The insatiable white queen and faithful dark knight – Episode 2

Hiii I said it’s not a murder mystery or crime thriller..neither a love story nor a hate’s a ill fated dark story..and m writing something like this very first kindly bear with my mistake……..

Darkness :” Why human beings try to stay away from me. Because they are afraid, they are weak. Its only wise and brave can embrace me not the weak. I am a shield to hide behind, others use me as an excuse to do unconscionable things. But, truly, the darkness,me is simply a piece of the whole, neither good nor evil unless you make so. It depends on bearer how they accept me and wish me to be..

Those who loves light should remember without me there’s no value of light. When u light a candle u also caste a shadow that is me. People use me and throw me later putting all blame on me; but still I have my charm…….


The forensic report came. It said mala died due to choke. Less supply of oxygen into her body made her killed. Some kind of breathing problems she had. So it was proved as a natural death. After this incident there’s no evidence left to prove anything in Anuj Mehera’s case. With the lack of evidence against most of the suspects and the sudden death of the main suspect made police except for samaira, were forced to conclude the case personally but officially the case remained unsolved and closed. This somehow didn’t go well with Sam,she was after that case personally. Moreover she was after Radhika Mishra,teen girl whom her sixth sense never accepted.

Radhika was sitting inside her small house and cursing her fate,their poorness and crying when a delivery boy approached her with some food. She was hesitant first but after seeing face of the man called him inside. He caressed her face and hugged her to pacify;” don’t worry. Everything will be alright soon”.

After few days a distant relative of Dilip Mishra, Nandini Pandey came to radhika and legally adopted her. She was very happy seeing nandini and hugged her excitedly. Nandini was a rich lady having no children. The very first thing she exclaimed seeing radhika;” you are so beautiful and warm. How can I let u be alone. If u want u can bend president also according to ur wish” & laughed mischievously. After nandini took her , she always emphasized rads to learn basic etiquettes of high society. As radhika was a composed child from first it didn’t took her much time to fact it’s like she acquainted with all these much before.

After two months

There was a big gossip among boys group at national institute of engineering and technology( NIET) about a beautiful second year transferred girl, Radhika. Everybody wanted to befriend with her, but nobody dared to talk with her. Because she had her ever glowing beautiful face, midnight long hair,with a pair of mysterious attractive eyes ,rich lady’s classy attitude and way of speaking which prohibited them. Kritika was studying with her from high school time without having any knowledge about her background. She always wanted to talk with her and befriend with her.When she gathered some courage finally , talked to her and asked radhika, “will you be my friend?”, and to her surprised, radhika welcomed her so friendly with a big smile and expressed her happiness to see her in new college. Kritika is an ordinary girl with ordinary looks and she wears glasses, so she felt it is such an honor to be radhika’s best friend. She is proud of it, in fact. She decided she will protect radhika no matter what.

After befriended with radz, kritika has to face noisy boys from college trying to talk to them after class, well, talk to radz actually, and kritika would always try to protect radz as rads didn’t want to talk with others. They also know that a certain boy named Amit was trying to touch rads . Kritika was bewildered that rads didn’t say anything to that boy and she didn’t let her to say anything either. But radz explained;” that it is best to ignore those boys, there’s no use talking to them.”

Jai khurana a rich heir and fourth year student of NIET. He fell for radz at first sight according to him. He was the president of college and with that power he went to visit radz. He was casually talking with her which made her laugh. Suddenly they heard a noise and came out to see Amit was beating Arjun. Jai stopped them and send Arjun to dispensary. Radhika was surprised seeing all those violence. Jai exclaimed;” Arjun was a silent person always,never fights back. He never talked with anyone,neither he has friends. So he was bullied easily . After his father died the case is even worse”. Radhika expressed her sadness on Arjun.

