Insaaf: kriyam ff – part 12

Sayyam jolts the door open and rushes towards suhanis room,
Ramu kaka:saab,mein subah 5 baje se aapko phone kar raha hoon lekin aap utha hi nahi,isliye meine dctr ko bula diya.(i have been callin u since morning 5 o clock,bt u didnt answer,so i calked the dctr myself)
Sayyam:dctr??ma kaisi hai,teekh hai na??
R.kaka smiles:woh bilkul teekh hai..(shes perfectly alright)
Doctor:she is out of coma

Sayyam couldnt believe his ears,tears of joy ran down his eyes..he turns around with a wide smile on his face..
Doctor:this is the moment we have been waiting for since two years,go talk to her..he said while patting sayyams shoulder with a proud smile…
Suhani sat up on her bed as sayyam walked into the room he rushed to help her..
Suhani:sayyam,im fine now..she said while caressing his face..her affectionate voice sang in his ears… he hugged her tightly as both cried…how much had he longed for that moment,everytime he broke down,how much he wanted her to hug him and say “it was alright”…he cried all his pain out..
Suhani:its ok beta,she spoke in b/w her tears..Sayyam broke the hug and caressed her face..

Sayyam:i wont let anything hurt u,thats a promise,he said while wiping her tears..
Suhani:my son is so strong,u bore so much alone…everytime u cried,i wanted to hug u tightly and wipe all ur tears away…bt i couldnt…she so sorry beta…
Sayyam caressed her face:its ok,as long as u promise that u wont leave me again..he smiled with misty eyes…she smiled back…
Suhani:i promise,acha,today u r not going for any work,ur spending the day with me…
Sayyam:well,it doesnt look like i have a choice,he winked at her..
Suhani:waise,why didnt u come home last night?
Sayyam recalled krishna and their night together with a smile…
Suhani:oye,kaha kho gaye ho?
Sayyam:woh kuch nahi,ek urgent meeting tha,i got late,isliye nahi aa paya..he said avoiding eye contact with her…

Suhani looked at him suspiciously
Suhani:aaj bhi tum mujse jhoot nahi bol saktha…
Suhani:rehne do,agar nahi batana chahtha hai toh mat batao…
Sayyam:woh ma,mein change karke aatha hoon…
Suhani:acha teekhe,jaldi aana..
Krishna woke up,she felt dizzy…she looked around in confusion..
Krishna:how did i reach here??

She got up from bed.she tries to recall the previos night,she has faint flashbacks of troubling sayyam,hugging him,pulling his cheeks..
Krishna:o teri,she shook her head guiltily…yeh kya kiya tune krishna,u r so screwed!!!
8:30am,birla industries,
Krishna to herself:u annoyed him to the core last night,and now u are half an hour late,u r so dead krishna….she warned herself..
Yuvan:krish,i hv been trying to reach ur phone since last night,wer have u been??u hv no idea hw worried i was..

Krishna:i was at home after the party,wer else will i be..she said awkwardly…i was too tired,so i just slept off…nd im late now..that akdu is going to kill me..
Yuvan:well,its ur lucky day,he has taken a day off..he smiled…
Krishna:what??bt hws that possible??
Yuvan:no idea…since he is not around,we could hang out how much ever we want..he said with a smile…krishna smiled back strangely…she couldnt digest the fact that “mr.always serious abt work” had actually taken a day off…she gets a call and answers it..

Voice:is this mr.birlas secretery speaking?
Krishna:yes,may i knw who this is?
Voice:this is mr.maheshwari,mr.birla left in a haste yesterday,without signing the deal,and i cant reach him on his phone..could you pls connect me to him..
Krishna:im so sorry sir,he is on leave today,may i pls take ur message..
Mr.M :wat??I didnt expect such behavior from mr.birla…hw can he be so irresponsible?now tell ur sir,to come and meet me today before 2pm to finalise the deal or forget about it…he cuts the call..
Krishna:bt sir..oh sh*t man,ab kya karu…she thinks abt the previos night”he left without signing the deal becoz of me”she thought…
Yuvan:kya hua krish??
Krishna:yuvan,will you do me a favor??

Krishna:could u pls drop me at birla mansion?
Yuvan:wat?u r kidding right?why would u want to go to his house?
Krishna:just tell me if u can or not?she asked impatiently..
Yuvan:yes i can bt
Krishna:lets just get going,dont ask any questions…
They reach birla mansion and krishna gets down..
Krishna:just wait here,i ll be back soon..
She finds the gates open and enters it..she rings the bell,bt no one answers it,she pushes the door to find it already open…

Krishna-suhani bonding,and sayyam admiring them…

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  1. Love tgis story…its kinda dark (Sayyam’s backstory and behaviour), which is what I love…plz update soon…I cant wait???

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    It’s really awesome..Precap is vry sweet..Can’t wait to see Suhani knowing Saiyyam’s feelings

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