dream…heaven…promise….etc..etc…

After three years

It was the death day, a black day for Neil, kritika and jai also. They were doing rituals when Sam came. Neil and kritika went away silently ,not to vent out their anger. Jai told,” di , why r u coming here often? U know my wife and neil bhai won’t like u. Sam said with a smile,” u will never know. I come to get back what I lost that day. After knowing everything I also feel guilty.” She was going, stopped in midway and turned ,” I just want to let u one thing jai. The things I could never do by staying within a boundary of law, they did that. I am proud of them now. Sometimes we should close our eyes. Just let it know to everyone”. She went with a smile by leaving a shocking jai.

After few moments Neil and Kritika came running with a big smile plastered on their face. As jai asked the reason they said to check his phone. It was an invitation message,
” venue – paradise land. Come soon. We will be waiting.”

Neil mumbled while smile” how can we ignore u kiddos. U both r my life.” At next day all three went to airport, leave for their destination paradise land.

Teji asked Sam,” now where they are heading. Even jai.”

Sam replied smilingly,” to meet his first love and first competitor, I guess”.

Teji replied with a wide eyes,” means u r saying they……

Sam cut him off,” something is better we pretend we don’t know. Remember no discussion on this topic from now on”.

At paradise land
Only happiness……only happiness…..only happiness like they planned……?????

Finally I was able to post it after five edits of climax. If u liked this story, then tell me which character u loved from first chapter to last chapter. Honest opinion.thank u for reading this story

And what story I’ll resume for next tell me. Mars or arts & sculpture or angels of almighty.

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    1. Rossy

      What happened aasthu…not fair why?? Thanks for reading

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    Rossy di,hope I’m first to comment..Wow!!Di!!It’s superb ending..Paradise land,it’s really a paradise with only happiness..As you already know I’m crazy for Ardhika,not as crazy as you,but thodi toh hoon.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Eventually they both are my fav in this story too..Not to forget Neil,dimple boy,he is the pillar of support for our pair,I love him too..All the other characters have some significance but these three are champions of life.. ๐Ÿ˜€ Love you loads Di and take care.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Baaki baatein I’ll type at day time,lol,now sleepy.. ๐Ÿ™

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      What happened aasthu…not fair why?? Thanks for reading

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      Thanks brin for giving ur views..well who doesn’t love such courageous person ??

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    Brilliant one my cute sissy….. It’s fantastically written… M just dumb reading it…. Finally all clouds gives a way to the clear sky…. I loved the way how ardhika stands for each other. It’s pure n innocent love. Neil is one gentleman who would do anything n go to any extent for his loved ones. Rosie…. I don’t know what to say.. M fully satisfied n the last buy not least is the paradise venue.. My heart is jumping put of happiness n even I wanna go there…. Plan it we both will go there…. ???

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    Rossy you are just fantabulos …and this was one of the best dark an d white storyy I have read…loved it ….and what a way to end it Kritika was an amazing frind Arjun Radhika true love ๐Ÿ™‚ you know you justified dark here sowell …I am looking forwrad to your mars story ๐Ÿ™‚ please update that soon ๐Ÿ™‚ love u

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    Happy Diwali ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Thanks abha very much…m very very happy u liked the whole story..I think nothing is completely right or wrong, even dark. That’s why it came out…will update mars soon ?

  9. Hi rossy. Wat a beautiful story with even more pleasant end… i like aradhika, neil kritika sam n jai… eagerly waiting for ur mars….take care

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    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear karnika for giving ur views…ur a brilliant one…hehehe…yes I’ll try to give an epilogue but not sure??

  12. Jessie

    Lal..meri lal…you are my sweeto… it went all thrilling…. Sam got 2 know..and kirtika1 stood for radz…super..the cliff scene…I was like am on the cliff…ye Rosie…Arjun ko kya karegi…Neil was awesome..and that’s a surprise..Jai came alive…wow… I felt kritika a strong one…but fav is Ardhika…the reason…both stood against instead of losing themselves though they faced betrayal from their parents side… Neil was awesome…I was like paradise land.. heaven……finally got happy…Sam was pleasant one..especially at last…

    Hats off to u for choosing a different plot..u did a gr8 job dear… do come with more such….Am just amazed with ur plots… love u loads my dear writer…!! Take care….stay happy..

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      Lol…jazzy making ur Lal blush…amazing plots and me!!; hayeee….mujhe pata tha Arjun cliff per he to tum bhi hogi…one moment I thought to push Arjun only, then I thought u will push me if i did that…so I added radz…lol…kya mast joke hai

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    Super awesome they ardhika are dead in front of all but they are there karthika knew everything ?? Jai is alive what more shocks and finlh nesam never joined hands. She knew her father so she left him but the last minute of ardhika made me go mad and message fwww i got my life back. U r truly a lovely one of a kind.

    What a story story seriously super a thoroughly enjoyed. What an outstanding ff. Love u so much twin give me more like these kind of stuffs. Love u soo soo much. ????

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    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear jewel…sooo true…that’s why I didn’t named Arjun a prince. He is radz ever faithful knight, who can betray himself but not her…a safeguard

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    Rossy Di…sorry for late comment. The End!’s not the ending but the beginning of their life in Paradise land..I’m just imagining one point I thought Sam will surely arrest them or some murder happens..thank God..the tragical Rossy didn’t wakeup..but surely miss the words of darkness… And the knight and his Queen are awesome.. But I like Niel the most..the way he stood for kiddos…waiting for other you…..

    1. Rossy

      Thanks aadia dear…don’t be sorry…tragical rossy…lol…rofl…no if story doesn’t need such way I never give tragic end…lol…dark needed that..but all scared me a lot, so I let radz alive in epilogue..hehehe..update soon ur story…good luck for exam ?

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