Kritika was searching for radhika as college time was over. She felt weird when she found radz reading a novel ” last chance” in college library and biting her nails constantly. when kritika called her to go she said she’ll finish the book n go. Kritika sat with her without any choice. Radhika highlighted some lines of novels. After some time a beep sound alerted on rads phone. She stood up to move, it was a bit darker. Rads suggested they should took short cut route to reach soon. As they cross old premises of college they heard some low noise and went inside. The whole area filled with their scream. Another famous face bonnie from their college lied there half naked and unconscious.

Police reached at place and interrogate everyone as bonnie was from political background. But everyone clarified that nobody generally went that way . Teji asked rads & kritika why they went there. Kritika defended radz as usual by explanation. But radz told boldly that she remembered the boy who always irritate her n girls. She told Amit’s name which shocked kritika. Teji showed a half broken bracelet ,which jai remembered as amit’s .Amit was sent to jail.Teji saw Arjun stood behind without any expression like before. He was always curious on him. So He asked;” I heard u had a fight with Amit yesterday. Is that true”. Jai was explaining the situation while radz went forward and defended for Arjun by saying how Amit mercilessly beat Arjun. She added extra things on her statement to which jai was shocked but didn’t say anything.

Radhika said to kritika they should visit bonnie. They both went to bonnie’s house. Her mother said bonnie doesn’t want to see anybody for now And told them that although the incident happened, bonnie’s virginity was not taken. She asked them to believe her about this. In return, radhika said, “We were not thinking that her virginity was taken at all, please do not worry,”. By the time of their returning radz bumped with saral who was brother of bonnie. Saral was bowled away with radz beauty and request them to have dinner with them. In return rads only smiled, kritika didn’t understand a thing..

After few days kritika paid a visit to radz home. Nandini welcomed her although she didn’t like anybody to visit her daughter without having any class. Kritika went to rads too and saw her knitting something on a handkerchief. She asked;” your name is radhika, then why u stitched A.M. instead of R.M.” To which radhika replied ;” this is in memory of my mother who called me Angel. So it was angel Mishra.”
She further added ;” I know u r curious about my adoption. U can ask me anything. I went for my part time job that day. It’s little late that day for my return. When I came back my mother was died coz of breathing problems. It was my mistake, if I returned early that day then my mother would not have been’s my fault,m the culprit”. With that she cried vigorously. Kritika tried to pacify her while crying herself on rads fate..

At midnight in a coffee shop Arjun was waiting for someone with his hoody jacket on. After sometime neil came there and gave him a parcel. Arjun opened and stared at the photos of his father Anuj Mehera with mala , Amit ‘s mother and other ladies. Another photo contains Mrs Mehera with samrat Khanna a business person. He tighten up his fist to control his anger. Neil move to near his seat and gave a side arm hug to him ;” u know little brother sometimes if we leave it upto time , it will heal everything by the time. So can’t u stop here and walk with me? I even don’t know the reason , if that reason is justified. If it was the correct person”.

Arjun smiled faintly n said ;” I didn’t do anything wrong as u said. Everyone is a moon which has a dark side they don’t want to show.There is darkness inside all of us, though mine is more dangerous than most. Still, we all have it. That part of our soul that is irreparably damaged by the very trials and tribulations of life”.

He saw Neil confused but looking serious by his talking. So he ordered two coffees. Neil noticed after that coffee Arjun used a new handkerchief with initials A.M. to wipe his face. Neil said casually;” I visited someone before who is very talented in knitting. When I am working as delivery man”.. Arjun glared neil as his eyes become more darker..

Teji was going through the book ” the last chance” at college library as per samaira’s instructions. He found it very weird ,the highlighted part with a’s written as


Even teji severed reading the lines. He thought who may be highlighted such terrifying thoughts and underlined it. He went to librarian and asked for the register to check out who read the book. He was shocked seeing both Radhika and Arjun’s name on register. Another name which pulled him was Riddhima Mishra. He ran to check the book again, where he saw some very very small words near that highlights area. He put the magnifying glass and look that word ” Riddhi”……..

