so guys i am back and i have posted my os part 2 they bond they shared is …… and have a look on it so i will start a os and its not related to on going tracks of ib and dbo so the title is insane oberois and in my os there are no negative characters and tej and jhanvi are loving couples they had promblems in first but it are solved and pinky’s truth is out and its after three months shivika misunderstanding are cleared and they are now leaving in oberoi mansion and shivaay is not a illegimate child and meghana went to jail here for trying attmept to kill anika and no difference and fight between omri here and here rudra and bhavya are loving each other but remember they are not pairs and rumya are pairs and mahi is the first oberoi child and he was accepted by all so i will give u the characters name down

kalyani singh oberoi
tej singh oberoi
jhanvi singh oberoi
shakthi singh oberoi
pinky singh oberoi
mahi singh oberoi
shivaay singh oberoi
anika shivaay singh oberoi
omkaara singh oberoi
gauri omkaara sing oberoi
rudra singh oberoi
bhavya singh rathod
priyanka randhawana
ranveer randhawana so lets start with the story insane oberois so its a large one get ready to give ur time for my os
the oberoi mansion
the mansion was silent there was a perfect pin drop silent but asthough god doesn’t want that silent to be forever in the mansion as there was a screaming come down all of u and tej singh oberoi cursed the person under his breath who has spoiled his romantic movie or date in his room with his wife

om who was about to kiss his beloved wife said what the hell the lady is shouting for and a screamed back and say there is no old food in the house right now and for now go back and come afterwards said an irritated om and gauri giggled at her husband’s word and before they can tell anything they got a reply from rudra stating its there choti maa who is the one screaming
all the oberois were shooting draggers to pinky who has spoiled dadi’s pooja and tej jhanvi romantic movie and shakti’s pooja with his mom mahi’s sleep omri’s romance and rudra’s gym timing and morever sahil’s studies and she has called priveer too.
“for what the hell u have called all of us here ” the angry young man tej asked pinky
“is shivaay and anika are here” a curious pinky asked the question and all the oberois give her a death glare and said in unison for this simple matter u have called all of us here what the hell all were now ready to snap at pinky.

and pinky made a sad face and moved towards mahi and said don’t u want to became badi papa and dadi replied to her question stating first let him became husband and we will think of becoming badi papa afterwards
and rudra asked all of them permission to say something all nodded their heads
he moved towards mahi and said bhaiyya arrange marriage is…!”while u are walking, unfortunately a snake bites u”but love marriage is…! dancing in front of a cobra and singing wanna be my chambaku chalo

and there was a round of applause for his dialog and a curious mahi asked all the oberois is there marriage is an arranged one or love and dadi stated love marriage and it was continued by all when tej recalled his old memory and said when i married jhanvi i sended a message to her mom and do u know what i got back all the oberois looked at him curiosity in their eyes
angry tej send message to his mother in law your product (daughter) not cooking food properly and jhanvi’s mom replied as product sold warranty expired manufacture not responsible
end of flashback

hahahaha there was a burst of laughter including jhanvi who was laughing at her insane husband and shakthi said u are ok bhai i am more worst than that he said his fb
he was trying to butter pinkyto stop her from going to her mothers home and shakthi used his brain and came up with a idea and said
s- i love u pinky (in present; all at chorus awwwwwwwwww)
p-shuts up shakthi ji

s- i like u pinky
p-shuts up shakthi ji
s-i will miss u pinky
p-shuts up shakthi ji
s-u are looking really pretty in this dress pinky
p- is its shakthi ji do u know i gots it from the famous des she was cut off by shakthi
s- shut up pinky
end of flash back

all of them burst out into laughter and atlast pinky screamed and said she has to say something important and kept quite she said that she showed all of there kundli to the pandit and the pandit said that the first heir of the oberoi’s shouldn’t see his wife untill four at evening and if he say his wife before four the oberoi’s won’t get a heir and all oberois gasped at the thought of not getting childrens and grand daughters but rudra stated that mahi bhaiya is not married so there is no promblem and pinky said in disagreement that the first heir is mahi but the first married couple is shivika and all looked at each other and tej stated that it is very tough because anika and shivaay would meet each other tomorrow because shivaay in thought of giving suprise buyed the company where anika is working and all looked at each other and dadi fell on the sofa and said then can’t i see my great grand childrens but in a swift of time priveer came up with a idea

(so now soumya and bhavya are in the house and soumya know ruvya loves each other and she came here for her holidays)

shivika room
shivaay came home late and slept waiting for anika without seeing her and anika came soon and omru made her to sleep with soumya and gauri and bhavya and mahi waked anika at early morning and send her to office stating that a new boss is coming and u should go soon anika find the oberois behaviour a little and tej shakthi both of them dropped anika on her office and shivaay got up and when he went to kitchen he found is brother speaking something secretly and when he asked about this they said nothing and a found his mom screaming in her room he runned towards his mom and there he saw mahi saying mom has got 140 degree fever and shakthi stated no one will go anywhere all will be here and shivaay who was going to sit near his mother agreeing his father’s word but alas the onion which was under her arms fell down and and shivaay snapped at his mom and said what is this mom and pinky smiled at him and said i was checking how much u guys love u me shivaay moved out of the room and all at a unison said fail gayi raitha and shivaay called his beloved wife anika but she was not picking up his calls he wasfeeling that his family was behaving like insane and tej was asking will shivaay call anika and rudra answered bhaiyya will but bhahbhi won’t pick up the call because i blocked bhaiya contact in bhabhi’s phone all started to praise rudra and priveer said in unision who just came to oberoi mansion plan b

shivaay and all the mens where moving out of the house but someone stopped them it was rudra who said that he is feeling bored and will come with him to office and shivaay without a way nodded his head in yes and soumya and bhavya stated they would also accompany them
om who went of the house came back home with tej and shakthi and when all were gathered in the room of dadi all were sitting and seeing there laptop with a serious face and they were appreciating rudra for his idea of fixing camera on his shirt to know the things which are happening there

at car

rudra-i will tell u something bhaiyya u know na my exams are yesterday and i thought to study day before the day of exam i woke up at 9 nad at 11 i thought to score 80% at 12 i went to gym and at 2 pm thodi daer so jaatu hu dimaage set ho jayega and at 5 pm i thought may be 60% and at 6 pm i called my friend and asked sam kuch padha and at 8pm i can’t find my books and at 10 pm i moved to god’s idol and said please make me pass god
soumya-its ur routine rudra

and there fight continuedlike this seeing their nhok-jhok gauri who was drinking water spitted it out on the laptop and there was a smoke coming out of the laptop and om looked at gauri and gaved her a death look and looked at each other now they where blank how can they now watch shivaay and they couldn’t believe those three who can do anything at time like a net removed peoples especially rudra

all were looking at each other and giving each other a confused look when they see mahi jumping from the window dadi hited her forehead and said i know at times everyone in this house don’t have brain but mahi to joined this gang she told to mahi pinky ka hera puttar i told u come through the gate then why did u jumped through the window mahi replied dadi i was coming when i see shivaay at the door so only came through window dadi replied you fool it’s ur refelction monkey
after a lot of confusions they all switched on the tv to see the camera footage and they can see shivaay would reach ffic in one hour all looked at tej who said he will do everything but there is no way now to stop shivaay he looked at his family and said wait and watch all looked at each other before they can speak anything all can see that shivaay car is punctured and gave hifi to each other

so guys it’s a long one so i will divide into two part and post the next part afterwards drop ur valuable comments down

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