Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 15

Hey ppl,i know its been a long while…sorry yaar…ws too busy,frm today i promise i ll update
regularly(thrice a week),bt u guys have to choose the ff that i should update and finish..cos i really cant focus on two ff at planning to finsh one and den focus on the other…based on ua comments,i ll decide wich one to finish first,my minds in a mess…gettin ideas for two entirely diff story lines is lyk..phew…so pls let me knw guys…
Recap:sayyam is about to shout at yuvan..
Sayyam stopped himself wen he saw krishna walking towards them,
Krishna:yuvaan,tum chale jao,mein yaha thodi der rukhne waali hoon(yuvan,u can leave,i ll be here for a while)

Yuvan:par kyon??(bt why)
Krishna was about to answer him,wen sayyam cut in fiercely,
Sayyam:woh meri employee hai,and its her duty to take my orders…now one more second of you here,and u r fired!!!(he shouted)
Yuvan was annoyed,he looked at krishna one last time before leaving…krishna glared at sayyam,wat does he think of himself,his attitude was getting intolerable…she felt bad for yuvan,he was bearing all of it for her…sayyam ignored her and headed towards his car after putting on his goggles…

Krishna and suhani had spend an amazing time together,and had already grown fond of each other…krishna made Ramu kaka get a wheel chair, both helped suhani to get on it carefully,and krishna took her around,suhani was admiring krishna the whole time,she had decided already that krishna was perfect fr her son…she couldnt help bt ask,
Suhani:ab toh tumhari padaai bhi poori ho gai,aur job bhi mil gaya..toh shaadi kyon nahi karti??(u hv completed ua studies nd u hv even found a job,so why dont u get married?)
The smile on her face disappeared,she turned pale,as her throat constricted makin her unable to speak,the events of her wedding night flashed in her mind,she closed her eyes,trying to erase it.
Suhani:kya hua beta??are u ok??

Krishna opened her eyes and composed herself,
Krishna:woh,kuch nahi aunty…bas yehi ki mein ab shaadi nahi karna chahthi…(its nothing,its just that i dont want to get married now)
Suhani could sense her uneasiness..she held krishnas hand…
Suhani:agar tum batana nahi chahthi toh main tumhe force nahi karoongi,lekin agar kuch baath tumhe parishaan kar raha hai,toh yeh mat bhoolna ki tum akeli nahi ho,mein tumhaari saath hoon..(i wont force u,if u dont want to tell me…bt if somethings upsetting u,dont forget that u r nt alone,i am with u)

Suhani spoke with a tender smile that somehow calmed her,she looked at her with a faint smile while trying to hold back her tears…she knew suhani wasnt like the other woman who had tagged her as ill fated because of the mishap that happened with her…she let out a sigh,while trying to compose herself,as she recalled that fateful night.krishna told her about sharad and suhani looked on with tears brimming her eyes …

She couldnt believe that krishna was walking around trying to make evryone happy with so much of pain inside her…krishna was so much like sayyam,both pretended to hide their weak selves with the strong walls they built around it..not letting anybody know how broken they were inside…they were indeed perfect fr each other..she thought with a faint smile…
Suhani:im so sorry beta,mujhe pata nahi tha..mujhe aisa poochna nahi chahiya tha…(i didnt know,i shouldnt have asked u like that)
Krishna placed her hand on suhanis..
Krishna:nahi aunty…aapki koi galti nahi hai..ek genuine question hi toh poocha aapne…its just..(its nt ur fault,u just asked a genuine question)
Suhani:i understand beta…u dont have to explain urself to anyone…u could take how much ever time you want to move on…

Krishna gave a faint smile,suhani was such a sweet woman,krishna couldnt help but admit that her daughter in law would be too thats wen it struck her,her daughter in law wud have to marry that devil…god!!!nothing could be worse than that!!!
Her ironic thoughts were broken as she saw sayyam walk into the room,his stern expression changed into a warm smile as he walked towards suhani,he bent down and hugged her tightly…krishna observed how lovingly he treated her…the forever present arrogant frown on his face had disappeared…he was laughing with suhani as she made fun of his stern face,and ran her hand through his hair,dishevelling it…he pouted cutely,while combing it again…krishna found herself smiling at their cute mother-son bond..she doubted,if he was the same arrogant devil that she knew…