I know its a filler chapter.many introductions made. I revealed everything .Do let me know about ur chapter will be more dark and intense.

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  1. Awesome plot..that AM in d handkerchief chief..for a moment I thot radhika had killed Anuj mehra and arjun killed mala without knowing each other… brilliant

    1. Rossy

      Thanks karnika dear…its a very short story…u will. Know. Soon…keep guessing

  2. Dipika

    Rosie darling its soooo thrilling.. Though u said its not thriller murder mystery……. I was hooked to it frm starting to end point… N the intro u gave for darkness.. Each n every line is brilliantly awesome… I’m speechless with it….u naied it yarrrrr….aradhika hving something betwn thm..jai n saral got bowled by rads beauty…. Omg…noe ridhi..m clueless…. Wht is yge secret… M so eager for it yar..u always says i praised u for no reason.. But sach me my rosie darling u deserves it..u r really very interesting n intelligent persn..n very good at heart….love u soooo much .tc…muhha

    1. Rossy

      Thanks heroine for constant support n the praise….lol??…yes dear its more than a mystery…i hope u will like it after last chapter…the cruelty caused darkness…keep guessing…very soon u will know everything…

  3. Brin

    Outstanding episode, you nail it, well done, love it to core, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Thanks brin..u r really very energy booster for supporting…will update soon

  4. Sammy

    Rosie di ..i am still scratching my head. ….don’t know what will be the secret. …but it was awesome. ..update next soon ???

    1. Rossy

      Ladooo don’t scratch ur head…u will know everything very soon…

  5. Jessie

    Rosie….Fantabulous!!! Now this turns all interesting… quick intros n hint to solve d mystery..! Super.. why do u find this filler??? So nandini will also be murdered in future is my weird guess.. and d start.. wah.. tats so brilliant! And those highlighted words holds power.! Curious Teji.. A beauty with mystery Radz.. Arneil.. a strong one… I loved Radz and Arjun with a different shade..Everyone has a new look.. love u loads.. curious 4 next one

    1. Rossy

      Jessie ur lal thinks u become more wiser …hahaha…keep guessing ?? and that highlighted words contain everything..that is the real puzzle…u will know everything very soon

  6. Gauri

    Rossy….that was a blasting episode….I mean I doubted Radhika behind the kiilings…but seems you have bigger plans…OMG…let me just come out of the whole shock… but this was fantastic 🙂 love u

    1. Rossy

      Thanks abha..keep guessing ??

  7. S.v

    Oh my god twists and turns like a twisted cable twisted to the core. I cant even guess what hapoened and why happened but for sure ardhika and neil is upto something. The words of dark was like wow . Loved it im in love with this ff now update this one soon captain and the mars and the temple too thats been long time update soon. Love u soo muh twin

    1. Rossy

      Twin …lol…yes its twisted…u will know very soon why happened,what n when happened…m glad u liked dark words…??

  8. Sathya

    My dear sissy… What a chapter it is… I read twice. I couldn’t control my eager…. So arjun n radhika somehow related to the murders… I guess…. The handkey which Radhika knitted it is with arjun now… But they r not showing it to outer world…. N she punished amit of beating arjun… I got a glimpse of future but still I m waiting for ur update..

    1. Rossy

      Thanks sissy…keep guessing…everything will reveal soon…??

  9. Aasthu

    whoa!! amazing dearie………..I too tot Rads behind Arjun’s dad’s death and aRJUN BEHIND rads’s mom’s death…………are arne brothers??????

    1. Rossy

      Thanks aasthu dear..glad to see u dear aneil are not brothers…will reveal everything soon?

