Insaaf: kriyam ff – prologue

Hello people,im back here to trouble you with another ff….i knw i knw…i was not supposed to be coming back..but what to do…i got this story stuck in my head and i had no choice but to pen it bear with me for another series..nd WARNING:this time its going to be pretty long 😉


Krishna adjusted her jewellery,she was obviosly was her big night..she smiles looking at herself in the mirror..everything was exactly how she had dreamt it to be…she was getting married to her childhood sweetheart,who ofcourse she has not met since she was 15..but that was not a problem..After her school years,she had left her village,and moved in to the city where her father had found a new job..that was the first time she had stayed away from sharad…they were inseparable..she still cant forget the night when they left,she almost fell sick because of crying too much..she smiles thinking about all those days when she used to wait eagerly for his mail..they had lost contact within an year..but the love they shared deep down never really died…and tonight they were getting married..
Krishna held her lehenga anxiously as she finally stood up,she glanced at the mirror for one last time..she was startled at once when she heard a loud cry,which didnt sound very much like the cheering of the “baraat”that had just arrived…she rushed downstairs,the cries grew louder as she headed towards the

hall..a crowd had gathered around something,she moved closer to almost collapse down at what she saw…there were five dead bodies at the door step..nd sharad was one among them…

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  1. Cool episode. If u written a fan fiction for kriyam before. I Would like to read it could you please tell me the name of it thanks

    1. Rockstr

      Thanks dear…its kriyam ss i ll nevr let you go…

      1. Omg your the writer of that i have read that. And i absolutely loved that. Really excited for this one now. Cant wait for the next update ❤

  2. Fanficwriter518

    Yay so glad your back! xx

    1. Rockstr

      Really??thanks dear

  3. Syedul


    1. Rockstr

      Dats a fictional character…not the same from the show…i just could nt think of a name….

  4. good

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