Suhani looked at her,
Suhani:arey krishna beta,tum has kyon rahi ho??(why are u smiling?)
He looked at her,and Krishna realized wat she was doing and soon composed herself,trying not to meet his gaze…

Krishna:woh,kuch nahi aunty…bahut late ho chuka hai,aur mujhe ab jaana chahiye…(its just getting too late and i should be leaving)
Suhani:haan beta..i forgot…sayyam tum jaake usse drop karke aao..(sayyam,go and drop her home)
Krishna:(fiercely)nahi aunty!!!
I mean,inhe takleef karne ki zaroorat nahi hai,mein yuvan ko call karloongi…woh mujhe pick kardega…(No aunty!!i mean,he doesnt have to trouble himself,i will call yuvan and he ll pick me)

Sayyams expression stiffened again as soon as he heard yuvans name…
He looked at her as the arrogant frown appeared back on his face..
Sayyam:u dont have to call anyone,mom had asked you to stay here so its my duty to drop you home..
Krishna:no sir,its ok,i ll manage..
Sayyam:(almost shouting)im dropping u home!!!
Suhani smiled at his insecurity…
Suhani:krishna beta,drop karne do na usse,tumhe dikh nahi rahi hai ki usse koi takleef nahi hai..(just let him drop you,cant u see that it isnt any trouble to him?)
Sayyam looked down,he was slightly embarassed by his sudden outburst..
Suhani:acha suno beta,kal subah ghar mein pooja hai…(and listen,i have kept a pooja tomorrow morning)

Sayyam let out a sigh,
Sayyam:mom!!why do we have to do all that?
Suhani:sayyam,stop being so cribby,i know u havent kept any pooja since a long time…and now i want to keep it…aur krishna suno,tum bhi aa jaana pooja ke liye..(and krishna,u too join us fr the pooja)
Krishna:aunty,kal kaam hai,mein kaise aa sakthi hoon?(i have work tomorrow,how can i come)
Suhani:arey sayyam yaha hoga na,bina boss ke kya kaam..(sayyam will be here,u cant work without ur boss)

Sayyam:uff mom,why do i have to be here??
Suhani:stop sulking,and be a good boy…utna time nahi lagega,pooja ke baad office chale jana…(it wont take much time,u can go to the office after pooja)
Sayyam:ok fine..i ll be here…
Krishna:teekhe aunty,mein chalti hoon(im leaving)..
Suhani:teekhe beta…apna khayal rakhna(take care of uaself)

Sayyam:drinking is not a good habit..sayyam finally broke the silence that lingered between them since they had got into the car…krishna looked at him,she had been trying her best to avoid him,she definitely didnt want to talk to him abt the previos now,she had to.. sorry…
Sayyam enjoyed her embarassement,he had been stealing glances at her since the past 10 minutes,bt the silence between them was irritating him…
Sayyam:its the first time,so u r forgiven…bt dont u dare repeat it…
Krishna looked at him after rolling her eyes…”wat does he think of himself,she grumbled..before giving him a fake sweet smile…
Sayyam stopped the car infront of her flat..and she got down quietly…
Krishna:thank you

Sayyam looked at her,
Krishna:woh kal raath ke liye…aur aaj drop karne ke liye bhi…
Sayyam:i dont want to ur sorry or thankyou….just dont do such stupid things again…he said before rolling the glasses up…she was annoyed by his coldness,she stamped her foot angrily before turning around to leave…
Sayyam smiled at her reaction,she looked most beautiful wen she was angry,and he simply loved irritating her…he waited until he was sure she had gone inside,and then started the engine…

Yuvani:i cant take all this bhai,im nt as strong as u….

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  1. Super!bbbbbbb yaar. I m waiting for so long . Post next part soon .is love kills… Also ur ff. If yes then try to update if also.

    1. Rockstr

      Yes,it is…i will nt be posting ghat fr a planning to finish this first..tysm…

  2. Plz keep,writing this one and I just absolutely love this story❤️❤️❤️

    1. Rockstr

      Tysm dear…fr being a regular dear…

  3. ohhhh god…u made me wait so long fr ur ff…really enjoyed reading it..aftr long tym…pls keep updating..

  4. n pls dont stop writing this ff..btw which is d other ff ur talking abt.. im sorry but i read each n evry ff..of i dont remember d authors but idk der title..