  10. Sweetie

    Rossy di,if this is filler then I was imagining how can the total episode will be.. 😀 You rocked it as always.. 🙂 Suspense is gripping my throat now,why is the handkerchief woven by Rads is with Arjun??Is that the same or some other one??Bonnie found in compromising position but her virginity is not taken,that means someone wanted to scare her or her family..Why did Rads take Amit’s name?Why didn’t Jai talk anything when Rads added some masala to Amit’s news to police??Nandini has adopted Rads because of her beauty,that means she wanted her to groom and use her body,is that true or am I thinking more???So many questions,waiting for the answers.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Lol…thanks geethu…that hanky think whose it might be..about bonnie Amit jai u will know soon…even about saral…btw u r wise dear???

  11. Was holding my breath while reading this update, such an intense update. Rosie dear am your fan, I don’t want to wait just want to keep reading and reading and reading. It is so good, love u so muchl

    1. Rossy

      Giu baby m very very glad that u love it..after all this is for u my queen of suspense Christie Holmes..m ur fan…???

  12. amazing…….

    1. Rossy

      Thanks ?

  13. Tara

    my mind is blown away…
    i mean… kya bolu..
    di u r superb..
    just loved the way u described darkness and loved the line quoted from the book…
    btw i have one confusion..what is the handkerchief matter?
    didnt get it actually..
    bt u plzzzzzzzzzzz post soon..
    love u

    1. Rossy

      Thanks sweetie Tara…handkerchief was not important but a valuable matter…glad u liked about darkness ?

  14. Fabulous dear!! Post sooon

    1. Rossy

      Thanks neetz…will post soon?

  15. Wowwww Rosieeeee. …it’s very mysterious n thrilling so far….rads n arjun both checked out that book…n also ridhima. ..wowwww. ….maling so many queries in my mind…..neil has seen that handkerchief with A.M. initials…n rads was knitting it when Kritika visited rads….it’s very intriguing….this is a very different n unique story…I’m already addicted to id..

    1. Making*…It*….mala died for suffocation n rads thinks herself as responsible…that’s sad…..kritika is very nice friend of rads…giving her support n protective to rads….its very serious but truly the real face of society…n I’m very eager n curious to read this unique story to unfold all queries. ……..keep it up honeyyy. . Love u loads. …muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sunshine. soul sissyyyy take care 😉 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 🙂

      1. Rossy

        Awwww…my appi di u came all this way…thank u sooo much…love u…u know the thing I am going to show may not be liked by everyone but that cruelty and harasses are really something…aargh…quotes from book contains the real mystery behind it..??

  16. Oh Dear…
    Sorry for. ….being late….
    Really really fantastic episode. ..
    What a thrilling story. ..
    Just….going crazy. ..
    Update the next episode soon my dear. .

    1. Rossy

      Don’t say sorry dear…u come n like my story..this is enough for me…will update soon??

  17. Jnana

    hey dear….. plot’s really awesome…. waiting for the mystery to reveal…… post soon

    1. Rossy

      Thanks jnana dear…will update soon

  18. Meen

    there u r dear…….sorry for being late…….i must say….plot is amazing……its really breathtaking……im so eager for d next….i hv already read it twice………curiously waiting for next…….loads of love rossy….muuuuha

    1. Rossy

      Thanks dear meena…plz don’t say sorry…will update this soon…waiting for your rehnuma..?

  19. Aadia

    Woww…mystery are superb.. I love your narration,unique as your other stories…your style is so intense which creates an unknown mood..the words on darkness was so true..

    1. Rossy

      Thanks a lot aadia…waiting for ur update…if u have time kindly check my mars ff??

      1. Aadia

        Im so sorry for not reading it..but trust me, I really want to read it .its vacation and I have no time for anything.. But I will read it soon ..

  20. _Ritu

    Rosie dear it was brilliant…. A really different nd interesting story…nd d way u write 😉 😉 beware of me..m really jealous 😉 😉 will not make wild guesses nd wait for u to reveal a request dear……my puppy eyes r innocently looking for a double dhamaka… 😉 😉 plz plz plz keep my request 😉 after all I love u na 😉 😉 really cant wait for nxt…loads of love 🙂

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