Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 9

Sayyam enters his office and everyone gets up to greet him
Krishna:sir this..
He ignores her and walks right past her…she looks on confused..
She knocks his cabin door
Sayyam:get in
Krishna:sir this is the presentation that you asked me to make the other day..
Sayyam:ok,is that it?
Krishna:and sir,mr gupta called and postponed todays meeting to wednesday
Sayyam:mmh,okay..u may leave now
Krishna:but sir..
Sayyam:i said leave..
Krishna gives him a confused look..theres a knock on the door..
Sayyam:yes,come in
Sayyams shocked to see yuvan while krishna smiles at him..
Yuvan:sir,this is my appointement letter..
Sayyam takes it and goes through it..
Sayyam:oh,so you are yuvan singhania?

I heard that u gave a pretty imressive interview..
Yuvan smiles at the compliment..
Sayyam:well,i welcome u to birla industries..he extended his hand..yuvan shakes it..
Sayyam:since u are going to work here,theres something u should know,i want things to be professional inside this office,i dont care what your personal equations are,but you two are colleages here and that means i dont want unnecessary hang outs u get that?he said looking at both of them..
Yuvan and krishna:yes sir
Sayyam:u may leave now
They leave,while sayyam watches them through his cam..
Krishna was confused by his behavior,
She thinks”i dont understand this guy,he shows different colours each day,pata nahi isse kya ho jata hai..
Yuvan:u seem so lost..
Krishna:yuvan!!tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?dont you remember wat he just said?
Yuvan:o come on krish,hum bache hai kya?ki woh keep quite rule banaye or hum mane?
Krishna widened her eyes as she stared at him in horror..yuvan was puzzled,he turned around to find sayyam glaring at him…
He walked towards them,yuvan gulped anxiosly..

Yuvan:sir,i was just…
Sayyam:mr yuvan,i dont think you would like to get fired on ur first day,do u?
Yuvan:no sir,im sorry sir woh mein..
Sayyam:u better leave right now…he shouted angrily
Yuvan leaves quickly while sayyam stares at krishna in anger..
Sayyam:tumhe timepass karne ke alava kuch aata bhi hai?
Krishna:mein toh bus
Sayyam:just stop it okay,i know ki tum uske saath ghumne ke liye moka dhoondthi rahthi ho(i know u keep looking for chances to be around him)..nd i dont care,but yeh mera office hai,so u better behave yourself..
Krishna stares at him angrily
Krishna:wat do u mean huh?aapko kya lagtha hai,ki yeha sirf aap hi hai jo apne kaam ko seriosly leta hai??he is my bestfriend and my neighbour too,i dont have to look for chances to be around him in the office…
Sayyam gives her a cold stare and then walks away…he is disturbed by the fact that they are neighbours…he gets a call
Sayyam:hello,yes mr maheshwari
Mr.maheshwari:mr.birla,theres a formal party oraganised in my house tonight…if you could try to make it here,then we could discuss about our deal..
Sayyam:that sounds good..i ll be there..he said
Krishna was going through the files,but her mind was still disturbed because of sayyams cold behavior…priya entered her cabin
Priya:krishna,sirs calling u
Krishna was surprised:are u sure its me?
Priya:ofcoz iam,he said its urgent..

She enters his cabin to find him going piling up few files..
Sayyam hands her the files
Sayyam:i want u to go through these very well..its important cos we have to be signing this deal today..
Krishna:okay sir..when do i have to return them to you..
Sayyam:you dont have to,you will be coming with me tonight for signing this deal..
Sayyam:yes,at 8 i ll come and pick you..dont forget to get these files..
Krishna:but sir tonight i
Sayyam:miss krishna bhatia,if you have any problem in working for me,quitting is always an option..he smirked..his tone had the same arrogance in it…the same arrogance that she felt the first time she met him…he was back to his indirect threats..back to square one..she was equally confused and disgusted by his sudden change in attitude..
Krishna stared at him with disgust and pride in her eyes,..
Krishna:no sir,quitting is never my option…she said coldly while she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down her address on it,and handed it over to him..
Sayyam watched her leave..he was helpless,he didnt want to be that way,atleast not with her..and that was exactly what he was worried about..he was rich enough to afford anything in the world…but love…he had to stop himself…he just couldnt attach himself to anything..he had to stay away from her…

Sayyam manages a drunk krishna

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