    1. Rockstr

      Love kills all fear…tysm…i guess urs was the last comment i read in my last part…and u kinda motivated me to write this one..u knw im a big lazy bum..tysm..nd keep reading..

  5. Where u go?
    I really miss u nd ur ff..
    episode was her baar ki trah BANG..
    so, thanku so much for updating this BANG episode..
    eagerly wating for next episode..
    so, plz try to post as soon as possible..
    di I love ur ff very much so plz try to update soon… Or plz beech m chorna..

    how r u nd how’s ur studie?
    thank you..
    take care..
    bye bye..

    1. Rockstr

      Aww kudrat..h r really seeet…i had family emergency and wasnt really in the state of mind to write…im gud now and my studies goin good too..and yeah ab se beech mein chodungi nahi…i ll post next part tmrw or the day aftr…thnx fr reading dear…

  6. Loved it…I was longing to read this ff ..thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it..plz update ASAP ..& the precap is a little confusing ..

    1. Rockstr

      Hey isha…aww u wer waiting??km flattered…yup.the precaps going to be few revelations…i ll update asap..

  7. Nice dear waiting for next part

    1. Rockstr

      Thnx man!!nd keep reading

  8. But I love both ur ffs how I’m gonna choose any one how about continuing this one and after its completion u can carry on with the other one I know very lame idea buttttt…. Just focus on this because its story will take time to grow while the other one sayyam and krishna had already built up there bonding so I think u should continue with this one but please don’t make kriyam confess their love so easily I mean please give us some romantic scenes u know some awkward moments, arguments or something like that??(sorry for bothering you so much) anyway it was really a nice shot waiting for next update ??

    1. Rockstr

      Hey avnee,cn i call u dat??
      And ya im planning to continue this one fr a while…thnx fr reading dear…and yeah all ur requests will ne put in the upcomin parts…

  9. Finally you are back…was waiting for your ff this one was great… I think u should first finish this one nd yes update soon

    1. Rockstr

      Hey sanjana….tysm dear..and ya im continuing this one..keep reading..

  10. Aarti32

    Plzz continue dis ff first..I really enjoy reading it..

    1. Rockstr

      Aww aarti,tysm…i really love ur ss too…bt i cudnt comment much bcoz few prblms at home…ryting is a relief u knw…nywayzz…im really lolin forward to ur ss..

  11. Ahhhh Finally yew are back❤and I think yew should continue this one?

    1. Rockstr

      Yup dear…tnx fr reading man!! 😉

  12. Finally guuurrrlll!!! I’ve been waiting!!!
    Hands down, I choose this ff…I love the plot and the maturity of Sayyam and Krishna’s characters…update soon????

    1. Rockstr

      Yes i ll update asap…and ya im cont this one..thnx fr waiting man..dats really flatterin

  13. I have read this episode thrice until now and still cant get over it. Its truly magical and spellbinding. The episode was utterly marvellous and beautiful. I cant even think in my dreams about the extraordinary talents that you possess. The episode was extremely wonderful.
    Krishna and suhani’s bond is stunningly described. And yes jriyam do have something in common. The way they both beguile their feelings with an arrogant appearance or a sweet smile. Both are carrying a lot of pain expressed and unexpressed. Just want them to know each other and become each other’s strength in their quests for ‘insaaf’.

    1. *kriyam

  14. Both of your creations are equally amazing. The way you manage to write such episodes is just unearthly. Both stories are super awesome and extremely unique.
    You can continue with either of them as both are such masterpieces. You are doing great and uploading stupendous episodes whenever you can. Therefore I am fine with whatever you are comfortable. Love your creations and your talents..

    1. Nonetheless, i take this opportunity to ask if you are the writer of the marvellous story “Kriyam – forever yours” ?

    2. Rockstr

      Shivani dear..u r srsly too generous with ua comments…im still an amateur ryter..nd my rytin skills need a lot of ua comments make me jump to cloud 9…tysm dear…and yeah im ryting that ss on IF….i had a family emergency goin on,and rytin is a sort of relief to evrythins bttr now…thnx fr readin ya…

  15. I’ve never commented on your ffs but I have to say honestly I love both your ffs and I didn’t realise you wrote both of them! I’ve been waiting for you to update, so thank you for that. It’s a very interesting storyline. Looking forward to the next update.

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